In the assignment It involves identifying an element of questions where intelligence is required to contribute.

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Many of the intelligence activities depend on the intelligence cycle. It usually starts with the need of intelligence by the officials and other decision-makers for making policies. Much of these are done by the intelligence community, and it entails driving collection of the intelligence community (Hulnick, 2006). The intelligence cycle is an explanation of the general process of both civilian and the military or law enforcement. It represents some close path of activities. 

The intelligence cycle clue path of activities. In the intelligence cycle in the United States, it involves an intelligence process that has five significant steps that include; requirements, collection, processing exploration, analysis and dissemination (White, 2014).


 It involves identifying an element of questions where intelligence is required to contribute. Here there is the need for specifying a collection of the type of intelligence (Hulnick, 2006).  Any policy making process requires intelligence requirements of which the United States does. Some of the intelligence is usually limited, and it requires priorities to be set.


Here is the section where intelligence is usually collected. For intelligence to be collected, it requires some specification. One ought to have a crucial issue and how it should be collected for each requirement.


After the collection of information, it requires exploitation before it is regarded to as intelligence. Some of the conversion includes translation, decryption, and interpretation.

Analysis and production

Here involves analyzing the provided data and preparation for the intelligence products. All for of analysis are done by the CIA, DIA and the state department of intelligence a and research (Hulnick, 2006). This is usually done through evaluation and assessment of the collected information.

Dissemination and consumption

 This is now taking the intelligence from the producers to the consumers.


Here a dialogue happens between the consumers and producers. Analyst usually has some sense of how intelligence should be met.

United States Intelligence Community

            The United States has the Intelligence Community IC, who has 16 separate government agencies that work together to conduct intelligence activities. The IC is headed by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). They include the following; Twenty-fourth Airforce, intelligence and Security Command, Central Intelligence Agency. Coast Guard Intelligence, Defense intelligence Agency, office of intelligence and counterintelligence, office of intelligence and analysis, Bureau of intelligence and research, office of terrorism and financial intelligence, office of National security intelligence, office of national security intelligence, intelligence branch, marine corps intelligence activity, National Geospatial-intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National security agency and finally we have the office of Naval intelligence (Richelson, 2018).

 The organization of IC is usually governed by the National Security Act of 1947.

 The above intelligence community has different roles that together engage in intelligence activities that are necessary for the national security of the United States. For instance, they have a role of collecting information needed by the President, National Security Council and any other agency on issues entailing security. They are also involved in the production and dissemination of intelligence.  They are also involved in the performance of special activities.

Challenges of counterterrorism in the United States

 In the United States Terrorism is takes just like any other form of crime thus making it hard for the agency to treat it as a special crime. The criminal justice model favors terrorism in a way. There should be some reforms to ensure the perpetrators of terrorism are not just treated like any other form of crime (Richelson, 2018).

 Mainly, Muslims are the in many times considered to be carrying the attacks against non-Christians. In recent years many Muslims have been prevented from entering America due to the many attacks is carried out by Muslims. However, in recent years Islamic states and Al Qaeda leaders have called on their affiliates to carry out attacks in the home countries. This has led to the growth of homegrown violent extremist (HVEs) in all the 50 states in America (McCoy & Knight, 2017). This has been much difficult for the counterterrorism units to combat terrorism due to the nature of this people. It has been hard to determine who the HVEs are in the country. They possess some unique challenges which are hard for the intelligence units to watch them since they are citizens of the country and it is hard to suspect tone to a terrorist. The other issues are funding from ISIL who transfer money to the lone offenders. It has been hard to determine where money has come from where money is transferred in bulk cash. This money goes into funding homegrown terrorism which a sophisticated form of terrorism that has been underscored worldwide.

 Due to this, there has been a no ending form of terrorism in the United States. There have been many terrorist attacks by the homegrown attacks with the recent being the assault by the Vehicle in New Jersey in February 2018 which was considered as a terrorist attack. There have also been some arrests for terrorist planning to plot explosives. A good example is on October 2016 where Curtis Wayne and his accomplishment wanted to plot a bomb which would have resulted in tot eh death of more than 120 people.


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