Assignment will look into how these organization are affected in the following sector decision management,human resource

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Administrations areconsidered as an act of effectively managing the affairs of a business or an institution. It involves the optimum use of people, information and other resources required  in reaching of the goals of the company (Riccucci, 2018). A company can either be on private or public administration.

Public administration

 This involves a systematic application of public policies and programmes that are formulated by the state. All the administrative functions are being carried out by the government (Henry , 2017). All the services provided are for general public with an intention of saving life of people. It can either be a discipline as well as an activity. For an activity it performs services like the social security welfare and the regulation of private enterprises. As a discipline it cover  all he subjects such as controlling, reporting, directing and staffing. Mainly public administrations deal with all the objectives of government that are of public interest and laws. The three braches if government (executive, judiciary and legislature) are all covered in the public administration and they work through the principle of uniformity.

Private administration

 This entails the management and organization of private business entities. Its administration function can either be carried by an indivudual an organization with the main intention to make profit. It is non-political in nature involving activities such as planning, organizing and implementation of policies doneby the management of organization.  It works for financial gain of the company considering the interest of the employees and clients.

From the two definitions and some of the activities done by both private and public administrations it clearly shows that there are some difference between the two. A public administration isconspired as a political process but o other end private administration is a business entity. Public administration  takes place for government set up while for the private administration works for the private entity. It should be seen that publicadministration follow the bureaucratic approach which is different from private administration which uses the egalitarian approach.  For public its bureaucratic since majority of its decision is made by the state official or any elected representative elected by the public. For  egalitarian approach this is an approached based on the principle that everyone should receive equal treatment and opportunities. Decision made by the public administration is pluralistic while for private administration is monopolistic.

 Having the above differences it has to the operations of every organization managed by either public or private administration. Every organization managed by the two from of administration is affected on the way they operate. This paper will look into how these organization are affected in the following sector; decision management,  human resource and accountability.

 Decision making

 On the process of making crucial decision  both public and private administration have different ways.  In decision making it entails coming up with  the final choice that may prompt for an action or not. Public administration has a pluralistic way of making decisions. Everyone one in the organization has to come up with a view , diverse view before a decision is made(Waldo, D. (2017). Power distributed to different people who finally come up with a final decision. This means that power does not lie on a single person but its distributed to different many groups. On the other end private administration have a monopolistic approach in making decision. Here decision making depends on only one person that has the authority of making decisions (Sun et al, 2017). In decision-making  it has an impact to the respective company either owned privately or publicly. However, decision making  is affected since in making pluralistic decision it will take time before a group of people agree compared to an individual is making decision. For instance in a public administration where an employee has committed an offence, he or she should go through  disciplinary committee for his case to be determined whereas for the private administration the one in authority will decide if one committed an offence and a verdict is made.

 Human resource management

 Difference in management in private and public administration has an influence on human resource management.  For public administration all the activities of HRM such as staffing, employee and designing of work is done  by a set of group of people under the office of HRM and not an individual. This will in turn take a long period of time compare to Private administration where the HRM officer is responsible of all the activities under his office. Since public management is established by a government through a political process the rewarding system may be marred by issues of corruption but since the private administration is aimed I making profit they may award their employees so that they realize their profit easily.


 The above provided differences have also an impact on the accountability. This is the act of benign responsible of resources  andbeingresponsible for the management of the organization. Public administration account  to the public since they are the owner of the resources. In case of any mistake they are unswayable to the public. For the private administration the employees are accountable to the owners of the business or he institution (Henry, 2017). Due to this majority of the public institutions have not been managed properly like the private institution.

 Due to these difference one may conclude that public administration require an extra way of management. To successfully manage a public entity the following principles should be applied ‘; Lawfulness, openness or transparency, value of money, fairness and integrity.  This should be applied to ensure the administration make decisions that will be seen to be of importance to their employers (the public).



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