Performed in 1606 Macbeth is a tragedy by William Shakespeare showing how people can be greed in fighting for power

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Performed in 1606 Macbeth is a tragedy by William Shakespeare showing how people can be greed in fighting for power for their benefit. It’s all about the king of Scotland who receives a prophecy that he will become the king of Scotland (Campbell 4). For him to become the king, he is forced to commit too many murders for him to become the king.  Macbeth is being informed by his ambition of becoming the king by his three sisters popularly known as the three witches. They have a role I am ensuring that Macbeth becomes the king of Scotland.

Earlier on the three sisters have predicted that the king will not come from Macbeth but will come from Banquo who is Macbeth friend and the general army of King Duncan. After this prophecy initially, Macbeth was prepared to wait but later changed is a course to become king (Shakespeare 25). Things even get worse when King Duncan nominates his own son Malcolm to replace him and become his heir. Following the prophecy of the three sisters, he now becomes confused about what he should do for him to become king.

 When he reaches home, he allows himself to be persuaded by her wife to murder the king so that he can achieve his wish as quickly as possible as predicted by the three sisters. After being advised by his wife an opportunity arises when Duncan visits their castle (Shakespeare40). At first, he fears to commit an offence, but again his wife influences him to commit the crime. While on his sleep Duncan is killed although Macbeth is filled with many misgivings. After the killing, Macbeth is seen to be haunted by the act, but to her wife, she is more seems to have been increased with the treacherous act. Things now get even worse when Macduff comes in to wake up the kings who were asked to wake him up. When directed to the king room he discovers the body, when the death is now discovered Macbeth then kills him since he is the prime witness.

 Since then Macbeth is declared the king of Scotland. Again the three sisters come up with a prophecy that his fellow soldier Banquo and his son seems to be a threat to the king of Scotland. This makes Macbeth try to kill his friend Banquo and his son fleance the two according to the three sisters present a danger to the prophecy (Godinez  21). However, the hired murders kill Banquo but mistakenly allow his son Fleance to escape. His wife seems to be okay with it, but Macbeth is in a state of horror to the extent of seeing the ghost of Banquo in his table.

All along Macbeth has been receiving support from his wife despite being worried about his ill greed for power. Through prophecy, the three sisters have achieved to influence Macbeth negatively and forcefully for him to become the king. Due to the prophecy, Macbeth is forced to commit two significant killings for him to safeguard his king seat. According to the reaction received by Macbeth, one may see that the three sisters were able to corrupt his mind for him to kill all these people. He seems worried all along and always encouraged by his wife. He is directly corrupted by the three sisters that he will become the king of Scotland.                           

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