In the society that we reside in today's period, the term gambling has taken a toll on the brain functioning


Health risks of gambling

?       In the society that we reside in today's period, the term gambling has taken a toll on the brain functioning of individuals by inflicting a sense of habit in them who want to pursue well in life.

?       The gambling can also be seen in another way in which too much of it may result in which an individual may require the guidance of doctors or therapists.

?       Another intrinsic factor is that the person involved in gambling peruses more of it because once he/she has lost it becomes a kind of challenge for them to recover from their loss (Chóliz, 2018). This phenomenon leads to deteriorating cases.

?       Gambling itself is a medium which reeks off illegal activities and the revenues earned from it girdles around unlawful activities. Individuals still move on with it knowing the circumstances due to the habit or disease of theirs.

Gambling in Australia

Australia has noticed a significant change in the realms of marketing due to the fact that the inclusion of technological online marketing has succumbed promotional venues. Though this particular space is not only about sports gambling this has consumed a large part of illegal whereabouts in Australia in terms of gambling. This includes various aspects which rant for the surge in gambling. In the promotional activities which instigate the relation between two sorts persons, their age and even the patterns of reactions of the avid followers of the game (Deans, Thomas, Daube, Derevensky & Gordon, 2016). The apps which are present on the online banks upon these factors which applies as a catalyst for the gamblers to easily find their ways for gambling and earning in a completely unethical and unlawful manner. This phenomenon in Australia has increased since the year 2008 with the advent of promotional strategies and too much online surfing.

Our roles as health professionals

The procedure of gambling as been referred to as a prominent addiction for individuals who have indulged into that. More so because the sparkling amount of income through illegal terms has grabbed the eyeballs of young age people. Individuals who are suffering from the gambling and cannot resist themselves go through several forms of health issues, such as agitation, complete ignorance towards their house, lost and so forth (Columb, Griffiths, & O'Gara, 2018). There can be treatments for this as it has been recognised to be a disease like any other issues like drug problems, alcohol addiction and all kinds of addictions that disturbs the social construct of a human mind. Hence they should opt for service centres, health organisations or regular checkups from therapists to cure themselves up.

Discouraging gambling for the public

Gambling can be restrained from the public by several methods but given that they want to acquire and imply that in their lives. Otherwise, the whole process of inserting something good for them would be of no use. To induce into the law the authentic bankruptcy code this will propel people or the general public from taking their hands at gambling. The phenomena of having debt increase the chance of gambling for any individual in which they think that their due bills would be paid by the money they would receive out of gambling. The existence of casinos also gives a platform for the general public to try their hands at gambling in which they lose and adds on a lot of debt in their name (Newman, 2018). This leads to more gambling. Then there are over the top high priced purchases which when cannot be meted out the individuals gamble to gather the money for purchasing those items.

Should gambling advertisements be banned for sports events?

The upliftment in the field of gambling has taken hold strong enough to grab the attention of the post-teenage people. The method of gambling should be banned from the face of this society otherwise there can be no reform in the sports section which constantly faces gambling as a threat, the collision or the procedures of the relation between sporting companies and gambling associations should be cut. Besides these, the advertisements of gambling in countries like Australia should be banned which makes it casual phenomena (Pitt, Thomas, & Bestman, 2016). This would lead to nowhere and would demolish the ethical means in the society that we breed into. The rightful ways of earning would get extinct if there are no hindrances in the gambling departments.

Should gambling advertisements be banned on social media?

The main focus here could be that the amount of cognition that the young minds are gathering in them is through social media advertised gambling which should be restricted to sustain purity in them. It should be banned for the fact that it is affecting a large portion of brains to get filled with negativity which hampers their upbringing (Thomas, Bestman, Pitt, Cassidy, McCarthy, Nyemcsok, & Daube, 2018). To have a cordial existence of young blood in the society such social frailties should not be tolerated which will harm their psychology.

Should gambling be banned?

Gambling should not be tolerated and induced into the social reforms as this has certain health effects which can have many catastrophic implications on the regular order of the revenue, income and monetary transaction (Collins, Blaszczynski, Ladouceur, Shaffer, Fong, & Venisse, 2015). But there is something termed responsible gambling which can be taken into account where the addition of factors such as not having mental disorders, maintaining decency while doing it and not overdoing it.

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