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The innovations have been used in different backgrounds with the rapid development of technology innovation, which has deeply impacted human culture. In addition to the rapid enhancement of China's construction industry, the urban improvement process has considerably progressed, the construction venture understands that the management computerization effort is ending up important. Customary counterfeiting costs the management design as of now can not adjust to the internationalization of the necessities of the improvement way, and the interest in construction and construction venture the management procedure, and the task of construction venture speculation gage executives is the main premise (Raymond and Bergeron, 2008). At the same time, the venture cost expenditure plan is the fundamental control as indicated by the entire construction company. The communication of the construction process plan will legitimately influence the construction of the company's speculation assets and the task usage plan whatever might be anticipated, so it is essential to create impeccable management structure, using technology accepts a broad variety of executive job (Ahlemann, 2009). 

This document originally provides the exploration basis of the construction project of the executive information system design project, inquires about reasons, and speaks about the construction process communication of the construction project the management system improvement present circumstances at home and overseas, at which point explains the relevant construction assignment speculations. This document utilizes a measured structure concept, it is possible to isolate the management information system into value information module, a venture database module, build cost file database module, and endeavor standard library module, internet investigation module, and the plan and design process are discussed in detail. Improving this structure can cost the management professors considerably, meet the enterprise's modernization, computerization, and empower efforts to achieve more prominent economic and social benefits.

Business process analysis:

With the rapid enhancement of the Internet, the development of the Internet, the job of the construction project has transformed into the unavoidable pattern of advancement. Currently, technology information innovation and Internet innovation both velocity and execution to have the choice to tackle the company information construction problems, attempt to data the management mode in big business development assume a job during the moment spent developing, and begin to show a rapidly improving energy (Nitithamyong and Skibniewski, 2004). Construction process communication information agreement of the management's venture price is the basic concept and will offer the information to the associated employees in order to achieve data sharing. Construction process communication information structure includes entrepreneurial pioneers, design plan, workforce evaluation, and approval format, undertaking cost, executive venture, executive personnel structure, suppliers, and system work interest. 

After the login system, business pioneers can see the data of the venture, the cost of the venture, the advancement of the venture and the update of the task processes and the examination of the blunder was continued. After login structure, the layout planner can create the process design format, the type and substance of the design to try to tackle the helpful construction problems and design administration. Workforce evaluation and endorsement format after the login system, can present the evaluation and endorsement layout plan faculty cost format, will audit the format placed in the information system database of the undertaking cost data, will not return to the originator of the layout through the format. In addition, task data can be viewed. Construction project employees after the login structure, can select the appropriate format, cost the job cost estimate, can handle the undertaking as well, when a project is completed, you can see the inquiry assessed and feedback. After the login structure, designing managers can be to supervise the development of the project, the next process of supporting the undertaking cost information system database, when a task is completed, you can see inquiry evaluated and real position (Hu et al., 2016). Eliminate managers after the login system and for a broad range of customers to be included in the system. After the login structure, provider will be advantageous for providers for material price by constantly detailing the Internet and changing the hardware material quality. 

Analysis of useful necessities:

According to the interest inquiry of the construction undertaking costs of the executive structure, construction, communication of the executive structure should include clients, managers, costs of the management, venture information to managers, materials equipping the management, distinguishing measurement markers and system assistant capacity (Gladysz et al., 2015). 

User management subsystem:

For the most portion, the customer's executive subsystem is used to participate in the construction design assignment of the management of all faculty information, including new people (join), alter customer information, set the authorizations for different customers to erase the customer when the customer left after the undertaking (Brito and Ferreira, 2015). 

Communicate the subsystem for the management:

Communicate the management subsystem is predominantly important for construction design in capital administration, including advancement installment for evaluation and endorsement, construction advance measurements, management venture reserve plan, material arrangement endorsement, bookkeeping settlement review, cost investigation, and so on (Brito and Ferreira, 2015). 

Construction the executive subsystem information: 

The management subsystem designing information is mostly for the managers to build information, including undertakings to include, adjust, erase, venture characterization, quantity measurements, and so on. The executive's subsystem's hardware components are mainly used for constructing equipment and equipment needed by managers, including the structure of the acquisition plan, providing the management, purchasing the material, material storage and outpouring portion of the subsystem of the management. Share the management is essentially the administration of construction extends in different expenses, including counterfeit man-days click, materials, hardware, cost, and so forth., principally including to include quantities, alter, portions, erase the amount and standard investigation, and so on (Bansal and Pal, 2011). 

Question measurements subsystem:

Recognizing markers for measurement subsystem is primarily for arranging staff-related requests, perspectives, multiple customer authorizations for your substance and consent with Chad, questioning structure, creating comparative proclamations, and giving the print report job. The system has the subsystem's ability to assist. The System Assistant Capacity is mainly used for System Support and Information Enhancement Helper System Supervisors, mainly including the underlying parameter environment, data enhancement, system maintenance, and client login. 

Overall design requirements:

Having regard to the above investigation, the Communication necessary to inform the contractors of the requirements, specifications, constraints and expected quality standards. Purchasing office, plan office, construction office is through the activity program mode in the construction task. They share information through the system, associate with each other, for example, the expense of the materials registry branch, the repurchasing of material and the construction contract, the material arrangement is the acquisition of the material acquisition and the outbound data of the purchasing office and the cost office for the pillar advancement and the settlement design premise. Construction communicate the management arrangement of separate offices to transmit the overall system structure through the scheme.

Construction the management structure is advancing with the three-level layout, including the customer's primary layer, the program used to get data for each region, the subsequent layer is the core layer is a web server, the client manages specific company rationale, and the third layer is the database server. Through the program, the client sends a request to the Tomcat server when it is necessary to reach the database by assembling DAO interface components to reach the database. So the design of the program structure is evident, that intelligibility and reusability will be better in unadulterated JSP utilization scheme (Bansal and Pal, 2011). 


In a Construction project, the management system is not just a management information system but also represents the logical and institutionalized management system and the leadership system. In this document, the building enterprise communicate the management system to explore, the use of product construction ideas and methods for the examination of system necessities, centers around the examination of basic business forms, practical preconditions for investigating, on this assumption, the building project cost scheme carried out point by point setup, including construction configuration, work module plan, and database configuration, program stream of legitimate structure plan and physical plan. The construction project information system communicate the executives scheme planned by this document can well understand the undertaking in the data they collect and solve the information problems linked to the venture price, as well as use the completed task cost information to assist offer the cost gage and spending plan of the undertaking to enhance the intensity of the undertaking. 

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