Assignment is about tentative problems that can be seen in senior residents s they often wander in other’s private rooms


Tentative problems and its definitions

Below are the long lists of tentative problems that can be seen in senior residents. The problem is termed as wandering residents as they often wander in other’s private rooms and may cause some disturbance. 

1. How might we create proper strategically management for wandering behaviour

2. How might we make sure that the old people are not getting lonely 

3. How might we understand the Psychological agents of such wandering residents

4. How might we be setting proper care routine and care regimes

5. How might we provide proper supervision

6. How might we train our staffs to take special care 

7. How might we make sure that such issue do not repeat again and again 

8. How might we be making sure that the wandering residents are not suffering from Alzheimer or dementia in particular

9. How might we educate other residents regarding the problem

10. How might we use the means of technology in such cases 

Further discussion on the important tentative problem

As per the listed of tentative problems the most important is the psychological agents (Point 3 from above list) that makes a person to come under the term “Wandering Residents”. This case is mostly seen in old people or senior residents. (Tupakula, Varadharajan & Karmakar, 2016) If the staffs of the facility are well trained and they can make a proper care regime then they should have proper understanding on how to identify the psychological problem. It will further help the senior residents to get proper care. Such issues can be taken care off only when psychological patterns of a resident are being monitored for a while. 

The facts that support that such situation is not fuzzy are as follows:

1. Most of the senior residents who have actively taken part in serving the country in war like situation has PTSD

2. Senior residents often suffer from dementia that causes wandering and eloping 

3. Some senior citizens may suffer excessive stress disorders 

4. As per research it is seen some senior citizens are often frightened and bored (Schlüter et al., 2017)

5. Over curiosity is also a reason of psychiatric wandering disorder 

The idea behind selecting the challenge for further discussion is to understand such psychological agent in detail. These agents are often overlooked as they are misguided in medical studies. Some may suggest it is due to over stress and depression but other factors can often play a role in such issues. This is a major reason why other challenges are being listed above apart from psychological agent. Restraining such patients is not at all a solution as it may cause further mental illness. Thus special care should be taken. Thus, care regime challenge is also listed above. (Irving, 2016)

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