Article has been taken from Washington post & highlights the issue pertaining to engagement of youth in the outline

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This article has been taken from Washington post and highlights the issue pertaining to engagement of youth in the outline communities and how they get attracted towards the arena of politics. The writer and their team has analyzed a set of young mass through youth participatory politics survey and found out that people who get involved in online activity mostly have a tendency to work towards politics or political discussions. 

This news item specifically highlighted the level of interest being showcased by the young mass in political updates and decision making process.I feel that the youth of today are very aware and updated regarding the day to day proceedings in every sphere. They want to make sure that the right decisions are taken at the right time. In pursuit of the same, the election process and the political environment of the region has a great role to play in shaping their careers and job related opportunities. With digitalization, the boundaries have become nullified as a result of which the world has become one single platform and any alteration in any part of the world might have a direct or indirect effect on the other. The younger mass in engaged across various online platforms which basically satisfy their personal interests, help them achieve their goals and also those groups or communities which provide them with the latest of updates regarding the political circle. I feel that it is very important that people are engaged in such discussions for their own sustainability.The world has become prone to changes in every aspect and the dynamic aspects make it even more important to think about the possible changes which might be happen in the near future. 

The online communities serve as bridges to engage the youth in the kind of discussions or forums they are interested in. It provides news and updates regarding all the spectrum of activities be it sports, music or any other sphere where a person could possibly be interested. So, apparently those discussions which might be for their own development might have some political inclination if it has any effect on the overall way of conducting the same. This is perhaps one of the major reasons why the youth choose to be abreast with the latest happenings in and around them. The political environment and the associated dynamism might have an impact on the overall feasibility of the business process. Participation in these discussions will definitely make them aware about the latest happens so that they can consider the best alternative amongst the available ones. It has been noticed that those youngsters who are directly or indirectly interested in political discussions have a greater amount of keenness to cast their vote at the right time. This goes in accordance with the prevailing political environment or the kind of environment they are looking for and due to this, choosing the right candidate is extremely essential. So, in a way I feel that youth engagement in politics is extremely essential to ensure maximum participation in the voting process.


-What is your view regarding the participation of youth in online communities which are apolitical?

-Do you feel digitalization has been able to offer a quick fix solution to the issue of election turnout numbers?

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