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The best decision in response to a 40% reduction in funding for a human services organization

The current financial crisis situation in the current organizations has led to the cession of the management to shut down one of the community center. The ethical dilemma raised in this situation for shutting down the service center have created significant struggle for saving the jobs of the employees, to abide by the decision make by the management and whether to deny services to the people needed the most (Lawson et al., 2016). For overcoming the situation, the best option that can be employed on the service center is to start a public funding program for keep the service center running. Since the government has threatened to reduce the fund of the service center by 40%. The financial support raised through the funding program would help in cope up with the reduction of the 40% funding from the government. This would help in keeping the service center running with the less amount of money obtained from the government while proving the services to the needed persons in the area. 

The reasoning for a decision to reduce expenses by 40%

The adaption of the public funding event for providing the human service organisation has been selected to the appropriate while eliminating the ethical dilemma for the CEO. For deriving to this solution, the two ethical theories have been applied namely the Virtue Ethics by Aristotle and Natural law by Aquinas (Holmes et al., 2018). Considering the Natural law by Aquinas, the decision is made with the application of logic reason. It logic has been considered that the budget crisis on the government ends has led to the decision of closing of the centre (Gormsen et al., 2016). Therefore, allowing a public funding for the centre would allow in keeping the centre from closing while acquiring the remaining 40% funding from the public. On the other hand, through the application of the Virtue Ethics by Aristotle, the CEO have been able to continue proving the health service to the common people residing in the area while the employees working in the current service centre are able to keep their jobs and provide for their families (Abrams et al., 2014). Therefore the judgement for introducing public funding has been done for seeking justice for the employees and the peoples while having a good faith with the decision taken by the government and considering all the logical reason and facts for meeting the aim of the “community based human services organization”. 

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