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The concept of crawler search engine:

The crawler search engine is the automated programming or an internet bot which browses the World Wide Web in a systematic manner. This internet spider is mainly utilized to serve the purposes of web indexing.  These kinds of search engines are called crawler because they are utilized to crawl through an internet page at a time and all the providers links until the ending of reading all the sites. These crawlers are included under the rules of Standards for Robot Exclusion (SRE).  This crawler search engines are very utilizable but they have no functional relationship with firewall maintenances. This crawler search engine utilizes a special algorithmic technique to mitigate the time-sensitive issues. As a result, here the users can enjoy this crawling services without any interruptions (Yao, 2017). All the crawlers have different names also. Such as Alta Visa based search engines are called Scooter. It is an example of the polite web crawler. Mainly, these crawlers have the functionalities to collect data from all the provided internet sources and hyperlink all the provided links according to the requirements of users. For, Google, there is the crawler search engine called Google bot. There are enormous kinds of crawlers such as search engine optimizer crawler, Google crawler, URL crawlers, and others. As a whole, these crawlers perform a higher degree of spying through all the user provided internet sources to make all the information in an up-to-date manner. 

The utilization of mobile technologies impacted search engine optimization practices

Utilization of smartphone-based internet surfing has a great impact on search engine optimization practices (Laura & Me, 2017). In this aspect, mobile-first indexing is the starting point and nowadays most of the websites have their own mobile phone-based website versions. From this versions, it has gained the popularity and achieved their ranking in the google or other databases. During this mobile-based searching, SEO is the crucial thing where marketing team and content developers provide a great emphasis over its maintenances.  

Mash-ups create new benefits and functionality from existing data or information.

In the data analysis study, there is the mashup system where the vendors or instructors have invented the system of combining disparate data from enormous sources to obtain the information enriched improvised or up-dated report without getting too many interruptions from IT or other URLs (Bandagale, Sawantdesai, Paradkar, & Shirodkar, 2017).

Data mashup has the system where the single data sources based environment also can be created by making a vigorous combination of data from entire data sources available on the internet or other secondary sources of information. 

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