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Value-based health care is the delivery model in which, the physicians and hospitals are paid only on the basis of the patient’s health outcome. This model helps to increase the value in health because providers become more focused to provide quality healthcare services. Shifting towards value-based health care model will help the patient to get better health care service in affordable cost. Value-based care model helps to manage diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD, obesity and other chronic diseases in the first place because healthcare providers will focus more on health care. It will also increase the efficiency and performance to increase the satisfaction level of customers. Moreover, it will help to align the prices of suppliers with patient’s outcome (nejm.org, 2017). 

Value-based healthcare increase the roles and responsibilities of registered nurses require to work with license and experience because registered nurses have to maintain full patient history, record, diagnostic test and determining the patient acuity. Moreover, registered nurses will require to take a clinical decision, medication refills, anticoagulant and managing chronic care for a patient because these activities are helpful to increase the value of healthcare (hfma.org, 2017, p. 01). Currently, the healthcare system is going towards the value based advancement and focusing on developing skills and abilities of nurses and other healthcare providers. It includes the MSN/MHA degree programs and other advanced nursing diplomas in healthcare informatics. These master learning programs will help to change the course of the healthcare industry in the next 3-5 years,and more value-based working will be preferred. Electronic healthcare system and advanced technologies have already influenced the healthcare system. Thus, advance learning programs about registered nurses will change the nursing leadership,and they will be able to play a significant role in health care organization.

Moreover, the healthcare industry is changing on the basis of information and data informatics because information-driven healthcare structure can increase the quality of patient care. More information will help to reduce the cost of illness and the threat of chronic disease that is possible through the online clinical research. On the basis of the information, the healthcare delivery models are expected to change in coming years that will focus on low cost and high-quality healthcare structure (HENSEL, 2018, p. 01).

Registered nurses can play an effective role in this scenario,and they can change the direction of healthcare environment because increasing roles and responsibilities of RN under value-based healthcare model will lead to change in traditional working structure in healthcare.

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