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            In many societies in the world, members of the community have turned away from God’s teachings. They do not carry out the way God’s instructions requires everyone to behave. I am currently studying nursing at the university. However, in future as a nurse, it is possible to see people facing a challenge of unaffordable healthcare.

            Consequently, when considering the Catholic Social Teachings, the challenge of unaffordable health care is against human dignity and the common good in reference to Casey, (2017). In the teachings, it aims at activities that benefit everyone in society. If people cannot afford healthcare, it means that many people will suffer and die despite being unique to God’s creatures. Fellow human beings are the once making life others hand to the extent of being unable to afford health care that means that there is no human dignity in the society. In this opinion editorial, it is going to elaborate on unaffordable healthcare about human dignity and the common good.

Human dignity

            Human dignity refers to the respect and integrity one possesses by the fact he is a human being according to Carson& Flood,(2017). From the Catholic Social Teachings, human beings are the unique creatures from God. God created everyone in His image and likeness. From that reasoning, it means that everyone should have some sense of respect to others. Considering the issue of unaffordable health, it is against human dignity. Some people have done things wrong that is why others cannot afford the health. For example, the people who are concerned with supplying of the medical resources have delayed, or they have misused the funds meant for the provision of health facilities. When people abuse the funds intended for health care, it means they have not thought about human dignity that the Catholic Teachings elaborate. It is essential to bring the sense of the pride back in the society. As an upcoming nurse, there are various ways I can ensure human dignity in the future place of work. The first important thing is to create awareness to the colleague on the importance of providing human dignity in the field of health. Some circumstances may be severe and when it reaches such places, it is vital to give personal assistance. As a nurse, I can provide medical services to other people even without payment to show dignity to human beings in reference to Tablan, (2015). Apart from that, it necessary to lead by an example, you first emphasize on human dignity in the workplace the others would follow in the footsteps.

Common good

            From the Catholic Social Teachings, common good refers to action or materials that benefit all in the society according to Sison, Ferrero & Guitián,(2016). God instructed human beings to assist each other to help everyone in the community. Consequently, the principles of Catholic Teachings, it emphasizes benefiting every and mostly the community institutions. When it comes to unaffordable health care, it does not help every person. For example, consider a situation whereby the price of medicines has risen in community hospitals. The less fortunate in the society would not access quality health, they would revert to other forms of treatment that do not give a solution to the situation. However, the rich people would buy the drugs comfortably and move on with life. In this way, members of society have not thought about a great universal principle. In addressing the matter of common good based on unaffordable healthcare, the concerned persons lie the government should build hospitals in every location in the society. The public health centers would mean that everyone is at a position to access treatment. Secondly, the authority should ensure that there are necessary resources in the hospitals for example nurses, drugs, beds, and other facilities in reference to Buxbaum, Cohen & Fendrick, (2018). Apart from that, the issues of unaffordable health care is a national problem. In every government, they should discuss how to improve the situation based on the things that are demanding at that particular time. When the government implements the above strategies, it would have addressed common good and ensure everyone is feeling a sense of value in the society.


            Human dignity and the common good are the fundamental principles of Catholic teachings. However, in the context of unaffordable health care, the concerned people need of the principles to ensure benefit to everyone in the community. As the nursing department, the teachers should teach the students on the importance of upholding human dignity and providing common good in workplaces as it would assist in realizing a quality generation to the community.


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