Assignmnet is all about analyzing mechanisms, structures, signs, symptoms of visual learning & auditory learning

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The mechanisms and structures of visual learning and discuss the mechanisms and structures of auditory learning.

In case of visual learning, it is important to have focus on three aspects and they are repetition suppression, enhancement, and delay activity. In case of repeated stimulation makes the person familiar to something. The process of enhancement works in an opposite manner. The delay activity process breaks the complexity in a slower manner and the person learns what needs to be done in a specific manner.

The main segment of the learning center in the brain is amygdala and the hippocampus. The person hears the sound, relates it with different aspects, and ultimately gets to know what the sound means (Psychology-info.com, 2018). This makes the learning process more accurate and the learner can easily relate it to physical objects.

The signs and symptoms of amnesia and its possible causes/mechanisms.
The main signs of having amnesia are given in the following part.

· Memory loss

· Confusion

· Cannot recognize familiar people.

· The person recovered from the amnesic period will not have any memory of the period (Betterhealth.vic.gov.au, 2018).

The possible causes are going to be discussed in the following part

· Head injury

· Proper illness

· Sometimes fever does it temporarily

· Seizures

· Shock

· Alcohol consumption

· Some harmful drugs like heroin and others.

Areas/mechanisms involved in speech production and comprehension
The areas of brains that are involved in the process of learning speech are basal ganglia, cerebellum, primary motor cortex and temporal cortex. The entire cerebral hemisphere makes a proper contribution to the matters.

The issues are

· Fluency problem; the sign of this problem is stammering related issues.

· Voice disorder; it has the problem of quality and tone.

· Aphasia; cannot understand any language and loss of speaking ability

· Delayed receptive; improper speech muscles.

Areas/mechanisms are involved in writing and reading
The left-brain is mainly responsible for reading and writing. There are different subparts in this region like temporal lobe, frontal lobe and angular gyrus plays a huge impact on developing the writing ability.

The major issues are

Dysgraphia- the issues associated with writing something and making proper understanding of the facts (Understood.org, 2018). It is hard to understand the writing of the person.

Dysparaxia- the kids who have the issue often cannot plan to do something and perform certain task.

Dyslexia- the issues associated with writing and reading make the kids more vulnerable to indirectly associated threats.

The cause can be anything, an injury, genetic disorder and many other things that are associated with performance of brain.

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