Assignment highlights Leadership theories in Hospitality Management including Trait ,behavioral ,contingency & Herzberg



Trait theory asserts that successful leaders share a great number of routine temperament traits. At Novotel Glen Waverley hotel, the manager got annoyed with the supervisor but the supervisor coordinated the work perfectly in absence of the manager. The manager did not show a good trait as a leader (Asree, S., Zain, M., & Razalli, M. R. 2010). The employees support each other showing some good personality traits among them. The supervisor showed effective leadership skills when leading other employees at the hotel. The traits depicted by employees towards each other especially the pregnant employee revealed much about personality characteristics among employees themselves. Also, Sharon the team leader portrayed some good personality traits towards the employees.

Another theory that talks more about leadership in hospitality management is the behavioral theory (Bakker, A. B., & Schaufeli, W. B. (2008). The theory majorly concentrates on behaviors depicted by different leaders. Sharon the team leader involved the subordinate staff that she was leading and this lead to the good job done by the employees. She did not behave ruthlessly towards the female pregnant employees. She handled the female employees who were pregnant with a lot of care (Asree, S., Zain, M., & Razalli, M. R. 2010). The manager behaved in a manner that does not encourage other leaders. The decisions by the manager did not involve other leaders and this could lead to poor performance of the organization. For the smooth running of the organization, all leaders have to be involved in decision making. This theory states that the behaviors of different leaders in an organization, affect the performance of that organization.

According to contingency theory, there is an approach of leading by example (Bakker, A. B., & Schaufeli, W. B. 2008). The employees follow what their leaders do most of the time. Looking at Sharon as the team leader, she led the group well and this motivated the employees to work smart in their various workstations. The manager should lead as an example by encouraging other junior leaders and not getting annoyed if they make a small mistake when they are given a chance to lead in absence of the manager.

The two-factor theory of motivation by Herzberg depicts clearly what organizations need to do in order to motivate its employees (Avolio, B., Walumbwa, F., Weber, T. J., Avolio, B. J., & Walumbwa, F. O. 2009). At Novotel Glen Waverley, employees are motivated through training and little supervision. This theory states that employees should be given good salary packages that motivate them to work even harder for the attainment of the organization's goals.

There are few things that the hotel needs to check on for it to better its services to clients; these are, the number of employees is not compatible with the work that needs to be handled on daily basis at the hotel. This makes the hotels function not to run smoothly. The staff and the new employees should check on time management as it is a big issue at the hotel. Another thing I observed at Novotel Glen Waverley hotel is that the moment cleaners are doing the cleaning; their clothes are likely to get wet. Therefore, there should be a continuous supply of uniforms at least three pairs of uniforms would serve better. Some rooms at the hotel are not in good condition, I would recommend that the facilities should be checked at the beginning of the construction to avoid inconveniencing the clients doing the repair of the rooms when they already in the hotel. Employees waste a lot of time cleaning and drying utensils with towels. The hotel management should consider buying drying and cleaning machines which can help employees save time and attend to different clients in good time. In short, the hotel should expand its product discrepancy to increase revenue flows. The relationship between leaders and employees should also be observed. 

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