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The first article, “The Political Context for Personal Empowerment”, emphasizes on sexual empowerment to adolescent girls by.This article corrects sexual mistakes done by women in the past so as to avoid such in the coming generation so as to empower women as a whole. Girls are advised that personal empowerment is a more superficial form of empowerment than political empowerment. What they do individually in turn affects all girls as a whole. For example, faking orgasms negatively affects women as a whole and their journey towards sexual freedom. This is because women who do not consistently have orgasms have been deemed dysfunctional and lack of orgasms is therefore seen as a woman’s problem rather than a relational one.  Also, victims of sexual abuse who forgive their abusers affect victims who cannot forgive their abusers. The article also describes two types of girls; one who is sexual and enjoys her sexuality and one who has not lost her sexual power. The former has been influenced highly by the media especially pornography. Though all girls are unavoidably exposed to these images, there are those who are able to find a middle ground by criticizing media messages. 

The second article is an act to the Mississippi Legislature to create the “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act”. This act provides protection to people with certain religious beliefs, religious organizations and private associations. This act allows people with different beliefs to act on their acceptable beliefs freely without interference by the government. An example is on section 3 which states that the government should not take discriminatory actions against a religious organization due to actions such as solemnizing or declining to solemnize marriages based on their beliefs and making employment-related decisions based on the conduct they deem acceptable. This act allows people to make decisions on what is right to them and their organizations as the government’s laws may not always be effective to human needs. 

The third article, “Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics in a Male-Dominated Society”, argues against mixing men and women in athletics. This is because of the physiological inferiority of the female body. Women’s athletics would be considered inferior when judged on the same context as the men’s. Since this change was made in 1982, remarkable changes have been seen in women’s athletics. One being banning women from national championships if they received financial aid for their athletic talent. Institutions have also increased their financial support to women’s programs. Despite growth and rising participation in women intercollegiate athletics, women’s programs are still not efficiently funded compared to men’s. Men still hold more power to women by holding more directors’ and coaches’ positions. 

From the articles above, it is evident that the human race has become more open to human empowerment. People’s right to expression has been highly utilized and topics like sexuality which some years ago would have been seen as embarrassing are now openly talked about. This is a great step to the human race. This will enable generations to grow holistically as they know their rights and are able to make choices based on people’s beliefs and experiences.  

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