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In 1978, the Arkansas Razorbacks were playing the last game of their season. It was for the college football championship at the Orange Bowl. The team had traveled to the location a few days early, to get ready for their big day. Two nights before the big game, two of the Razorback football players got into some trouble. It was not trouble enough for them to go to jail, but it was trouble enough for the coach to be notified. They had not only broken the law but they had broken team rules. These players thought that because they were critical to the team''s success, they would be let go with a slap on the wrist. That night, Coach Holtz met with the players. He sent the two offenders back to Arkansas - they would not be playing in the game. It was speculated that Arkansas did not have a chance to win without those two players. The next night, before the big game, the head of Notre Dame (one of the best football programs in America) called Coach Holtz. They had heard of the incident and his actions. Notre Dame told coach Holtz that they did not have an opening right then but if they had, they would welcome him as their head football coach. In 1986, Coach Holtz took over the Notre Dame football program. They were inspired by his leadership.  


  Leadership is the most important ingredient in any organizational success factors. Without right leadership it is not possible for an organization to achieve the objectives. Leadership is the only versatile tool for any organization to come across any type of crisis victoriously. Leadership will provide the organization the necessary path and vision towards the success.  A right leader is the one who can mentor his team mates, provide assistance, motivation, inspiration, support decisions and enables them to move towards success at both the individual level as well at the organization level (Dubrin et al, 2015).  There can be any number of leaders seen in real life, but the right leader is the one who brings out the right response from the team mates.  A leader should be a visionary as well inspirational too. It is one of the most important attribute that distinguishes a successful leader from the rest. Further the inspirational capabilities of leader will not depend on how frequently the leader will attempts to inspire the followers, rather how intense he will interact with, how effective is his attitude and intervention with the followers; these aspects will decide the inspirational capabilities of a leader. The following part of the discussion will discuss about some of the essential inspirational skills of leaders, further there is also discussion about the intensity and frequency with which a leader  need to inspire his team members. Discussion is presented in this regard.


Like motivation, inspiration is one of the most commonly seen traits in leaders.  Though motivation and inspiration will work for the same purpose, the impact of inspiration is much stronger than Motivation. Motivation is an external force that leaders and other external factors will apply on a team member and moves him towards the goals of the organization, whereas inspiration is an internal drive that keeps the person move towards the goal. Inspiration will instill the required positive force in the person and enables him to overcome all sorts of hurdles he will come across in the path towards final achievement of the goals (Ayers, 2015).

? An inspiration leader is one with clear clarity over the vision, mission and values of the system. When he knows what is expected and what not, he can able to clarify the same to the people. It is only possible to make a follower follow the glory only when he has something tangible to grasp.

? One of the most vibrant inspirational skills a leader should possess is the capability to create a great clarity and image to the employees and the followers about the unlimited potential possibility.

? Inspiration leaders will always work together; they work with the employees and followers and let them feel the spirit of belongingness and caredness. This gives them lot of morale boosting and ultimately will work on to let them work with maximum efficiency.

Inspirational leader will not dissociate the individual from the goals; he will provide them the necessary association of self development along with goal achievement. Such associated collaboration will let the employees work towards goals with amplified spirits and inherent inspiration as well.

Acknowledging the basic needs of an individual is one of the key strategies to enable the employees get inspired and sustain the same.

Good communication has no substitution; an inspirational leader will let the employees stick to the objectives by continuously working with them with right communication. Right communication means right manner and right tone.

Listening to your team members will instil in them the necessary inspiration to do things, further if the leader possess the right integrity and capable to instil trust in the followers, he can able to create the necessary inspiration in the followers to follow them.


A right inspirational leader is one who continuously provides the necessary inspiration to the employees and followers. He may present physically or not, his inspiration will remain with his followers all the time. Further the most important aspect of inspiration is not how frequently the person will inspire his followers, rather the question is how intensely he can motivate and inspire the people. So the question is intensity and effecitivity not the frequency. Ofcourse frequent inspirations will work to inspire any type of followers (Cashman et al., 2017).

 For me the most real-life inspirational leader is Mahatma Gandhi. He is the best example for inspiration. He made it impossible to happen on this planet. Simply employing non-violence and truth as his weapons managed to inspire the entire nation, which could not able to achieve earlier by any other leader of India and perhaps on the global arena. He is the only leader in the entire world, who inspired and led millions of people on a non-violent and the path of truth while fighting for freedom. Ultimately he managed to win the freedom from British to his country. Though his success is limited to one Asian country, the inspiration he gave to mankind is great and no-one has shown such great power before in the history. He always followed what he preached; he himself remained role model for his preaching till the end of his life and hence has proved the power of inspiration (MKGandhi, 2016).

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