Assignment outlines many moral and ethical orders of HRM decisions in balancing the needs of the heath care team.

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This is a straight scenario on healthcare human resource management, where different chapters are described below with their different prospective. Other side the decisions also affect many individuals mind mainly considering the moral and ethical dimensions with several decisions. Here several questionnaires are resolved with its situations. As several parties are involved in this management system so, different parties have different perception and also explains the circumstances with both parties that are likely to agree their arbitration. 

A procedure for identifying people

Here defending the model and explaining the procedure for identifying people for inclusion in an anticipated layoff and believing to be non-discriminatory and legal. Layoffs are conducted in the companies usually to dig out the cost of products and to make a profitable outcome. The different company pay different packages and huge amount of productivity and thus layoffs are conducted. (Bratton & Gold, 2017) The several different levels of layoffs are rising of payments; promotions and the employee are given high incentives and provide different benefits and packages. The overtimes are reduced and many times the time off are reduced frequently to all the section of employees. Many legal problems are avoided for better layoff and to provide a legitimate sense in enhancing the business and also helps in cutting out backdated employees and hiring new with equipped ideas. Many polices are conducted and issued by written preference for conducting layoff. Different contracts are been checked accurately of the employees within the company, including that also helps in bargaining agreements and also check the limits of workers to layoff.

Human resources (HR) personnel & the principal error in board behavior

Human resources (HR) personnel make decisions daily that affect the lives of many individuals. They typically follow established policies and procedures of an organization.Human resources personnel infrequently consider the ethical and moral dimensions of their decisions. The activities described to concentrate on the ethical and moral components of a situation involving HR aspects of an organization & the principal error in board behavior that encompassed the majority of events that went wrong. Mainly the management participate for the ultimate success regarding the organization and also responsible for a proper performance. This helps in signifying the major difference between the management systems and governing bodies of the company. This contains both profitable organizations, non profitable organizations also similarly small and large small scales. They also calculate the entire payment department of the organizations and similarly they take the responsibilities of hiring of executive staff department. Now coming on the section “conflicts of interest” is based on the evidence and the past experiences. Here the judgement are based on the professions of primary and secondary interest for protection of health care patients, clients and also those officers involved in the duty. Many primary and secondary firms are influenced for the personal benefits. Primary interest is based on the activities related to their profession and secondary interest based on the personal benefit of the individuals(Albrechtet al.2015). The potential conflicts of confidentiality are related on many underlying considerations such as based on ethical and legal issues. For balancing the harmful reasons and risk the agencies require to collect high quality data and confidential promises. Criminal and civil penalties may violate the respect and a huge loss of reputation of employees can take place. The situation requires the ethic of critique is important because to make the society in farthermost better condition. There must be a good service of employment system with much secure system and also every employee should be treated equally in every field of workplace. Ethics is the only way by which a successful business can be maintained. Thus key where every important aspects of business can be learned. Thus the ethical decisions are ultimate decisions that are maintained on personal and professional field respectively. The ethics of justice is important in this situation because this is management of healthcare department so, many conflicts may take place on any issue between the members of healthcare team. The ethical justice maintains many basic universal rules and principles that give a unique and fair decision for patients and employees related to the healthcare. With this sort of decision people get fair treatments and the managements get a mutual understandings(Bratton et al.2017).  In this case ethical caring is important because here several norms are maintained with care and the relationships between the healthcare team and patients remains clear. The ethics of care gives important to each and every individual for understanding the interdependence and dependency of various degrees. Respect has been earned with many sacrifices and many feelings and emotions are related within it. Therefore, since childhood we have been taught to value every kind of people and basically in this field respect is given a huge importance because several sections of individuals are related with this department. So by giving respect to every section of people in the healthcare team the way of communication can be done properly.  Now also the principle of maximization plays the important part because it helps in balancing the interests and rights of every individual and also provides many benefits accordingly. The HR should avoid many errors of micromanaging for the betterment of the management system.  They should not prefer playing favorite team against all this could lead to a breakdown process. The HR must not socialize too much with employees in public this could damage the balance. Many things in the management system has became unable to solve because sometime people do not maintain the ethical norms that should be maintained and thus justice are not able to take place due to lack of communication within the employees of the healthcare team (Albrecht et al. 2015). This provides several safeguards and also promotes various field of interest of people. This situation requires equal respect for every individual related to this healthcare human resource management system because for every individual the respect is the most important part for day to day life.


Arbitration is appropriate when two parties know they will be unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation or mediation.  circumstances under which both parties are likely to agree to arbitration is explained below. Also it can be seen in below explanation for further occurrence if one party adamantly holds out for a court proceeding while the other is adamantly opposed to such an outcome. In order to resolve a problem by mediation and negotiation both are practised and performed for several disputing parties. Many issues that are based on the serious disciplinary note are resolved by meditation. Many doctors are these days trained with technical issues and experienced with mediation. Many mediation schemes are implemented in the department of healthcare. The mediator is the only the arbitrator plays as a co-mediator.


Thus from the above thesis of human resource management are responsible for maintaining a huge process for establishing an organization. These also take care of many moral and ethical orders of decisions in balancing the needs of the heath care team accordingly.

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