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Today, with increasing complexities in the work environment and the need for better project management techniques, the project manager needs to deploy innovative project management principles at the workplace. However, after preparation of the entire plan, the project manager also needs to look for the different risks and challenges in a given environment. 

He needs to look out for challenges such as - undefined goals, scope changes, inadequate skills for the project, lack of team working approach and accountability, improper risk management, ambiguouscontingency plans, poor communication, impossible deadlines, resource deprivation and lack of budget (Montes-Guerra et al., 2015). It will thereby impact directly on the performance of the project from different perspectives. 

It is thereby advised to the project manager to not only define the goals clearly but also to implement project management methodologies in a given working environment. Second, he needs to verify for the scope and accordingly deploy changemanagement strategies to respond to the different changes in a given environment (Kalogerou, & White, 2014). The project manager along with the Human Resources (HR) department needs to train the staff and make them competent on a given project. 

They need to provide them with necessarytraining so that they can perform as per the expectations of the organization. In addition, with the implementation of change management modules, it will not only motivate the staff but will also make them perform as per the needs of the organization. 

The employees will understand the objectives of the project, will be working on the desired roadmap, will follow the deadlines and other budgetary schedules, and will also improvise on communication. They will also implement team-workingapproach and thereby complete the assigned tasks as per the expectations of the organization. 

Further, there is a need to deploy solutions and risk management plans that will allow the project manager to manage the different risks and changes in a given project. In this case scenario, the project manager needs to understand that the project scope and budget schedules can change considering the impacts of differentinternal and external parameters of the work environment (Ge& Ho, 2014). 

In addition, to meet the different needs of the different stakeholders, the project manager needs to focus on their communication plan in the organization. It will thereby allow them to remain focused on their working aspects and will make them perform on the different modules in a given environment. 

The project manager thereby is recommended to deploy the best project managementstrategies to overcome the different risk factors, to manage the changes, and also to address the working needs of the employees in a given environment. He needs to motivate them on their different motivation factors so that they can continueworking in a given working environment. However, through the help of change management strategies, the task for the project manager will become easier and will be able to address the workplace challenges in a better way. It will thereby make sure of successful completion of the project in a given environment.


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