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Chemical engineering point of view of safety awareness


The main aim of the paper is to determine both workers and the environmental impact on the site location in Sultanate of Oman. In addition, it also demonstrates the importance of safety awareness on the employees, environment, and residents present in Sultanate of Oman in accordance with the chemical engineering point of view.


The main objectives of this research study are as follows:

To demonstrate the employees and environmental impact on the site located in the Sultanate of Oman

To define the importance of safety awareness among the residents, environment, and employees present on the Sultanate of Oman

To initiate the chemical engineers that training is an essential aspect for taking any safety precautions

To teach the chemical engineers that safety awareness will help them to reduce the accident events that often take place in the workplace

Synopsis and plan of work

In today's environment, absent of safety awareness generate various types of accidents to the chemical engineers. Therefore, the following paper will demonstrate the safety awareness of the people regarding chemical engineering point of view. The safe maintenance, design, and operation of a chemical plant are essential to protect the residents, employees as well as residents (Galanakis, Barba and Prasad, 2015). The paper will thereby define this safety topic in a chemical engineering point of view so that the chemical engineers should know the importance of using safety equipment while working. The work plans to demonstrate the needs of safety precaution, and therefore a chemical engineering site location present in Sultanate of Oman is chosen for this study.

The basis of project/rationale

In today's environment, the rate of accidents among the chemical engineering workers are increasing day by day, and therefore it is important that they should be aware of the safety precautions. It is seen not only the workers get affected, but the residents surrounding the site location and the environments both get tremendously affected due to the absence of this safety precautions. Therefore, on the basis, chemical engineering pointy of view the safety awareness fact is demonstrated and the main reason for focusing on these aspects is to teach the people regarding safety procedure (Acharyulu and Seetharamaiah, 2015). In many instances, the employees working in the chemical engineering sector often ignore to take safety precautions and therefore various accidents generate in between the employees and the environment. Hence this study will thereby provide the chemical engineering point of view on the necessity of safety awareness by the people.

Literature review

In the words of Hofmann, Burke and Zohar, (2017), most of the chemical plant enable to maintain safe design, operation as well as maintenance and therefore the employees, nearby residents and the environments harmed by their impact. Hence in order to provide safety awareness, proper steps should be implemented by the chemical plant so that no individual, as well as the environment, can be harmed by their industry. According to the author Sanz-Calcedo et al., (2015), from the 19th-century various safety regulation and codes are introduced by the government of several countries in accordance with safety awareness. However, in relation to the chemical engineering point of view, most of the chemical plant failed to incorporate the safety measures. Due to these various incidents as well as accidents occurs during the operation process and both the employees and the environment gets affected by this fact. 

In the opinion of De Rademaeker et al., (2014), the industrial procedures are often done at other than the atmospheric pressures, and therefore the operations related to the process are very hazardous in nature. In order to reduce the scope of accidents in the workplace, proper safety measures should be needed so that no one will hurt during the working procedure. The author also suggested that chemical engineers should have a view on the safety procedure because chemical not only effects the people but also provide a negative impact on the surrounding residents and environment respectively. As per the author Shariff, Wahab and Rusli, (2016), various laws are made for determining the safety awareness for the chemical engineering students, but proper fulfilling of this law are not maintained by these engineers. 

Due to this reason, various problems have been arising among the students that affected their health. Therefore, in order to provide a safe and healthy environment both the safety systems and process control should be merged so that no accidents should occur in the working environment of the chemical engineers. As evaluated by the author Naderpour, Lu and Zhang, (2014), on the basis of a chemical engineering point of view teaching procedure should be necessary for safety awareness among the people as well as for the environment too. The author suggested that major incidents in the chemical industry and that sometimes causes potential losses of living as well as environmental and economic losses also occur. The main reason for these occurrences is the lack of knowledge regarding the negative impact of these effects. Hence proper teaching can be provided to the chemical engineers so that in coming days they can save themselves from the negative impact of these chemicals. 

In the words of Gnoni and Saleh, (2017), the Health and safety executive of the chemical plant should take appropriate measures by which they can enhance the safety awareness of the chemical engineers. According to this author by teaching the engineers properly regarding the importance of safety measures and also the procedures by which they can be safe from any major incidents should help the firm to get rid out of these industrial incidents. The process safety is a critical method that can help the chemical engineers to enhance their safety awareness, and after learning this, they can take the respective steps by which no people, as well as the environment, get affected. According to the author Mannan et al., (2016), over the past decades industrial incident shows a particular pattern and thereby most of the firms in present-day incorporates training session about the safety measures that eventually decreases the impact of accident rates. The author suggested that education plays a significant role in contributing to the preventive measures and thereby training is considered to be an important approach by which the firm can enhance their safety awareness.

Besides this, the author suggested that the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) has introduced various training procedures that enable the chemical plant to enhance their employee’s safety measures. In the opinion of Talarico and Reniers, (2016), the chemical engineers should arrange a long-standing safety program for the students so that they will understand the necessity of safety awareness while working in a chemical plant. In addition, safety modules along with teaching supplements should also be incorporated in the study session of the chemical engineering students so that they should be aware of the safety means while working in the future. As stated by the author Groso et al., (2016), in accordance with the chemical engineering point of view, if the administrative department should determine the particular potential hazards that they will make proper waste disposal techniques and safety precaution. In order to make a safe environment, the administrative team should ensure that all chemicals are clearly and correctly labeled so that no change of any explosion through chemical action will stake a place in the workplace.

Outline methodology

Research methodology in this study help in defining the best as well as a suitable way by which the research techniques can be demonstrated in relation to the chemical engineering point of view of safety awareness. As per the author Behm, Culvenor and Dixon, (2014), the major function of research methodology is to make an outline of the research study and describe it properly in accordance with the respective research study. The study is based on safety awareness in relation to the chemical engineering point of view and due to this reason, a site of Sultanate of Oman is selected by the researchers. In the particular research study, descriptive design with appropriate logic and positivism is selected as the research philosophy as both these helped in gaining detail information regarding these safety awareness procedures.  As the research process is based on the fact of safety awareness in accordance with the chemical engineering point of view, therefore proper logic should be used to demonstrate the fact of this study. In addition, with the help of research questionaries,' the researchers interviewed the chemical engineers regarding the necessity of safety awareness as well as measures in chemical plant companies.

Research philosophy

In the opinion of Stuart and McEwen, (2015), research philosophy helps in demonstrating the development of knowledge and information regarding a particular topic that can provide a positive impact on people as well as society respectively. Therefore, in accordance with that the research philosophy in this study help in determining the importance or necessity of development of safety measures on the chemical engineering point of view. Besides this, positivism research philosophy is selected as it helps the researcher to determine the positive effects of this particulate study. In other words, with the help of positivism, the researchers also able to demonstrate the study procedure with qualitative data and also on the basis of a chemical engineering point of view.

Research method

To investigate the safety awareness on the chemical engineering point of view questionaries' were made that composed of three items such as awareness of countermeasures in chemical accidents, awareness of chemical risks and imperious necessity of personal protective instrument (PPE) (Botti et al., 2015). The survey was done on a site situated in Sultanate of Oman, and the major reason for doing this research is to ensure the people regarding safety measures as chemical treatment harmful for both environment and workers. The survey questionaries' were made on the previous data collection and research procedure, and 120 numbers of participants take part in the interview procedure. The respondents present in this survey were not only the workers, but some residents in the around 1km area are also present in this interview procedure. All the questions were related to safety awareness, and the results of each respondent were calculated by using the ALOHA (Area Location of Hazardous Atmosphere) Model (Li, Chen and Xiang, 2015). This particular model was chosen because it gives appropriate results on the basis of chemical awareness in concerning to engineering point of view regarding the safety measures. Therefore, with the research method, the researchers can able to determine the importance of safety awareness in accordance with the chemical engineering aspect.

Facilities required/ available

In order to do the research properly a strong survey team those who have knowledge regarding the safety measures should be built so that the study can provide the importance of safety awareness in terms of a chemical engineering point of view.

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