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Today, with increased work challenges in the externalenvironment, it is found that the women are facing severe mental healthcare challenges in a given environment. It is directly impact on their behaviors and work approach in a given environment. There is a need to conduct a research in this direction and accordingly determine the major risk factors prevailing in the environment (Clark et al., 2014). It will thereby allow the healthcare professionals to take steps in this direction.

There are several factors such as social activities, connection with the peers, home environment, community support systems, socioeconomic status, health status, relationship with family members, communication, and expectations of concerned people that could effect on the mental health of the women(Clark et al., 2014).

In this report, the focus will be on identification of such risk factors, will discuss an article in this direction, will also determine the major findings, and accordingly will suggest recommendations to improve the situation. It will thereby make sure of overcoming such challenges and also will make sure of protecting the women against such psychological stressors in a given environment.

Article Information and Key Issues Identified

There are certain psychological stressors that are impacting directly on the mental health of the women in a given environment. The author mentions that nearly one in every four young women are affected with healthcareillness. They are suffering from emotional problems such as depression and anxiety and also other mental healthcare challenges (Triggle, 2018). It thereby becomes necessary to determine such issues in a given environment.

The official NHS report found that young women aged 17 to 19 years old are likely to suffer with such issues. As per the reports, nearly 23.9% of them also reported with different mental healthcare disorders(Triggle, 2018). The problems are found more among the younger groups but the rates are increasing. Also, among the children of the age five to 15, one in nine are suffering from such mental healthcare challenges in a given environment(Triggle, 2018).

The survey was conducted among nearly 9,000 people(Triggle, 2018). The results were then gathered by statistics body NHS Digital and were assessed by the experts to diagnose these conditions. Some of the major stressors identified by them included - lifestyle changes, daily hassles, catastrophic events, and chronic stressors. They have thereby recommended deploying appropriate solution through which they will be able to control the rates to a greater extent.

Background Scenario

Today, with changes in the lifestyle, in the working scenario, and also with changes in the expectations, it is found that these young women are found to be suffering more from different disorders. As per the article and also as per the recent research reports, it is found that they are expecting major shifts in their daily lives that is having lasting impact upon them.

Second, a change in their career or homes is also crating hurdles from the psychological perspective. Third, daily hassles such as minor stress at home and at workplace, job deadlines, home assignments, and even traffic jams are increasing mental stress upon them. Whereas, in some other cases, women experienced from such mental healthcare problems due to natural disasters, physical assault, or life-threatening experiences (Parida, 2014).

There were also certain examples wherein women were found to be suffering from hostile environment, and hence there was a need to overcome such challenges. The young women were thereby required to overcome such fears and embarrassment and thereby ensure having a control of such impacts. Only then they could tackle with such challenges in a given environment.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Article

The major strengths of this article is first in highlighting an important issue prevailing in the community. The author has deployedefforts in gathering the right data-sets and also in conducting the desired survey in this research direction.

Second, the author has provided data in different chart forms to make the reader understand about the statistics associated with this problem. It is also found from the data that there is an increase in the mental illness among the children in UK. The author has also criticized the government and other medical facilities that are making less efforts in improving this situation; it is found that these women are not receiving desired community services and hence it is becoming more difficult for them to take a control of this situation (Aneshensel, 2015).

There are also issues of waiting times in the healthcare facilities and hence there is a need to find an alternative way to it. However, there are few weaknesses also discovered in the article. The author has focused only on identification of the issue.

There are no direct recommendations or solutions provided through which the suffering community can overcome this issue in a given environment. Hence, it is important to provide such solutions that will assist the young women in handling their respective mental healthcare problems prevailing in a given environment.

Ethical Concerns

It is important for all the researchers to follow the ethical guidelines while conducting the research in a given direction. They need to focus on the aspects of choosing the right research method, gathering true and accurate data, obtaining relevant permissions of collecting the data, and also informing the participants first about the research and only then conducting the surveys.

It will thereby make sure of overcoming the ethical breaches in conducting the research in a given environment (Cheung, Wang, & Chan, 2013). Further, it is found that the researchers also need to obtain relevant consent from the regulatory authorities and provide true information to the readers of this article.

In this case, the author has even taken an interview of one young woman who is found to be suffering from mental healthcare problems. However, the author has ensured to collect such data only after her receiving appropriate consent from such respondent. It will thereby allow the researcher to work in the direction of research objectives and thereby provide recommendations to solve the given research problem.

Research Methods Used

It is important for the researcher to decide on the research objectives first and then choose the best method of research in a given environment. There are two types of researches that include - qualitative research and quantitative research. However, based on the needs of the research, the researcher will be selecting the given research method in a given working environment.

In this article, the author has selected quantitative method to include the survey results, to analyze the results obtained through survey and then devise recommendations. In addition, the author has also conducted research in her way wherein she mentions about the role of the social media and its impacts on the minds of the people from the psychological perspective (Mtshali, 2015). The reports also cite to examples of cyber-bullying that has increased recently in the current environment.

She has also mentioned about the NHS reports regarding how many children are receivingdied health for these stated problems. The Children's Commissioner analysis of NHS states that nearly 325,000 children were treated by different community service providers, while 5,000 were still admitted in the hospital and provided with desired care services.

Future Scope

As per the commissioner reports, it can be found that around £700m is spent on child and adolescent mental health services. It is also found that there is an increase of 10% in the total spending compared to last year. Thus, it seems that more women are found to be suffering from such issues.

The researcher has insisted that there are several factors due to which these women are found to be suffering from mental healthcare challenges in a given environment. The different forms of psychological stress include - anxiety, depression, and emotional exhaustion (Esia-Donkon et al., 2015). Hence, there is a need to work on these factors so that the overall psychological stress can be reduced.

Also, the government needs to take more steps in this direction with the help of technological solutions to assist these patients suffering from different mental healthcare problems in a given environment. It will thereby provide them with a hope to live a normal life again. Also, it will motivate them to overcome the negative attitudes and also overcome other fears that they are expecting in the present environment.

Real-word Problems, Implications, and Recommendations

The real-world problems regarding mental healthcare challenges are increasing with increasing complexities both in the internal and external environment. It is further found that the different forms of stressors are impacting the emotions and the experience of the young women in the present time (Spector& Zhou, 2014).

As a result, they turn more negative with such psychological, cognitive, and behavioral changes in the environment. Further, they are suffering from different forms of pain, fear, and violence that adds to their fears in their minds. This article has thereby connected the real-life problems with the increasing rates of mental healthcare challenges among the young women.

There is a need to devise solutions such as providing them different treatment options, assisting them in their daily work routines, making them perform physical exercises, performing meditation and yoga, enjoying music, and also making sure that the home environment is supportive and friendly to them (Marum et al., 2014). Only then they will be able to overcome the desired challenges of mental healthcare in a given environment.


This report discusses about the major mental healthcare challenges faced by the young women in a given environment. The author has provided different statistical data to support her different claims. In addition, she has even conducted interviews of certain women to determine the major risk factors that are impacting their lives. It thereby becomes necessary to deploy solutions in this direction.

The role of the government and healthcare institutions will be important as they need to deploy stress management techniques in a given environment(Marum et al., 2014). Further, they also need to provide other forms of support as recommended in this report. Only then these women will get cured from the stated mental healthcare challenges in a given environment.


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