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When the organization plans to plan a training module for its employees, it is very crucial to identify the training need. The training need would be depending upon the context in which the organization is working along with the organizational objectives. At different stages and situations, an organization would need different kind of training. The Training need analysis needs to be planned by the top management and human resources department to understand what kind of training is needed and why there is a need for training. If the training need analysis is not designed well the training objectives may not be fulfilled. The training need analysis need the opinion of the employees along with the problems faced by the employees. The difficulties and hurdles that the employees are facing presently will play vital role in understanding the need for training. The level at which the employees are working in the organization is another important aspect for understating the training need. The employees working at different level may not be given the training at the same time in the same training module. The qualification and the level of experience possess by the employees will be important lead for understating the level of training needed(Gil, & Mataveli,2016).

Training need analysis

Training need analysis has been conducted by the Human resources department of the company. the training need analysis was divided into two levels. In the initial level the present status of the employee performance is being compared with the expected level along with the challenges which are being faced by the employees. The organization is in need for the training because the company is planning to change its operations. Following are the training need analysis:
• Since the company is planning to increase its revenue by double, there are several changes in the structure of the organization and hence the leaders of the different department should be in apposition to cope up with the change.
• The leaders should be in a position to guide their team members in taking the organizational changes positively.
• To achieve the organizational goal of increasing the revenue by double the present level, employees need to increase their efficiency.
• The resistance to change from the employees is something which needs to be avoided for the development of organization as well as employees.
It is observed that the leaders of the departments are playing crucial role in the motivating the executives of the department hence communicating with the leaders separately is essential. Looking into the current context of the organization, the company should undertake two different training programs (Jones, Woods, & Guillaume, 2016).

One program for the senior managers and leaders of the department which will enable the leaders to communicate better with their executives. The program for the senior managers should be designed to motivate them to increase the team spirit in their respectivedepartments. The methods for increasing effective communication almost the team members as well as amongst the leaders of different departments needs to be adapted in the company.
Another program would be directed to the executives of the company to achieve above listed objectives of the organization through the training.
Objective of the training program

Every training program should be directed towards achieving specific set of objectives. The objectives should be specific and measurable. If the objectives are not achieved by the end of the training program means the training program was not designed effectively. The definition of objectives for the training program is essential to ensure the desirable outcome from the giventraining to the employees. Followings are the objectives for the training program designed for the employees:

• Employees would be more effective to achieve the new goal of the organization of achieving double the revenue.
• Employees will be compatible to adopt to the technical and operational changes that the company is planning to undertake to achieve the desired revenue level.
• The departmental heads will be I n a position to help and guide the executives for their queries.
• The employees will be motivated to work towards the new organizational goals.
• The employees will not recite the change that the organization is planning to adapt.
• The program for the senior managers will enable the leaders with the better communication within the department as well as across the departments.
• Senior leaders would be motivated enough to guide their executives.
• The organizational changes are clearly communicated to the senior leaders so that they can make the employees understand that the changes would benefit them (Wolfe, & Slocum,2015).

Cost of training program

It would be very difficult for the company to design two different training programs for two different kinds of employees at this point of time as the organization is in theprocess of transition. Hence, it is recommended that the organization should show the training plan to various training and development institutes to collect the costing. The cost should be compared on the basis of the outcome of the training and the training methods used. The costing from the reputed development institute should be invited in form of the approach note or proposal.
Training method to deliver the training program

The training for the senior managers would be of 3 days including different on the job training methods including classroom training. Following is the agenda for the training activities for the senior managers' training program:

Training method Activities during the training program Purpose
Lecture Classroomtraining method in which the senior managers would be taught the ways of communicating with their team and with the other departments effectively. The importance of communication will be covered during the classroom training session. The importance of communication will help the senior managers to understand the role of effective communication in the present context of the organization. The adoption of effective communication methods will help the managers in increasing the efficiency of their respective team members.
Role playing Since the organization is planning to increase the revenue by double the present level, it is crucial for the senior managers to be ready for increasing their efficiency. The role play will allow them to think about the strategies that can be adopted to increase the overall performance of the organization. The managers will be in a position to frame the strategies for department along with the other departments. The managers will able to understand the challenges that they are going to face due to the change in the organizational goal.
Group discussion In depth discussion about the ways to improve theorganizationalperformance will lead to many insightful solutions which will help the senior managers in framing the competency analysis for the changes that are needed. The group discussion will work as a motivator for the participants to think about their perspective and provide the better solutions for the challenges and the problems. By the end of the group discussion the managers will be in a position to understand their new roles better. The group discussion will work as the ice breaker and the managers would be in a position to communicate with each other in efficient way.

Agenda for the training program for the employees 

Training method Activities during the training program Purpose

Coaching and mentoring are very essential on the job training approach for the employees. When employees are facing any problem in paying their responsibilities, the leaders can demonstrate the better way to perform which will resolve the challenges faced by the employees. The coaching is very effective training method as it is on the job. The learning from the mentoring would be very effective. It will not just resolve the challenges faced by the employees but also improve the leader- employee relation. Coaching will involve the senior managers which is crucial to guide the employees for working in the new atmosphere. Coaching and mentoring help in learning new skills and new way of solving the problems from the seniors. Management games Various management games to enhance the creativity of the employees would be a great deal to ensure that the employees are looking at the problem from the different angle. This will help the employees overcome their fear of change in the organization and help them look at the things from different perspective (Phillips, 2012).

Use of technology for training program

Use of technology will play crucial role in providing training to the managers as well as employees. The interactive videos and tutorials can be used for demonstrating the problem and its solution. For example, if the employees are facing problem in analyzing the data than the video or tutorial session of the data analysis methods can be useful. Technological applications like Google chat and Skype can be use as the tool for increasing the communicationamongst the employees. The interactive session with the experts can be arranged for the mentoring and guidance of the employees. Web designedtrainingprogram can also be used for the employees who are not in a position to spare the time for the training. The recorded sessions can also be used for different employees to train (Khanna, & Kendall, 2015)

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