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Staying inline with the global trends (Halebete, 2008) is essential for any organization to stay in competition and sustain its competitive advantages. If not acted rightly in the right time, the damages possible for the organization are quite serious and it is possible that the organization cannot survive also. Hence tracking the trends and adapting the same for the organization are two important aspects that the organizations need to focus on for their survival and excelling requirements in business. The following part of the discussion is about the ways and means in which the human resources division of an organization can contribute to the organizational sustenance. HR professionals can follow with these trends and can adapt the same as part of their day to day business routine as well can also help the organization to shape its other functional domains to tune themselves in accordance with the organizational needs (Scroggins, 2010). If the organization is not able to predict these changes then it is more likely that it cannot sustain the competition and lose the business. HR department has a potential role to play to let the organizations move towards the path of success by remaining adaptive and receptive to the global changes and adapting the same (Brewster et al, 2016).


HR department is the key division in any organization that looks after the recruitment of the employees, training, orienting, devising policies for the employee- employer interactions, dispute resolution, benefits and emoluments policy drafting etc. These are some of the critical functionalities which employees will look for in any organization. HR department has ample opportunity as well need to tailor these aspects in accordance with the global trends. More specifically speaking, in the contemporary gloabalized business, cross cultural recruitment and employee diversity is very common factor in organizations. Hence unless HR department helps the organization to formulate policies and procedures in accordance with the global trends like global diversity tolerance, racial tolerance, zero discrimination etc, it cannot afford to keep the cross cultural employees in the organization. The ultimate asylum for the organization to keep these sensitive and critical aspects on track is human resources department. Human resources department has every scope and opportunity to keep things on track and this can help the organization to move on global arena. Further HR department can devise the strategic goals and plans for the organization as well can also work for devising strategic action plan for the implementation of the same in the organization through its AHROP(Annual Human resources Operations plan).AHROP can be an unique and versatile tool in the organization, where each and every concern of the organization can be addresses meticulously and ultimately it is possible that the organization can move forward much smoothly embracing the broad positive and business contributing global trends.


Wal-mart is a global retail giant and having his divisions throughout the globe (Wal-mart, 2018). It is one of the major employee recruiter and do possess great cultural diversity in employees. Normally Wal-Mart do employ its employees through regular and traditional channels. There is limited application of social media at present for Wal-mart apart from marketing and communication presence. However still in line with the contemporary developments in business domain, it is required for HR department to formulate AHROP to take advantage of the media for several of its functions. Some of them being recruiting the employees of required skills throughout the globe or atleast throughout the nation based on social media advertisements (Saurez et al., 2016).  Walmart can also embrace global trends of using social media for internal communication requirements. HR can play an instrumental role in devising this change in the organization. Developing a monitoring and execution committees of internal communication strategy will fall well within the prospects of Wal-mart and Wal-mart can work for enabling a global trend of using social media for organizational benefit and usage through this application. Further employing technology(Laudon,2016) for enabling day to day operations is another important aspect that Wal-mart will be relying excessively like never before. Wal-Mart operations are totally going to depend on these internal technological developments in the coming years and these changes will demand organiational capacity and skills development in this regard, strategies development to deploy the expertise and resources etc. All these aspects can be enabled by using HR strategies and AHROP(Nankervis,2016) is a strong tool in developing these strategies for Wal-mart.



HR is considered to be an integral and strong and critical department in the organization working to bring a radical change in the overall organizational competitive advantages. HR of Wal-mart promises a career for all its employees. Maximum transparency, approachability, employee friendly policies.Payment policies as per the performance


Low wage policies. Discrimination against women in payments. No encouragement for union formations.Some times not considers the interests of employees – works adamantly.


HR department itself moving ahead globally. Education became more practicable. Changing trends are approachable to new age professionals


If not acted promptly to embrace the changes, more likely it will lead to organizational failure and invites variety of complications to all concerned.

Hence it is required to have a constructive and incremental strategy by HR to address all these concerns one by one. At the outset the following strategy can be concerned more about the global trends in the technology and social media utility as well on the globalization implications on the diversity in work force(Walk,2014)

HR – Strategy:

To enable the training and motivation to the existing employees to upgrade their skills in technology relevant to the industry and in the domains where organization is looking for immediate changes(Bailey et al.,2018). Recruiting only the employees who do have proven talents in the technology domains or at least having the necessary aptitude and capacity to learn things. Further HR department also required to develop strategies to enforce zero discrimination in all its policies in general and in specific to the technology promotion. These strategic initiatives will fill the gaps in this perspective of global trends and will contribute to the development of the spirits in the organization(Guerci ,2014). 

Annual HR operational plan:

Identify the requirements of the technology change in accordance with the proposed global technology changes in the organization(Collins,2018).Evaluation of the current skills levels of the employees. Devising plans to train and orient the existing staff. Recruiting employees who do possess the required technology skills. Devising and enforcing technology usage policies and monitoring the plan. Chronical auditing of the operational plan and correcting the plan as per the needs and enforcing the betterment of the same.

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