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Adapting Multicultural Practices in U.S


The author argues that the United States government should eliminate its dominant lifestyle by promoting Latino and other minor cultures. Guilermo Gomez-Pena believes that promoting the cultures will reduce racism and separatism (Gaztambide et al, 45-54). While the process may be difficult to implement, it is associated with many benefits.

The process will ensure that the state resources are distributed fairly. Eliminating the dominant culture will make it difficult to identify the native citizens, thereby, ensuring that the state resources are equally distributed. Hence, this will ensure that everyone within the country is given an equal opportunity in accessing the state resources. In addition, ending the dominant culture will improve trade across the borders. Trade barriers within the United States borders will reduce considerably, thereby, increasing the state’s revenue as well as individual’s income per capita. The process will also promote gender equality and helps in managing multicultural organizations. The new multicultural paradigm will ensure that everyone within the country contributes to its economic growth and development. The minority cultures will be assimilated to acknowledge gender differences and various races within the nation.

Considering the various benefits associated with ending the dominant culture, the United States economy will improve. The rate of discrimination among individuals will reduce, thereby, enabling them to focus on productive activities that will benefit the whole country. Stopping the culture will unify people, and improves their politics. Better politics within a country reduces trade barriers, and encourages productive activities including the flow of technology within the nation. Therefore, adapting immigrant culture to eradicate the dominant lifestyle will affect the nation positively. 


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