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Scope Management Plan

Concepts Introduction

This project management plan is undertaken for UK government “plug the holes” in their existing e-boarder system. The proposed project plan will help in integrating new capabilities of information collection including authentic way for the travellers who are coming into and exiting from the UK. This project will help in collecting perfect information of travellers in details. Also, this project will make sure that duplication of information will not arise in the database. This project will be very short in time. The functionalities will be simple as well as sensible. After completing the project, UK government can get all the information in details as well as structured way. They will allow searching specific information through the search button. This functionality will be added in the database. This project will also reduce extra labour cost of collecting information manually.

3.2 Scope planning assumptions

Following are the assumptions for this project –

             The new system will collect the information in details and structured way.

             The review form will generate result which will easy to view

             Staff has to put less effort in getting information of any travellers

             Satisfy user requirements

             Easy to operate

3.3 Planning approach taken to develop this scope management plan

To develop this scope management plan, following approaches will be taken care of –

             Concept of proposed project plan will share with all the key stakeholders and discuss every components of the new proposed functions of e-border security system of UK government

             Roles and responsibilities will be assigned to each stakeholder

             A kickoff meeting will be hold at the end of the day during ongoing project process

             Scope baseline will be designed

             Project schedule along with resources and time will be developed \

             Details cost baseline will also be designed

3.4 Product Scope Specification

3.4.1 Functional specifications

1.            Add, Update and Delete Function – The database will allow the staff in adding, updating, or deleting new information about travellers.

2.            Inquiry Members – Government can get details of all current enrolled members to view their details who are checking in and exiting from UK.

3.            View – View of the database will contain 1000-member details in one screen

4.            Responsive – The loading time of the data will be less than 5 seconds. It will help in increasing motivation level of staff and avoid high turnover.

3.4.2 Non-functional specifications

1.            Usability requirement – System will allow user in viewing details as per their needs (custom view)

2.            Accuracy – System will provide real time information including various concurrency issues.

3.            Efficiency Requirement – Back-up facilities are included hence if system fails, data will be recovered easily.


3.5 Project Scope Specification

3.5.1 WBS Specification


3.6 Scope Change Management Process Model

For this proposed project, the scope management process model includes the following –

             Scope Change Management Matrix – All the scope of the proposed project upgradation of E-Boarder security system of UK Government will be done by developing a matrix. It will be customised as per the requirement of the proposed project.

             Impact analysis for Scope changes – The scope changes will impact on the e-border security system effectively. It will allow staff in generating data for UK government with customise option.

             Decision for Scope changes – After designing the project schedule and cost baseline, change analysis submission will be done. Through conducting formal meeting with stakeholders, decision will be taken for better implementation/upgradation of e-border security system of UK Government. 

             Scope Changes Log – Scope changes log will be created for tracking purpose of this project.

3.7 Section Highlights Summary

The proposed system will help in managing and sharing the information to UK government about passenger details who visit to UK. This system will also help in delivering advance passenger management system for UK government (Ren & Deng, 2016). The new system will also maintain intellectual property right and SRS documentation. It will help in regulating long-term security (Heagney, 2016). Staff can easily review the visa and citizenship application of passenger and deliver the information to the UK government when needed.

4. Schedule Management Plan

4.1 Concepts Introduction

Schedule management plan is used to track the project activities of the allocated resources. In project management plan, schedule management plan is the key performance indicator (Heldman, 2018). Project manager can track every record and push stakeholders when necessary. Details tracking will also help in maintaining project budget. It will help in avoiding budget over allocation for project managers. 

4.2 Schedule planning assumptions

Following are the schedule planning assumptions for this project –

             Details project activities are identified

             Available resource will be allocated based on the requirement

             Roles and responsibilities will be assigned

             Project will complete on tine

             Less chance of budget over allocation

4.3 Planning approach taken to develop this schedule management plan

In order to develop schedule management plan following approach needed to be undertaken for this project –

             All stakeholder of this project must involve in the process of schedule management plan

             All the activities of the new proposed project will be processed along with the required approach.

             Organisational procedure and process will be included within this project.

             Project schedule baseline will be designed.

             Project management method and process will be mentioned

4.4 Schedule in the form of a summary and meaningful Gantt Chart, with access to full details

WBS       Task Name          Duration              Start      Finish

0              E-boarder security system upgradation project for UK govt          70 days Mon 04-02-19    Fri 10-05-19

1                 Analysis phase               9 days   Mon 04-02-19    Thu 14-02-19

1.1                Identification of UK Governments new requirements              2 days   Mon 04-02-19    Tue 05-02-19

1.2                Preparing documents for proposed solution 3 days   Wed 06-02-19    Fri 08-02-19

1.3                Designing functional specification       4 days   Mon 11-02-19    Thu 14-02-19

2                 Design phase  26 days Fri 15-02-19         Fri 22-03-19

2.1                Designing of logical functions                6 days   Fri 15-02-19         Fri 22-02-19

2.1.1                Identify detailed data requirements             6 days   Fri 15-02-19         Fri 22-02-19

2.2                Designing of user acceptance criteria                20 days Mon 25-02-19    Fri 22-03-19

2.2.1                Design Interfaces   4 days   Mon 25-02-19    Thu 28-02-19

2.2.2                Validate logical system design          5 days   Fri 01-03-19         Thu 07-03-19

2.2.3                Develop physical system design specifications          4 days   Fri 08-03-19         Wed 13-03-19

2.2.4                Design database     7 days   Thu 14-03-19      Fri 22-03-19

3                 ERD Designing 3 days   Mon 25-03-19    Wed 27-03-19

4                 Normalisation 4 days   Thu 28-03-19      Tue 02-04-19

4.1                 System/GUI interface design              4 days   Thu 28-03-19      Tue 02-04-19

5                 GUI designing 4 days   Wed 03-04-19    Mon 08-04-19

6                 GUI Testing     4 days   Tue 09-04-19      Fri 12-04-19

7                 Test Phase       10 days Mon 15-04-19    Fri 26-04-19

7.1                White box testing      5 days   Mon 15-04-19    Fri 19-04-19

7.2                Black box testing        5 days   Mon 22-04-19    Fri 26-04-19

8                 Install phase    10 days Mon 29-04-19    Fri 10-05-19

8.1                Installation with existing system         8 days   Mon 29-04-19    Wed 08-05-19

8.1.1                User support document     3 days   Mon 29-04-19    Wed 01-05-19

8.1.2                User communication and training   5 days   Thu 02-05-19      Wed 08-05-19

8.2                Launch the system live            2 days   Thu 09-05-19      Fri 10-05-19




4.5 Section Highlights Summary

This section of the report explained the requirements of project schedule management plan. It is identified that project schedule management plan is an integral part for any project to make it success on time. Project management Schedule Plan is also helping in avoiding budget over allocation for this project.

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