Charles wants to get a remedy against Pete's Motorcycle Dealership. Explain to him his rights under contract law

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Question - Charles wants to buy a pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle and drops by several motorcycle dealerships before choosing to buy a good quality pre-owned, Softail model from Kenny's Motorcycle Dealership. Kenny tells Charles that the motorcycle was manufactured in 2008 and had only done 12,000 kilometres.

After using the motorcycle for four months, Charles had it serviced at an authorised Harley Davidson repair centre. He was told by the repairman that the motorcycle was in a good condition, considering that it was made in 2004. The repairman did admit that he was surprised that it had done only 12,000 kilometres; because it was clear that the motorcycle had travelled way more than that.

Charles investigates further and finds out that the motorcycle was really made in 2004 and he paid about $4,000 more than what the motorcycle was really worth on the market. Charles wants to get a remedy against Pete's Motorcycle Dealership. Explain to him his rights under contract law.

Answer -

As given in the case Harley needs to buy an motorcycle which had an dealership with many for selecting the good quality on the products. As expected the Harley got the motorcycle but after some months the motorcycle was developed on the year of 2004. As an advise to the Charles regarding the motorcycle, the term contract rights can be best suitable for making the agrerement between two parties. The process of contracts can be revised as the oral, somehow to making the best contracts for enforceable leagally the writing must been made and signed by both the parties for the motorcycle agreement. As an example it actually includes of the agreement from sales, contracts from employment, agreement as confidentiality and contracts of insurance.

The contracts that are drafted will be more simple in all the cost analysing or even bit more complex whic includes the arrangement term for the contract breach. Accordingly, the rights of the contract are the one rights that are granted for the party with all the valid contract makings. Some of the rights will be written expressely, which are exclusively rights for the materials of copyrights. Every single contract will be linked to the address with the various levels of rights making to make the parties involved.

Additionally, rights of the contract with entire parties will be considering of the obligations of contract with the terms of contract term. Some of the duties from the contract will let the Charles to buy the motorcycle with the $4,000. Sometimes the rights of the contract will be indicated and delegated towards the some parties from Harley. Exchanging the rights of contract towards the other party which will be beneficial towards the buying contract. The rights that are raised from the risk imposes through the contract, parties towards the contract will be delegate for the duties with the contract. So the law of contract breach, the party of non-breaching will be assert towards the rights and ensures the contract, which will be damages through the breach.

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