Will Jono likely be successful in his action in tort for deceit against Miguel? Explain your answer.

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Question - Miguel, a 16-year old mechanic's apprentice, borrowed $3,000 from his next door neighbour, Jono, by telling him that he was 20 years old and had a good, stable income. The loan was payable in three equal fortnightly payments. After the first payment, Miguel stopped paying Jono. Jono wanted to bring a legal action against Miguel but when he discovered his real age, he decided instead to initiate an action in tort for deceit against the latter. Will Jono likely be successful in his action in tort for deceit against Miguel? Explain your answer.

Answer -

The Miguel intentionally and knowingly deceives the Jono through lieying about real age which damages the Jono and it is an legal case that initiates. The deceit basically needs of the tortfeasor to process a representation of factual that is fact very well known it is an false statement, Miguel also made the reckless related to the truthfulness, it shows that Miguel is lieying so that the act in reliance is optable to his harm towards the Jono.

Through the usage of tort deceit law sure John could get success in his action. The representation of false statement, that was done through the Miguel with the knowledge of wrong age representation. The Jono has to prove the false representation made through the Miguel, through which the defendant must aim that claimant should act in the way of dependence on it. Since the Miguel did not pat his amount for the jono as per the policy and rules the action will be taken bit severly to make the person to realise the mistake which was made wantedly. The case has to be brought towards the local state or through the federal prosecutors for making the success on Jono statement.

The jono has to prove the fraud Miguel on his money cheating and illegal age statement displaying. Once the case is went thoroughly with proper statement then the success of state results will move in punishing the Miguel or through making the fine towards the Jono amount borrower case. The Miguel was very innocent when asking for the amount to jono, here the misrepresentation was done through the representor which indicates that has no proper reasons gorunds to accept the statement was true by the Miguel. Through this case can be successful towards the jono. In such things the case could go positive way towards the jono in means of innocent misrepresentation that was actually initiated through the Miguel for his cheating. Therefore, after every analysing from the court side regarding the real age of Miguel the jono will surely achieve his successful on the action and gets back his amount with full-fledged manner.

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