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Question - It is said that we all make a variety of contracts every day. How can this be? How do we make agreements without actually necessarily saying anything to another party or even determining the terms of these agreements?

Answer -

Yes, it is indeed true that a lot of contracts are made every day. Contracts are legally binding agreements made between two or more parties. Contracts bind most of the decisions which we make on a systematic basis. They are an immense aspect of everyone's life. Certain examples from our daily lives and activities proved that we make contracts every day. In today's world, everyone is a consumer in some manner or other. By being a consumer, we make choices dependent upon issues and these choices have been put in place by way of contracts. Most of us are entering into some kind of implied contract every day.

Every time we make a purchase at a departmental store, we make a contract of buying the item and paying money against it. Similarly, every time we order a meal at a restaurant, it is a contract of receiving meal against Money. Requires, treatment from doctors, jobs by Carpenters, plumbers, etc. are all examples of every day contracts made by us. Contracts can be oral, written, expressed, or implied depending upon situations. Thus, any agreement which requires a performance is a contract and therefore, there are several every day contract being made.

We actually make agreements without saying anything to the other party or even determining the terms of such agreements. For example, while ordering coffee at a coffee shop, we make a contract without even thinking about it. It is an oral contract with the coffee shop which takes the order. By ordering the coffee, it is assumed that the buyer is willing to pay for it. It is clearly seen that a contract is made without even being verbalised or explained.

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