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Question: Investigate the Internet of Things. Select one example and describe what it is and how it works in eCommerce.

Answer: Internet of things(IoT) is basically a system for providing smart devices which enables the access of internet and also interaction between others. Internet of things can help in smart inventory, sales, product and logistics management. IoT helps in better interchanging of data between others with the use of internet and aid ecommerce business to run efficiently and smoothly. There are many examples of IoT such as inventory management, personalization, customer experience, maintenance and warranty. IoT is helping retailers of ecommerce to have great visibility of order picking, tracking of customer orders from the moment it is placed to the place of reaching to customer doorstep. IoT helps retailers to track each inventory piece. There is also using of cloud based technologies such as GPS, RFID and also see the traffic status, location, weather, to make logistics efficient. IoT sensors and RFID tags is improving inventory management by collection and sending of relevant and fresh data with the help of ERP system. IoT technologies such as remote sensors give additional data on way product is adopted and anticipate the breakdowns. Businesses are using IoT to have relevant information on consumer choices to enhance consumer experience and focus on specific target customers.

IoT has helped in bringing an oriented e-commerce websites which helps in finding the data from different medium and sources and made the websites responsive to smart devices such as iPads, and mobile phones. E-commerce are providing more responsive websites by using IoT to increase the experience of users on online platform. One of the IoT tool is chatbots which enables a live connection with consumer solving consumer issue immediately which ultimately makes consumer satisfied and also increase the loyalty towards brand. Virtual reality shopping is another result of IoT which provide consumer great experience of having virtual tour of stores, browsing products, which allows consumer to move the item intended to purchase in shop cart and further purchase the items with account credentials.

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