What is Conti ransomware and what are some of the recommendations provided for good ransomware hygiene

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Question 1 - i. There has been recent debate about whether Australia's answer to thwart ransomware is good cyber hygiene. Is the Australian regulatory environment for cybersecurity appropriate? Justify your answer.

ii. What is Conti ransomware and what are some of the recommendations provided for good ransomware hygiene?

Answer -

1) The regulatory environment of Australia does not provide protection from the cyber attacks. Ransomware attacks are affecting many business and the companies and the government has no option to prevent these attacks.

2) Conti ransomware is type of the malware which is delivered with the help of the trick bot system and this malware is having high speed which is used for the encryption of the data of the organization. Email with an excel sheet is used in this for attack.


1) Spam fileration system must be used

2) Inventory of the assets must be maintained

3) Personal information must not be shared with outsiders

4) Suspicious links must not be opened

5) The data should be encrypted before storage.

6) Frequent backing of the data must be in place.

Question 2 - Read through the incident report and answer the questions based on case study: i. Write a Summary of some of the follow up actions taken as a result of the data breach. ii. Consider a scenario of unauthorized access and data breach that compromised a business entity. How would it affect the business? If you were to recommend a preventative system against such attacks, how would you advise your client?

Answer -

i. 1) The root cause of the incident must be found

2) Patching of the systems of the organization

3) The users must be informed

4) The access to systems must be blocked

5) Completion of incident report

ii. The financial data of the system can get lost and operations of the business can come to halt. The business activities can stop and the business can suffer huge loss. The data of the customers of the business can be publicized online and can be sold for some financial gain. The trust of the customers on business can get lost.

Measures for prevention

1) Biometric and iris scanning for authentication of the user

2) The users must be provided controlled access to system

3) The data stored in database must be encrypted

4) Back of the data must be maintained

Question 3 - Assume you are hired as a cyber security advisor at Channel Nine. Plan your incident response tactics for Channel Nine and describe them in detail.

Answer - Incident response tactics

1) Preparation for the incident: The threats related to the system must be identified and the measures to prevent them should be put in place.

Monitoring: There should be continuous monitoring of system and abnormal behavior of the network must be reported.

Containment and eradication: Measures should be adopted for preventing the incident from affecting the whole system and system in future.

Recovery: the normal operations of organization must be continued with better security.

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