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Question 1: Discuss why today's increasingly online environment has made holding people accountable for their actions difficult and how this issue can be managed.

Answer: Online activities such as chatting, messaging, surfing, shopping and learning has spiked with the evolution of internet. Todays, online environment is providing both positivity and negativity to the whole society in various ways. Any fake message or information becomes viral in very less time which can impact the mental health of people. People does not bother to check the credibility of message before forwarding to friends and family which creates mess for people who take action or decision based on such forwarded messages. The accountability of negative consequences in todays online environment is difficult to manage due to finding the foundation or the root cause of the issue. However, it is important for the people to be active and responsible for sharing the wrong message, videos or memes or consuming any content which can be serious threat for society. COVID-19 safety, precautions messages spread so speedily that people get the wrong messages and started implementing the same in personal life. Therefore, the people who are ones catching such wrong messages should take serious action by creating awareness with the help of social media to nullify the impact of such fake information and also take help of friends and community to stop the viral of such messages.

Question 2: Find two examples of an affinity portal and two examples of a focused-content portal. Prepare a report explaining why each of your examples should be categorized as an affinity portal or a focused-content portal. For each example, surf the site and describe the services each site provides. Try to determine what revenue model each of your examples is using and, if possible, how many members or registered visitors the site has attracted.

Answer: The two examples of affinity portal include the example of specific market segment or even about specific gender such as use of gateways. Affinity portal also include a portal based on friendship between people which allow connecting the large people to share and talks. This include discussion about specialised topic such as games, photos chat services etc. Focused content examples include intense information on certain topic such as biography or recipe of a dish. One of the example of affinity portal is realtors dot com which provide the discussion on the real estate by listing real estate for sale, mortgages, discovering of new homes, finding of apartments. Rottentomatoes.com is an example of focused content portal provides the reviews of movie by critics and individuals which help users to decide if to watch movie on theatres or buy the movie.

Affinity portals also include search portals such as google provide ample of information on anything. guardian.com is another example of affinity portal which delivers global news aims to give voice to various issues at global level and free from any commercial or political influence. ESPN.com is example of focused based content which is providing information on sports updates, scoreboard, sports quizzes, and daily news on sports. Another example of focused based content portal is econline.com which offers technical and business information for electrical contractors such as components purchasing, maintenance, data system installation and consulting.
The revenue model of business model ESPN and econline is by providing content on google and also providing specialised advertisement and also through commission. The revenue model of guardian and google.come is majorly come from advertisements and sponsorship program.

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