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Nowadays majority of business organizations are using various strategies to make the business sustainable and it is important to grab the attention of many customers (Bocken, Short, Rana & Evans, 2014).  Organization needs to manage environmental, financial and social obligations perfectly to improve its brand image as well as profitability. For that reason this particular assignment mainly signifies the importance of business sustainability and sustainable capital market in UAE.


A.            Business Sustainability and its Determinants

Business sustainability refers to as the managing of triple bottom line by maintaining social, financial and environmental obligations, risk and opportunities. A sustainable business can manage and survive the shock and upcoming threats in an effective manner. The economy of UAE is second largest in Middle East region.  For that reason, the majority of business organizations in United Arab Emirates, are using various competitive strategies and business models to make their business sustainable (Whatis.techtarget, 2019).  In present days most of the business entities fare practising Environmental management system, reporting of disclosure, lifecycle analysis etc. to identify the level of impact (Bocken, Short, Rana & Evans, 2014). Proper evaluation and identify the environmental impact will also help the business entities to improve their position and that will provide the business entities with more opportunities and to reduce the number of risks.    

Apart from that, business sustainability is the process that helps management in coordinating and managing of social, financial and environmental demands leads to increase business reputations as well as brand image (Thisdaylive, 2019). Use of Renewable energy sources, implementation of a flexible corporate culture and the use of eco-friendly technology will also grab the attention of many customers’ leads to improve both loyal customers as well as financial profitability. More stakeholder engagement, effective environmental efficiency, investment in research development and other sustainable practices will improve public relations and organizational profitability.    

B.            Sustainable Capital Markets and Green Financial Market

The capital market generally refers to the financial market that generally uses public securities like bond and shares bond to raise long term financing.  In the sustainable capital market of UAE, the investors get long term benefits from the green projects (Whatis.techtarget, 2019). The capital market mainly influences sustainable corporate development via two major ways such as financial influence and Investor support influence.  The financial influence mainly signifies the buying and selling of shares to influence the capital cost. At the same time, the Investor support influences mainly indicate the shareholders as a principal of the business and they also get the share from the business. Both companies and investor needs to research the market to gather information regarding the capital market. The capital market mainly dependent on allocating capitals and corporate activities for that reason the management needs to evaluate the corporate position and needs to implement new strategies to mitigate all the issues in an effective manner to make the business sustainable leads to get more profit in future.    

On the other hand, the green capital market refers to the invested money in sustainable projects and in present days most of the investors are investing in the sustainable project because the profit percentage is less but the investor will get long term profits from a sustainable project (Thisdaylive, 2019). At the same time, the chances of risk are less in the case of sustainable projects. Working in the green projects also provides business huge cost benefits. The number of green bonds is increasing and that is mainly used for the project works which have positive environmental impacts.    

C.            Benefits of Sustainable Capital Market

There are different benefits of having a sustainable capital market. It is important to meet the needs of the present without compromise the capability of future generations to meet their requirements (Bocken, Short, Rana & Evans, 2014). For that reason, investment in the sustainable capital market provide an investor long time profitability and the chances of risk are very low. At the same time, sustainability reporting generally enhances trust, sharing of values that indicate the economy and business health effectively. In the sustainable capital market, the investor has the option to expand the treasury operations and the investors can shift the company strategy towards greater sustainability (Kolsi & Attayah, 2018). In this regard, the green bonds and sustainable bonds have a less environmental impact and it is vital in present days to keep the environment clean and green.     For example the Abu Dhabi Security Exchange (ADX) has rapidly improved its position from fledging investments and in case of 2015 the number of total public organization was 66 and it also increased rapidly. The investor is investing more for the sustainable projects and it mainly ensures a high return.


From the above study it has been identified that the business organizations in UAE are now focused on sustainable environmental project and the number of green bond also increasing in a regular basis due to high demand and sustainable growth of the business. Not only domestic but the foreign investors also investing in this country to get high return from business.

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