Essay notifies the public that a particular institution or program satisfies the quality standards established

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Information Required from Applicants for Graduate Programs in Psychology

According to American Psychology Association (2018), admission requirements for graduate programs in psychology at APA vary with the type of program the applicant wants to execute. During application, the student should submit personal data such as contact information, name and the degrees earned. The application also entails some test scores, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. It is not a requirement for applicants to have significant coursework in psychology as students with only a major or a minor may be admitted. To qualify for most of the programs, applicants should have substantial research experience. Moreover, completing an undergraduate honors thesis or working as a lab research assistant is a requirement in most of the sub-programs. Other possible requirements entail an interview, previous work experience, extracurricular activities, and additional information concerning the applicant such as volunteer or research experience, and a clinically related public service.

Program Costs and Financial Assistance

The Graduate program costs encompass tuition and the costs of living such as transport, housing, health insurance and car insurance. However, students may receive financial assistance from various sources like scholarships, teaching assistantships, research fellowships, research grants and tuition remissions. The amount of debts taken on by a graduate student is the value after subtracting tuition and cost of living from tuition remissions and financial assistance (American Psychology Association, 2018). This varies widely depending on the student's program because research-focused Ph.D. programs offer many opportunities whereas freestanding PsyD specializations avail almost none.


Accreditation notifies the public that a particular institution or program satisfies the quality standards established by an accrediting body. Also, it necessitates organizational improvement through a continuous self-review.Accreditation is of great significance to the students, faculty members, and psychologists (American Psychology Association, 2018) It assures the students that the specific program they are studying is engaged in a continuous quality review and that it fulfills the relevant quality standards set by profession. Moreover, accreditation allows a formal procedure for conducting a constant evaluation and improvement of faculty and program development outcomes. Finally, to the psychologists, it provides a forum for exchanging ideas on the essential advances in the profession. To identify quality programs, students should always check whether their programs are accredited with the relevant accreditation authority. This will help them to escape cases of degree mills, whereby they may spend money and fail to secure a valuable credential.

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