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Social Media Policies and the NLRA

Many employees like to have social media policies that remind their employees of what to and not to post. These rules even apply when they are not on duty. In many places, this is a condition for employment. However, this is not legal. A good social media policy by a company gives clear guidelines as to what the staff should and shouldn’t do when posting and interacting with the community. Such a policy should give guidance and provide more productive work area by keeping all employees focused and on track according to the company policy. Additionally, companies should set up a plan and maybe a training so that supervisors cam be educated and not make mistakes that would bring trouble to the company.


The National Labor and Relations via the office of the General Counsel mostly unleash publications on Advise Memorandum as per the National Labor and Relations Act. The Advice Memorandum takes the task of evaluating whether policies companies as well as organizations  set up are fit and do not violate the rights of any employee. This is how it is mandated by the NLRA. The board’s main aim is to prevent unfair labor practices by unions as well as private sector employees together with non-union employers. The main policy here is on Social Media Policy. A general agreement that was met in 2011 amongst many employers was that it was very lawful to eliminate an employee just because he made disparaging comments about their employer on any social media avenue. However, the board fought against this and started actively following up and litigating such cases.


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