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State and local governments Viz., Counties municipalities etc, the lower level of governance than the state governments do have considerable role to play in rendering primary care as well as public health.  Both the state and local governments can work for an integrated health care framework that combines both the primary care and the public health(Baum,2016).  There are several possibilities for better delivery of the primary health care and public health. State government can provide directives and can let the local governments to make arrangements and collaborations with the local health care service providers and other health care organizations to let the health care be rendered to the local public. Further through collaboration and by sharing the functionalities, both the state and local governments can work out strategically to meet comprehensive health care demands of the general public. Typical domains of service may include, shared program planning, Working for provider recognition and marketing requirements, working for procurement and implementation of the health service tools and equipments, provider training and assistances.

By sharing functions of funds, organization, resources allocation, monitoring and expediting the progression, local and state governances can work collectively to render integrated health care and public health by comprehensive and collaborative activities. At individual level state government can work effectively for strategies of public health like mitigation of epidemics, working for providing emergency support in case of natural disasters for primary health care. Further strategic assistance for renovation of existing PHCs as well allocation of funds for establishing new PHC can be done. However still local government also does have considerable role to play in primary health care provision. They can work on to provide day to day primary health care services to the general public. Further the health care programmes of the federal government like Medicaid and medicare can be brought forward to the general public only by these organizations.  The extent of resourcefulness and autonomy in functionality is obviously different for these two domains of governance. However still it is possible for them to work collectively to meet the demands of the general public.  An integrated approach and shared resources can contribute for more effective and efficient service delivery to the target audience. Further there can be better and more comprehensive health care services planning with such approach which can be of more use to the target audience.

The key challenges in integration and working with collaboration include the challenges in political and ideology differences, differences in priorities, differences in resources and capabilities etc. However still with collaboration and with like minded approach towards common objectives and vision it is possible to enable health care solutions to the general public. The key challenge lies in progressing for long term collaboration and long term visions(Hedge,2018).  Keeping up the collaboration and keeping up the same spirit of collective working for the common cause is the real challenge for both the state and local governments.

In anycase proactive leadership and willingness to share the responsibility in rendering health care to the needy can provide the necessary framework to move ahead in delivering the integrated health care.

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