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This is a reflective account of a critical incident analysis to represent the self belief and analysis of the incidents based on own understanding the experience. The study has also entailed different development process of the perception and inference from the same along with the experiences gathered from the incidents mentioned in this report. I have prepared this account to share my own belief and understanding regarding the critical incident accumulated from the group work arranged. The sequence that I have followed in this report includes the description of the critical incident as a healthcare professional along with the understanding on the issues on the same area of concern. Following the same, the next part has incorporated a detailed reflection including my belief, feelings, perception, learning and future planning. Here I have described a reflective model of my choice followed by the application of the same model on the basis of the incident. The final part has aligned my reflection through spotting the issues in such areas where I have developed an action plan based on the experience. My key concern here is to deliver my perception regarding the behavior and responsibilities of a healthcare worker to deliver the services along with the quality measures in terms of humanity and care. 

Critical incident:

The critical incident that I have chosen here and worked during the group work is ethical behavior and values among the healthcare workers while delivering care services to individuals. In this context, Cheng and Chu (2016) stated that healthcare services inculcate care services rather than the medications, in order to accelerate the cure of the patients and other customers availing the services. Therefore, supporting to this statement, I personally believe that behavior of a healthcare staff is most important especially at the time to dealing with the customers. Now my concern is to explore the behavior of a multidisciplinary team, formed by a group of healthcare workers performing their tasks aptly to provide the quality care services to the customers. Based on the teamwork, Moorhouse and Jung (2017) stated that teamwork is the collection of individual responsibility where fulfillment of individual responsibility delivers the quality and expectation to the care users. Therefore, I think each member of the team in a healthcare centre are responsible in ensuring the quality of the healthcare services and other medications to produce the satisfaction of the care service users. 

A major issue that I found in the healthcare service providers is the value and ethics in the roles and responsibilities. I have experienced that people in the healthcare organizations are involved in unethical practices and behavior while providing the care services to the users. In that case, the meaning of values and ethics among the team members should be clear enough so that the application of the same would produce a positive result in terms of the care service quality and ethical behavior of the service providers. In that case, a multidisciplinary healthcare team consists of nurse, dietician, councilor, public health nurse, physician and medical officer. Therefore, as far as I am concern, all these roles and responsibilities are important having critical need in the healthcare service provision and development of quality in the services. As defined by Jensen et al. (2015), value refers to the standard of the practices and guidelines of steering the practices to meet the standard where it should be followed by the others within a group of people. However, I am surprised to observe the behavior of the healthcare staffs with the users which violate the code of conduct in healthcare service provision. The list of ethical behavior and attitude inculcate honesty, integrity and accountability where I observed the absence of any of these features in the healthcare service providers. People in healthcare organizations are behaving like the other service organizations and driven by the material belongings where the service portfolio itself incorporates the ethics and value proposition along with the medication facilities.

Following the above concern, I would like to express that the individuals, involved in the healthcare service provision needs to be approachable as the practice needs more than professional behavior. According to the opinion of Cheng and Chu (2016), the care service providers should be respectful towards the profession and the roles and responsibilities they have been allotted. Here, I would like to add that the responsible healthcare staffs cannot deny accomplishing the due responsibility while accountable in performing the associated tasks also complying with the needs of healthcare service details. There should not be negligence in the performance in case any additional task needs to be executed. Hence, my perception regarding the healthcare teams is more than a staff as the roles and responsibilities demand humanity and ethics due to absence of further scope of rectification in the healthcare services. As stated by Jensen et al. (2015), in the healthcare service provisions, information sharing plays pivotal role where the key code of conduct in this context is to deliver each information to the patient and his family so that the care service provisions would be eased with the cooperation from the care services users. 

Kolb’s learning cycle:

Reflection and learning is one of the key tools in planning and executing the actions to be taken in future based on the observations and learning. In that case, a number of learning and reflection models are available based on the experience and experiment. Here, Thomas et al. (2016) stated that selection of reflection and learning cycle relies on the nature and process of learning. Moreover, the learning cycle also dependent on the concepts proposed and complexity of the observed incidents. Here, I have selected Kolb’s learning cycle to reflect my observation and learning from the observation. The model has been developed in the year 1984 while incorporating four different phases of learning and reflection procedure. In the words of Tomkins and Ulus (2016), the experiential learning theory works on two different levels including a four-stage learning cycle and four separately identified learning mechanism. In that case, Kolb’s learning cycle is concerned with the internal cognitive process of the learner. Description of these four phases of learning is undernoted.

Concrete experience:

It is the phase where the actual experience is gathered through occurrence of the incident in real. It is the new experience that I would gather through observing the incident or being involved in the process the incident has been performed. According to Konak et al. (2014), in this phase, the learner would accumulate a new experience or recapitulate the existing incident in a new way it has been executed.  In this phase, the situation is out of control where the learner would easily point out the matter of concern based on the experience gathered in regards to the concerned area of learning.

Reflective observation:

Following the previous phase of concrete experience, the learner would point out the observed incidents, in order to recapitulate the incidents and reflect own understanding on the same. In this stage, I would like to analyse the experience gathered from the critical incidents to develop understanding on the same. In that case, Tomkins and Ulus (2016) opined that reflective observation explores the gap between experience and basic understanding regarding the matter so that the moves in perception would be gauged. Here, the perception and own understanding regarding the learning area is developed and interpreted towards developing the theories and concepts. 

Abstract conceptualization:

This phase comes after the reflection where own beliefs and perceptions are analysed in regards to the experience gathered. Thus, a new abstract of idea would be generated in this phase after the interpretation of the incidents and events within that. Therefore, concerning to the opinion of Konak et al. (2014), learning from practical experience and thus, developing concept and understanding regarding the subject is an important part of learning as the learner would be aware of the gap between practical scenario and conventional concept. Thus, it would be helpful for my learning process through aligning the conventional concept with the points noted during concrete experience and during the incident occurred. 

Active experimentation:

It is the most important phase of learning where learner confirms the relevance and suitability of the ideas developed from experience through real life experimentation. In other words, the developed ideas from previous phase of learning are applied in further activities and practices to judge whether those are working properly in practical life. Thus, at this phase of learning, I would develop the action plans based on the ideas developed in the previous phases of learning. 

Application of learning cycle for critical incident and action plan:

Application of the Kolb’s learning cycle in the critical incidents undertaken in this reflective study is as follows:

Concrete experience:

Concerning to the experience gathered regarding the multidisciplinary healthcare team, I has ve gone through a group work where I came to know about the healthcare service delivery process where I have found some ethical issues and lack in value propositions due to the lack in dedication among the care service providers. In case of the healthcare services, I had the perception about the honesty, accountability and integrity among the healthcare staffs as there is minimal scope of of rectification in the flaws in care service provision. However, I have gone through some other experience whether the care staffs are carrying out wrong behavior and attitude towards patients and their families where they are dependent on the healthcare staffs to a great extent. In that case, Barker et al. (2016) stated that greater dependency increase the accountability of medical service providers due to the absence of potential alternatives of this service providers. 

Reflective observation:

From the experience gathered from my practical experience I have perceived the actual scenario in the healthcare organization in terms of ethical issues. Behavioural dilemma I have experienced among the healthcare staffs and thus, perceived that monetary and other materialistic influence work over the responsibilities and accountability. People in the healthcare organization works like a robot and professionally where my perception demands little more contribution than just performing the due tasks as healthcare services and medication process is more successfully executed through an additional care rather than just performing the due tasks. According to Dixon (2017), self reflection and observation learning is the best process of learning about the concerned area so that the further application of the same learning would be successfully executed. It has also been observed that the necessary information regarding the healthcare are not being escalated to the patients to achieve the monetary benefits from the same. Such unethical activities are reducing value of the healthcare propositions and service portfolio while destroying the positive perception of people regarding healthcare service quality. 

Abstract conceptualization:

According to the perceived concept from reflect observation, it has been inferred that there has been ethical issues in the healthcare service organizations in terms of behavior and attitude towards the care users. From this experience, I have gathered the knowledge and monetary and non-monetary benefits are the prime drivers of the employee performance through motivational forces. However, the motivation relies on the individual needs and preferences. Moreover, background of the individual is also responsible behind the motivational forces and preferences where absence of the same would hinder the dedication and commitment of the individual in the due responsibilities. According to my concern, there has been also the lack in awareness among the people working in a healthcare team to comply with the demand of a healthcare service and medication towards the improvement of someone’s health condition. Moreover the perception of accomplishing own task properly is the only way to make the team effort successful in order to develop and serve the quality care services.

Active experimentation:

In the words of Barker et al. (2016), active experimentation refers to the implementation of the developed ideas from the previous learning phases in a real life scenario in future to evaluate the truth and applicability of the concept. However, I am concerned about the success or failure of the implementation as the ideas that I have developed ar based on my own perception and understanding. In that case, I would like to develop understanding among the care servicers regarding the severity of the services and its vulnerability in case of the presence of flaws in the performance. Moreover, I would like to make them aware of the necessity of incurring care along with the medication and the importance of positive attitude and proper behavior while serving the care users. Moreover, I also think about the contribution of healthcare organizations where it is the responsibility of the same to make the staffs satisfied with good compensation, working environment and a health work culture. In that case, following is the probable action plan I have developed for the future implication. 



- Awareness program among the healthcare staffs like nurses, dieticians, councilor, physician etc. will be arranged through a live forum where the management staffs of the healthcare organization will be present to raise the ethical and behavioural issues and its consequences so that the scope of rectification among the care service providers would be ensured.

- A discussion on the compensation will also be arranged within the healthcare organization to gather information regarding the motivational factors to nbe delivered to the staffs. The management of healthcare team would introduce the compensation based on the performance.


- Periodic observation of the service delivery along with the feedback of the users will be the process through which the changes due to awareness discussion would be gauged. Moreover, service performance in terms of variance analysis will also evident the effectiveness of the awareness program.

- In case of motivation, the same periodic observation would be helpful in observing the performance improvement and behavioural shift towards patients and their families. Feedback of the users would also be helpful in identifying the issues among staffs to be further addressed.




- As we know clearly that motivational forces are the key to improve performances of individuals, good compensation and awareness will make the action successful in near future.



- In presence of diverse mentality and psychological state of individual, the awareness program and compensation management will effectively work on the service quality and thus improve the state through behavioural and attitudinal changes.

Time bound:

- I would expect the changes and improvement in the healthcare service quality by 2020.


From the above discussion, it has been observed that reflection and learning process inculcate practical experience and observation where the conventional understanding and experience would differ from each other. In that case, every learning phase of my career would be better used in gathering data from the experience while experimenting those through applying in real life scenario in future. This is the development process that I learnt from my experience from the group project and would like to apply in my further activities. Through this process, the applicability and relevance of those ideas and concepts would be examined to propose a new theoretical platform.

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