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Lean Six Sigma Approach used in Industry

Executive Summary

Lean Six Sigma approach is a method by which a company puts all its effort for improving the performance by eliminating the waste removal and reducing the variation. It basically comprises of the combination of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma methods for eliminating the different kinds of waste. In this following assignment, stress has been given to the Tesla manufacturing company. It deals with the approaches that are used for removing waste materials and increasing the expenses. In the introduction, the basic approaches and the working of the Lean Six Sigma are discussed. Lean Six Sigma helps in creating a broader scope for the company. It provides different methods by which the company will get benefitted. In the next point, it comprises of the management of Lean Six Sigma along with its environmental oriented focus on Tesla manufacturing company. It provides details about how Tesla is getting benefit by using the Lean Six Sigma approaches. It also gives us details about the macro and micro environment, which is to be improved using the Lean Six Sigma approaches. It states about the different types of wastes that need to be eliminated for the betterment of Tesla Factory. With the help of these approaches, the different kinds of waste can be removed. Therefore, it concludes by stating that Lean Six Sigma not only eliminates the defects and wastes but also helps in providing a framework for the Tesla manufacturing company. In the last part, it states some recommendations for improving the condition of the Tesla factory.



In this following assignment, the main focus is kept on the Lean Six Sigma approach used by a manufacturing industry. Here the example of the Tesla manufacturing industry is taken into consideration. Tesla manufacturing industry is an automobile industry which is found in California. It has earned a lot in this recent competitive world due to its Lean Six Sigma approaches. Tesla is such a company that uses this Six Sigma approaches in an accurate manner because of which it gets benefitted. Therefore, it is right to be said that ‘Tesla is Lean Six Sigma at its finest’. In this recent world where the demand for goods is at highest peaks, Tesla manufacturing industry uses the Lean Six Sigma methods for their betterment. Lean Six Sigma approaches help Tesla manufacturing industry in building up cars within a short time starting from raw materials to its finishing touch. In this manufacturing sector, robots are in great use for building up but humans engineers are also in use for provided intelligence to those robots. With the help of the Tesla manufacturing sector, the world gets to see a sight of the Lean Six Sigma’s future scope. It helps the company in reducing the processing time, improving the product delivery time and eliminating the possibilities of defects. In this assignment, the main emphasis is on the management of Lean Six Sigma approaches along with its environmental oriented focus on Tesla manufacturing sector. The assignment also includes the recommendations for improving the quality of work in Tesla Factory.


The Management of Lean Six Sigma with Environmental Oriented Focused On Manufacturing Sector

The scholar of the present study mainly concentrated at the implementation of lean six sigma which is a process used by the manufacturing industries. Therefore, in order to present a clear understanding about the selected process the Tesla car manufacturing company has been taken into consideration for directing the research in a significant way. Tesla Inc. takes maximum three days for manufacturing a car(Zhu, Johnson, &Sarkis 2018). However, Lean Six Sigma is used within the manufacturing industries as it is a proven process as well as well-structured that helps in developing the organizational performances. Though, every manufacturing company has to deal with several problems and barriers caused by incapability while achieving the target manufacturing quality. On the other hand, it can be emphasized it is one of the major strategies that are used by the higher authorities or the management of an organization for bringing development and earn more profit.In addition to that, the use of


Lean Six Sigma helps in the manufacturing and also to provide satisfactory services. Therefore, aim of an organization can be also achieved by utilizing this process supports in quality accomplishment by developing the overall performance of an organization. It can be asserted that utilizing effective strategies for increasing the quality and competence of manufacturing is quite significant for business continuity.

Automobile manufacturers identified to get many benefits with the implementation of Six Sigma quality improvement process. However, it cannot be denied that, the quality of services and products ultimately determines the destination of an organization. How long a company will be able to sustain in a competitive market is extensively dependent on its quality of products and services provided to the customers (Ben Ruben, Vinodh, &Asokan 2017). On the other hand, the satisfaction of the clients usually provided with major attention by every business organizations in order to withstand in a competitive market. Automobile companies are usually produces the products which are full of complexities by executing several manufacturing processes. Therefore, it can be stated that Six Sigma is a certain process or technique comprised of a number of tools helps in improving the existing process.

With the execution of Lean Six Sigma process many automobile manufacturing companies including Tesla Inc. around the world are identified to advance their operations despite of numerous inconsistent demands in the market. On the other hand, sometimes automobile manufacturing organizations need to face with many obstructions due to financial uncertainty. However, Lean Six Sigma method undoubtedly assists for augmenting the quality of innovations of products and services. Therefore, development of an organization is mainly obstructed by the detention of capable employees and insufficient knowledge of the higher authority members that attributed to internal process problem (Cherrafi et al.  2017).  In contrary to that, the use of Lean Six Sigma helps in mending these issues by providing a skilled process to the organization. It is a single process that further aids to eliminate deviations from processes and assist to produce defect free products. And the top of that, the main determination of Lean Six Sigma is to reduce the number of waste from the processes of an organization. However, there also exist some strengths as well as flaws of using Lean Six Sigma within the manufacturing firms such as Lean helps in producing the product within a short time so that customers can be delivered the product as early as possible. On the other hand, it keeps the workplace environment clean and drives for increasing efficiency of the workforce. Therefore, Six Sigma helps to reduce the possibility of defects from the products


as well as advantages to save money. Hereafter, as it a new and effective process it boost up the work culture of an organization (Byrne, Lubowe, & Blitz 2007).

Correspondingly, Six Sigma inspires a business organization in achieving the gratification of the customers. Hence, it is identified to utilize detailed statistical analysis for bringing perfections in the quality of services. However, it can be emphasized that it gives substantial value to the stakeholders and the customers. It reduces the number of multiple applications of techniques in developments in order to advance the process by applying a problem-solving approach. Moreover, it is an organized approach in order to bring change in the development and to remove waste. Nevertheless, Six Sigma mainly comprised of five stages that are effective for the overall development of an organization called DMAIC. Therefore, MMAIC signifies define, measure, analyze, improve and control that can be certainly considered as the most valuable factors of any organization in order to bring development. In contrary to that, Lean does not have any planned problem solving approach. Thus, Lean is incomplete without Six Sigma that has an organized problem solving approach.

Therefore, there exist specific strategies that Tesla Inc. is observed to follow using Lean Six Sigma such as decreasing excessive processing time, improving the product delivery time in order to keep customers satisfied. On the other hand, buying decision of the customer and the purchasing choice is extensively reliant on the quality and price of the product. The customer does not desire to wait for receiving the product (Pepper, &Spedding 2010). It can be stated that a customer generally wishes to get a quality product at a reasonable price. So while determining the price of a product higher authority of a car manufacturing company need to properly inspect the market. In contrary to that, Tesla Inc. is identified to avoid unnecessary inventory which is also included in the principles followed by the respective company. Therefore, the higher authority of Tesla Inc. is recognized to comprehend the importance of applying limited process while manufacturing a car that are effective despite of utilizing unnecessary additional processing that does not add any value. Therefore, unnecessary movement of instruments to another place if it does not serve to enhance the performance is also identified to be avoided by the company (Salah, Rahim, &Carretero 2010). Moreover, the mission of Tesla Inc. is to quicken the transition of the world by presenting new and attractive models of cars to their clients. Accordingly, they are aware of the factors that influence the internal environment of the organization that significantly impacts upon the overall performance of the manufacturing process.


The Lean Six Sigma approaches help the Tesla manufacturing company in many ways. It was noticed that when Lean Six Sigma comes in contact with the Six Sigma, it benefits the company. In the case of Tesla, the company gets profit by minimizing the production costs, improving the quality, speeding up and also helps in competing with the other sectors. It helps the company in saving its income. In one hand, Tesla manufacturing sector gains reduction variation on the parts because of Six Sigma (Psychogios, Atanasovski, &Tsironis 2012). On the other hand, lean stresses on saving the incomes by reducing the wastage. It also helps in focusing the types and variations of waste. Therefore, it can be said that when lean and sigma comes in contact with each other, it creates a better balance and well-organized solution in saving the money and producing better parts.

Basically, it can be said that Lean Six Sigma is a concept which forms when Lean and Six Sigma comes in contact with each other. Lean usually focuses on the eliminating of waste defective products. It also helps the company in reducing overproduction or extra processing. With the help of these approaches, the Tesla manufacturing company can produce a car within a short period of time within any defects. Tesla is helped with the inventory and transportation approaches. With the help of Six Sigma, Tesla manufacturing company tends to do somewhat the same things (Furterer, &Elshennawy 2005). Six Sigma helps Tesla in improving the quality of output processing. It also helps in recognizing the causes of the defects and minimizing those. On one hand, lean helps in achieving the continuous flow by creating a tight linkage between those process steps. But on the other hand, Six Sigma helps in decreasing the variation process for the steps.

In manufacturing sectors, there is a huge amount of waste materials found. Those wastes are not recycled. Due to this reason, waste gets increased in the factories and production costs increase. But with the coming of Lean Six Sigma, Tesla manufacturing sectors are getting more and more profit. Lean Six Sigma uses some techniques which are to be mentioned. It uses an approach to reducing the excess amount of overproduction. With the help of Lean Six Sigma, Tesla is manufacturing their products within a short time due to which recently the amount of waste time can be controlled. It was seen that a lot of time was wasted because of the delivery and transportation purposes (Kwak, &Anbari 2006). Now, it can be seen that due to the coming of Lean Six Sigma, Tesla has been benefitted with the reduction of time wastage. Motion waste, as well as extra processing waste, is also seen in the workplace. With the help of such approaches, the company should take some steps in


reducing the rejected waste parts or defective waste parts which are of no use to the company. It has been seen that many employees or workers were untrained or not suitable for that post where the person is appointed at. To this, Tesla manufacturing sector tries to keep them active and teach them methods by which they can complete their work without any problem.

Along with these approaches, Lean Six Sigma approaches helps in giving training to those non-trained staffs that are facing difficulties in the Tesla manufacturing sector. It also helps in giving them opportunities in showing their talents that are required for that position of that person. In this manner, it will help the Tesla Company in reducing the non-utilized talent. With the help of Lean Six Sigma approaches, the transportation system is also controlled by the Tesla manufacturing company (Albliwi et al. 2014). Earlier there was a huge problem in transportation purposes. A large amount of time was wasted due to the transport of raw materials and this also caused a lot of other defective problems as well. But with the coming of Lean Six Sigma, Tesla manufacturing company has become successful in reducing the amount of time used during transportation. Therefore, it can be said that Lean Six Sigma combines with the lean manufacturing and six sigma for eliminating the eight kinds of waste which are defects, waiting, non-utilized talent, over-production,  transportation, inventory and motion, and extra-processing. It has helped the company to reduce the waste and to increase its expenses. With the help of the Six Sigma, Tesla has gone under the six processes (Albliwi, Antony, & Lim 2015). The following six processes are recognizing, defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, controlling, standardizing and integrating. With the help of these processes, Tesla manufacturing company gets benefitted as the aims and objectives are identified and analyzed along with controlling, standardizing and integrating it.

Lean six sigma approaches help an organization in reducing Tesla Company’s waste costs production. It also helps in removing wastes from the manufacturing process so that the cost production can be under controlled. Waste is said to be such thing that is of no use after the manufacturing process. Problems gave a rise to defects in a manufacturing sector like Tesla that causes huge cost production. Lean Six Sigma is a process where the benefits of both Lean and Six Sigma are correlated. Where lean is used for methodical approaches of reducing waste in case of manufacturing processes, Six Sigma is used for solving a problem in an effective manner (Pyzdek, & Keller 2014). Six Sigma helps Tesla manufacturing company in reducing the number of defective products which are left after manufacturing.


These, in turn, will help in increasing incomes and maximizing customer satisfaction. Therefore, it can be said that this approach can help the firm in increasing benefits of excellence process even faster. The Six Sigma approaches help in gaining success on macro- environment and micro environment. In the case of the macro environment, Tesla focused on the social, political and environmental dimensions that are affecting its manufacturing system (Antony 2014). To this, Tesla takes steps that would help in reducing problems regarding the micro environment. In the case of the micro environment, leadership skills and culture are taken into consideration. Steps have been taken for developing those skills with the help of Lean Six Sigma approaches. In this way, the Lean Six Sigma approaches are used for benefitting Tesla manufacturing sector.



Based on above stated analysis it can be comprehended that the scholar has mainly focused at discovering several aspects of utilizing Lean Six Sigma within the manufacturing industry. Therefore, in order to present a clear understanding about the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma within the manufacturing business organization the scholar considered to review the processing infrastructure of Tesla Inc. in order to conduct the present research study. On the other hand, the implementation of Lean Six Sigma approaches in the Tesla Inc. advantages the company in several ways. Therefore, there are mainly five stages of The six Sig Sigma that are define, measure, analyze, improve and control that are utilized by the manufacturing units for producing defect less products. On the other hand, this process certainly offers benefits to the organization by decreasing the cost of production. Hereafter, the study has revealed that how the process helps in developing the quality of products and services. In addition to that, it can be acknowledged that the production cost of the manufacturing companies increases too high for some unrecyclable wastage. The amount of which can be reduced by the proper implementation of Lean Six Sigma. Correspondingly, Lean Six Sigma significantly helps to produce a product within a specific time so that the products can be delivered to the customers on time. Therefore, there were found a problem in transportation which also resolved by the implementation of this process.



After analyzing the study it can be stated that Lean Six Sigma is a very effective process that should be utilized by the manufacturing organization. Therefore, the involved workforce needs to be aware of the proper implementation of this process in order to avoid the consequences of its wrong apply. There is a need of proper training is observed. The higher authority of Tesla, Inc. is suggested to arrange a training and development process for the existing workforce so that employees can learn to apply this technique (Sreedharan, &Raju 2016). Lean is mainly identified to focus on speed and productivity. It can be asserted that its implementation will certainly increase the performance of an organization.  In addition to that, Lean Six Sigma process is identified to give value to the customers. Therefore, it can be recommended to use within the organizations in order to keep customers satisfied that can be effective for enhancing the image of an organization (Mason, Nicolay &Darzi2015). On the top of that, a defect in product always diminishes the good image of a company. Correspondingly, Lean Six Sigma is suggested to implement within the manufacturing industry so that more defectless and attractive products can be offered to the customers.

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