Essay is about investigate any crimes against children like child abuse, sexual abuse , physical neglect, runaways etc.

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Child advocacy centers are nonprofit organizations that work together to bring other partners multidisciplinary agencies together to benefit children and families that experience child abuse and neglect. The partner agencies include; the child advocacy centers, exploited missing child UNEP which is made up of detectives from the police unit that are assigned to the crimes against children unit that investigate any crimes against children like child abuse, sexual abuse , physical neglect, runaways, human trafficking , exploitation and so on. Another main partner is Kints partner for children and families that have social workers that investigate child abuse and neglect. These social workers are investigating sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, broken bones, burns and shaken babies and anything you could think of being done to children. KUSchool of medicine is blessed to have two specific doctors that specialize in treatment of child abuse and neglect victims. Wesley has sexual assault programs that have specific nurses trained in the sector of child sexual abuse examination and treatment. 

We have an ICT which is a local grass root nonprofit organization that supports direct service providers, they don’t provide direct service to clients but they support the direct service providers by giving them tangible goods like food, clothing, household items and other support they get. Wichitachildren’s home which is anotherlocal area nonprofit provide emergency shelter for and caters for abused children and have a specific unit for human trafficking victims. Medical is one discipline, social service is another discipline; advocacy is another discipline to help the families and victims of child abuse. Multidisciplinary team is a group of members of different disciplines working together to provide specific services and programs to this families and are traditionally used to address child abuse and neglect and can also be used to address human trafficking. The multidisciplinary team bridges the gap between what the victim need and what the investigator needs. 

Human trafficking is a business just like any other business where there is a seller and a buyer. This includespornography, stripping, military prostitution and sex tourism. The three main elements of human trafficking include; the process of human trafficking which includes; recruiting, harboring, moving or obtaining or maintaining a person.The second element of human trafficking is the means which involvestying the girl’s legs and hands, nowadays it can even involve talking to people because they love money they end up falling into the trap. The third element is the end; what exactly is the end result or desire that they get out of the trafficking? Victimization starts early for the girl basically we are using the girl because the highest percentage of human trafficking is concentrated on the girl. Most runaways are escaping their homes maybe to escape abuse or they are not happy with their parents and all that. They are staying with friends because they are vulnerable and have no asset that they can provide for themselves. At 18 years prostitution is not illegal, Vulnerability is what makes the victims be the greatest target.

The risk factors for sexual exploitation; there are social factors which include academic failures, academic dropout, community denial, they have a tenancy to be antisocial, seclusion by the society and so on.  Individual factors for sexual exploitation victims; a good percentage of these girls have a very bad self-imaged. They don’t see themselves as having self-worth of themselves. They don’t have a sense of belongingness; they become dysfunctional in the family. The difference between neglect and human trafficking is that in neglect the incidence can be witnessed and reported by somebody whereas human trafficking is discovered. The benefit of having the multidisciplinary response is that the victim survival in success is in the investigation is that the victim trauma is addressed. This is the most important method of addressing the needs of the victim in the investigation. The advocacy ensures that the victims have access to resources, and services including emergency shelter, medicalcare, mental health services and advocacy. The challenge with the victim is that multiple interviews have to be contacted for the victim to open up. The victims tend to defend their abusers. The challenge the multidisciplinary team is facing is lack of resources to provide for the victims.It’s not easy to identify victims due to lack of evidence.

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