The basic objective of this coursework is to understand and study of strategic project management of SCC company

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Company Background:


Sarooj Construction Company (SCC) is one of the fast growing and most respected Building


Construction Organization in Oman, known for the high professional quality of its work, its


reliability and its level of service. Sarooj Construction Company is founding member merged


from long times of extensive experience with the skills on construction management techniques


and tools. It established on March 2006 based on the intimate knowledge of the local


environment and its sensitivities and needs. As well, Sarooj Construction Company is carving a


niche through it's the passion on engineering and adherence to its values in the Arab world and


in particular Oman. SSC strives to become world class developer and services provider oil& gas,


power & infrastructure industry. The company emphasis to provide the resources to preserve its


core values. The cores value that the company cares about them are human development, quality,


integrity and health &safety. The company specializes in infrastructure projects, particularly


roads and airstrips, civil earthworks and concrete works. Sarooj built highways, cornice roads,


national roads, tunnel (open cut), and car parks. It have built several projects over the years. The


projects of the company are spread all over the country even desert area and marina from


Musandam to Salalah. The border road project and security fence of 330 Km length is a largest


project for the company. Also, SCC is getting tender to develop along 7 km of beach land in the


Wave resort project and Muscat Corniche Extension. SCC has three main bases: Ghala, Azaiba,


and Bid Bid. In addition to the Sultanate of Oman, SCC also has associates in Qatar and Abu


Dhabi. The competitive companies to SSC are Galfar Engineering and Contracting, AECOM


Engineering Company and Contracting Consolidated Contractors Company. This assignment


will include the strategies of Sarooj Construction Company, critical analysis (SWOT, Pestel, and


five Forces) and our recommendation, alternative strategy and its implementation.





SCC continues to deliver the projects safely, on time, and as per the contracts specifications


remaining true to its core values and to a legacy that has begun in 1973 by its founding members.


The founding members of Sarooj Construction Company (SCC) merged extensive years of


construction experience with the skills of younger highly educated engineers who have modern


outlooks on construction management techniques and tools. SCC rapidly earned a place among







the top construction companies. Building on the experience and strength of its sister companies


in Al Taher Group, on the intimate knowledge of the local environment and its sensitivities and


needs, Sarooj Constructions Company (SCC) was formed in March2006, in the Sultanate of





The clients dealing with the Sarooj Construction Company:


SCC take pride in serving all the clients to the very best of SCC abilities in the most professional


and ethical manner. SCC outstanding rate of client satisfaction demonstrates it successful history


of meeting each client's unique needs. It serve both private and public sectors across different


industries, onshore & offshore, oil & energy & Water Company. (Sarooj.com, 2017)


Several clients deal with Sarooj Construction Company such as:


1. Petroleum Development Oman.


2. Occidental Petroleum Corporation.


3. BP Company.


4. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.


5. The Wave Muscat.


6. Haya Water Company.


7. Hyundai Engineering and construction.


8. JAPEX Petroleum Exploration LTD.


9. Maersk Kuwait Company.


10. STATOIL Company.


11. Wartsila Company.


12. Bach Soletanche Company.


13. Encana Company.


1. SWOT analysis:


Change is an unavoidable part of community organization. SWOT is form of strength,


weakness, opportunity, and threat. It is an organized planning technique used in the study and


planning of the environment and strategic decisions of the company. This technique identify


the strength and weakness of an organization, as well as, broader opportunity and threat.


(Ctb.ku.edu, 2017) SWOT analysis helps to improve the strategy of company by making sure


that they are consider the strength and weakness. In this case, the internal can be change over


time if they work and use the opportunities in their side. In other hand, considering the


opportunities and threats which are in face of marketplace cannot be change.


(Bplans Blog, 2017)


SWOT might use to find possibilities solution to problems, make where the change is


possible if there is turning junction, and identify the decision making for the best path. The


directions and choices could be clarified by identify the opportunities of success.


The table below show SWOT analysis for the Sarooj Company:


Sarooj Company's management has to make decision to enhance and improve their business.


SWOT used to define the business of the company find a better solution to overcome the


weakness and strength the company's effort to become a prime contractor in their respective


region. The present condition of the market, they should submit tenders in a very competitive


price and obtain some good contract. To develop the company office to a new office in


different area is costly. The overall progress of the company is well and stable but some


modification training to the staff can improve productively much better.

2. PESTLE Analysis (Macro- Environment Factors)

There are many uncontrollable factors which affect and influence the strategies and performance


of company such as: political, economic, social, technology, environmental and legal. One


example of these macro environmental factors is shown below.

? Political Factor


Sultanate of Oman has pursued the infrastructure development to complement tourism and


logistics in the country. This is because the prices of Oil have hovered approximately $55 a


barrel since the beginning of 2017 following deal of organization of petroleum exporting


countries (OPEC) which saw nearly 1.8 million barrels of oil slashed from markets every day. As


a contractor, one will focus on the development of tourism in all parts in Oman.(Times of Oman,





In the neutral stance of the Sultanate of Oman with it neighbor GCC countries; SCC has the


opportunity to expand operation in UAE and Qatar. (Sarooj.com, 2017)



? Economic Factor


Between 2015 and 2017, there was significant government spending cuts. In 2017, Subsidies are


being takes off and tariffs of electricity for corporates have been increased by 30-50 per cent.in






this year, a sequence of the revenue of non-oil raising measures like an increase in income


corporate taxes, fees and exemptions phasing out have also become effective.



In 2018 and in conjunction with other GCC countries, it expect to implement the value added tax


(VAT) at 5 per cent which is likely to be generate 1.5 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP)


in revenue of additional. (Times of Oman, 2017)



In these years, construction sector in Oman witness the intense competition following the influx


of contractors from other Countries which however, has not slowed down the growth of SCC.


(Sarooj.com, 2017)



? Social Factor


The current population of Oman in 2017 is 4,724,123 which based on the latest estimates of
































(Worldometers.info, 2017)



Aside from the Omani population we have steady increase in the number of expatriate. In 2017,


approximately 2 million is the total number of expatriate workforce. (Times of Oman, 2017)



Also, in Oman the average tourist arrivals is 250.69 thousand from 2015 until 2017 which


reaching the high of 436 thousand in 2016 and a record the low of 123 thousand in 2017. The


fast rate of population growth (2.05% in 2017) requires a continuing expansion of infrastructure


such as Muscat International Airport and port of Sohar as well as utility plants like the water


treatment plant at Nimr.



These expansions entail a corresponding increase in the number of tourist hotel, accommodation


flats and resorts. In fact, Muscat as present is a city developing with shopping malls and


restaurant .Sarooj construction company (SSC) takes a major part in the construction of these


facilities. (Sarooj.com, 2017)



? Technological Factor


Modern technology is very critical to satisfy the sustainability criteria in oil and gas industry.


Project in oil and gas industry in Sarooj Construction Company required the purification of a


thousand of cubic meter of water contaminated with oil waste products every day. Using reed


bed is technology where the residual hydrocarbons in water are broken down by growing of







bacteria on the reed roots which then purify it. The process requires is sustainable and no


power.(Sarooj.com, 2017)



? Environmental Factor


Gonu cyclone which hit the coast of Oman is causing considerable damage. The marine of sarooj


Engineers Company had to change their parameters design to account lessons learnt. Jalali fort


was one of the areas that affected by cyclone Gonu. For conceptual design against the action of


seas, modeling of hydraulic was required to be carried out in the UK that involves design


costs.(Sarooj.com, 2017)



? Legal Factor


Generally, Oil and gas industry is very dangerous environment due to work area accidents


causing critical injuries. Hence, the Omani governments setup various regulations to provide


(health and safety environment) HSE training to all sarooj employees especially those who


working in Oil and Gas industry. They also, take an additional strong and rigorous training


including driving in defensive way to conform the standard demand of oil and gas


sector.(Sarooj.com, 2017)






Pestle analysis is strategic method of planning used to reduce threats. By testing the Political,


Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors. This method helps to look at


different various and influential factors that could affect the success of the company. It


encourages the strategic thinking development of a very deep understanding of the planning of


strategic. It has been observed that many tourist andexpatriate are going into Oman. Therefore,


Oman government is focus on developing the tourism as an alternative to oil industry affected by


lower oil price globally. Sarooj Construction Company is increasing its efforts on construction


on tourist hotels, accommodation flats and resorts for the expatriate. In spite of the competition,


SSC did not slow down .it is growth because of their focus on tourism. Also, SSC is upholding


sustainability in all of each projects making them environment friendly.













3. PORTER'S five forces Analysis


It is a business analysis model that helps to explain why different organizations are able to


sustain different levels of profitability. The model is widely used to analyze the industry


structure of a company as well as its corporate strategy. Porter identified five undeniable forces


that play a part in shaping every market and industry in the world. The forces are frequently used


to measure competition intensity, attractiveness and profitability of an industry or market. These


five forces are: Competitive Rivalry, threat of new entrants, Power of suppliers, Power of buyer,


Power of substitute.



1. Threat of New Entrants


Threat of New Entrants analysis tells about the competitors who is your competition? How are


their actions in the marketplace going to affect your current works and future? There are similar


companies in business line and location to Sarooj Construction Company. While some


companies compete with neighboring businesses for customers, other companies may compete to


attract skilled employees. For SCC the competitors are Galfar Engineering Company. Both


companies have the long contract with the government for construction the different projects in


different location in Oman. Option 1: if new entrant to open new construction company will face


difficulty and competition will be very high. Option 2: threat of entrants is relatively low in


airports and port development. Option 3: threat of new entrants is very high across construction


of roads and infrastructure.



2. Bargaining power of Suppliers



Supplier can affect the construction company through their ability to raise the price of material or


reduce the quality of services. Therefore, SCC has to choses carefully the excellent supplier for


material. When suppliers have power, they can apply pressure on a company by charging higher


prices, adjusting the quality of the product or controlling availability and delivery timelines.


Within the five forces framework, there is an understanding that when suppliers have this


bargaining power, they can affect the competitive environment and directly influence


profitability for the company. The power of suppliers is high keeping in view the shortage of


labor and constantly rising price of the inputs.







3. Bargaining power of Buyer


When a strong group of buyers is present in the market, it can significantly impact a company's


services decisions. The strongest power that buyers can exert is to lower prices, which in turn


impacts the profit potential. SCC have to demand higher quality of services, and increase


competitiveness by forcing different companies into price reduction. All of these factors end up


decreasing the attractiveness of the industry by lowering its profitability. On the other hand the


power of buyers is low in construction industry owing to the huge demand supply gap in the


present economic scenario. When dealing with residential property, the customer has the option


to also renovate or buy an already done house so they have a fair amount of force.





4. Threats of Substitutes



SCC has several situations in which the threat of substitutes is stronger for example:



• Product Price:



SCC substitutes are priced more reasonably, so it will



be more risky of consumers


switching products. In addition, this can act as a barrier to how much a company can raise the


prices for its own product.


• Product Quality:


SCC use


the quality of substitute products is higher than that of any product, so


the consumers will want to make use of this difference and switch over.


• Product Performance:


SCC use substitute products functions at the same level or at a


better level


than a product than there is a chance that consumers will want to switch over. For example,


Using new technology in construction for example prefabricated concrete structure (wall,


column, slabs, and beams).





5. Competitive Rivalry


The two competing local companies SCC and Galfar are construction in difference locations in


Oman with regulation for the government and both the companies participate in all new tenders


that are issued from the government or private sector. Both companies are well known and


produce excellent quality of product and services and they cover approximately all Muscat by


their projects but SCC beat on Galfar in Health & Safety.







We have chosen Sarooj Construction Company Ltd and have identified its strategic marketing


strategies. The Construction industry plays a major role in transforming the wants and needs of


people into reality; they are realized through construction projects, which includes infrastructure


such as roads, schools, houses, hospitals, factories and dams. At present, the Construction


industry in Oman is booming; many construction projects are being developed. Sarooj


Construction is considered as one of the leading construction company in Oman.





This strategy is useful, because, when you understand the forces in our environment or industry


that can affect our profitability, then we will be able to adjust our strategy accordingly. For


instance, we could take fair advantage of a strong position or improve a weak one, and avoid


taking wrong steps in future.










Current Strategy of SSC


The company vision is top company on Construction Business in gulf region. The company


reflected its basic values of quality, health and safety, integrity and development of human.


Sarooj's culture is honesty dealing, thus is promise to be close attach its contractual obligations


to all parties of project activities and overall society. Quality is essential value of both SCC's

culture and SCC. The company offers the new version on engineering software to enhance


employees' development for professional work. In SCC is care on health and safety of all


members on company, as well as, care on environment. The company is good on develop the


skills of employees and care to improve Omani skills.


"SCC's strategy is to pinpoint niches of proficiency and ally with international companions who


can bring in new technology," said Karam. "We aim areas with requests of high quality and


safety where you are rival with equals. It is those areas which interest us rather than sectors


where profits are less," he said. SCC is actively involved in the building of national


infrastructure, primarily in the marine sector. It is now involved in major projects such as


harbours for the fast ship company and the extension of Salalah port.".We are possibly the only


firm that owns and controls a marine fleet in Oman comprising scow, tug boats and


cranes(excavators) and also operate our own diggings," said Karam.. (Sarooj.com, 2018)



Alternative Strategy:






? Strategic statement (1) : Long-term strategy of focused expansion and steady




The goals of Long term require planning and time and it is something that SSC want to do in the


future. Because of oil and gas industry is going down, Sarooj Construction Company should


concentrates to another industry to be not affected of oil price and financial revenue of company.


As everyone know, plan of development in Oman are ambitious. It includes very good



infrastructure, logistics and facilities. There are many areas need to growth such as: construction,


tourism and logistics .SSC should invest in these areas and develop them more so that the


company's revenues remain unaffected by oil prices. Stable prices are very important to


investments to the social and economic development. In addition, it is essential to sustained


growth of global economic. (Jureviciene, Jureviciene and profile, 2017)







Advantages of using long term strategy:




1. Strategy of long term covers more holistic approach to create content and publishing. Instead


of invest efforts of scattered.




2. A long-term plan provide the real direction and allows us more energy to get very strong and


clear content and it ensures creating a constant flow of content.




3. Long term plan is consider as positive impact that is lasts over time and more noticeable.




4. It gives us a big clear picture to observe beyond today's work and it keep the company in high


motivation. (Nikitina et al., 2017)




? Strategic statement (2): Research and Development Strategy


"Developing a new technology and applying engineering knowledge to match market reality


an opportunities." The main role of get useful of this strategy is: to be able to take advantage


of opportunities and compete, able to add a new business and able to understand the


technology used. (Slideshare.net, 2018)


First of all, as discuss above the situation of firm, the vision and mission will modify some


part of company. The vision: to become a leading construction company in Gulf region.


Aim to be the first choice for clients. In order to maximize the financial profit and getting


best tenders, SCC focused on civil infrastructure only and now they have extended their


activities: marine work, Airports, Highways & Roads, Electrical & Mechanical, Building


Work and Oil & Gas field. The missions are: to provide property development on


management service, successful partnership relationship belong to client, as well as, attract


them in respect of company portfolio. To perform high quality services, SCC to provide an


efficient staff to clients by development and training. To introduce best surveying whatever






the challenges on site to meet project objectives. The core value, identified and it must be


adopted are: professionalism, responsibility, trust and safety.







Advantages of using R & D strategy:


The advantages of this strategy are function improvement and make action to going well.


First of all, it primarily is concerned with the activities of the functional areas for example:


finance, operation, personnel skill, and market. This will create the required competitive


business level strategy and complement each other. In other hand, the SCC is going well so


the modifications from R & D strategy will make change productively. The advantages of


this strategy are:


1. Increase the productively from both staffs and services of company to be better


demanding on clients trends and expectations.


2. Get knowledge about Competition Company, it may make useful in aspect of market




4. Increase profit.


5. Leads to improve, exiting services or the procedures and discover new services or






? Strategic statement (3): Improve the Industry's Image and relationships with public


and private clients.



The goals of SCC is to:



1. Communication: SCC should Seek and maintain an open dialogue with public and private


sectors to improve application of delivery methods and to promote safety always and to seek


fairness in the risk-reward equation. Also communicate to owners the importance of the quality


in design and construction, its value and worth.


2. Partnering: Keep on going on champion partnering on all projects under SCC.


3. Alternate Dispute determination: Works to improve ADR methods and foster an environment


in which designers, constructors and owners utilize them on all projects under SCC, ideally


composed it into contracts.


4. Contract Delivery Methods: Educate and guide clients in developing fair, efficient and


powerful choice processes for alternative and qualification-based delivery systems.







5. Agreement Risk Allocation: Be a resource for clients to guide their contracting methods for


suitable sharing of project risks among designer, constructor and clients or owner.




The Strategies SCC should follow to achieve the objective:


1. Form a Task Group for SCC with the goals for developing and carrying out strategies to


improve designers and constructors and relationships with both public and private clients.


2. Create formal relationships with owner organizations, for example The Construction Users


Round Table.


3. Invite owners to participate in panels as part of Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT)


meeting agendas.


4. Offer Construction Industry Round Table presentations in owner group meetings.


6. Create position papers on news releases for distribution with owner groups or publications


read by owners.


7. Organize specific meetings with selected owners (clients).


8. Help the organizations and construction-related professional organizations in their programs to


improve image and relationships with public and private owners.


9. Add a means of enabling customers to give feedback on their experience out your company.


Send out an email survey or provide a form on your website. The results will highlight any


changes required to improve service delivery and customer experience.







Advantages of Improve the Industry's Image and relationships with public and private






1. SCC will gain more projects from both sectors as all of them will know the


company well.


2. It will build up trust among the clients as you confirm that SCC is experts.


















3. Improve your business communications and save time. It can also make the


business more efficient.




Figure (5): Different Alternative Strategies for SSC



4. Generation of Option



Strategic Choices Usually is about the area where scarce resources such as: money, people and


time are to commit and these all from HQ level corporation to units of business. Normally, the


choices of good strategy is not the total of challenges but executing is complete the challenges


when cooperates with the good strategy choices.




Ansoff Matrix (Growth Opportunities):


The Ansoff product or market growth matrix give a simple way of generating four alternative


directions for strategic development. It is a typical instrument utilized inside advertising was


produced by Igor Ansoff in 1957.




Existing Product




New Product


Market Penetration


Product Development




-Converting of noncustomer to


-Opening new branches.

-Extension of working hours.

-Price reduction.

-Make more advertisement.



-Use different quality level of services.

-Use new technology for example use

prefabricated concrete.

- Open laboratory for testing the strength

of prefabricated concrete.

-Open new department specialized in

preparing tender document.








Market Development






-New channel of services.




Open new branches in new area






example open new branch in Salalah and




Deal with new suppliers.








Table (3): Ansoff Matrix




5. Evaluation of Strategy




It is process that use to determain if the chosen strategy meet the goals andobjective after its






? Suitability of D and R strategy




This strategy helps the SSC to growth and extnd in new sectors in the market not only in civil


infrastructure but in the onether firms like Highways & Roads, Oil & Gas field, marine work,


Mechanical, Airports and Building Work. This all cosider as exploiting the oppourtunities in the


enviroments. In fact, this strategy solve and decrease the dependenceon on a supplier for Sarooj


company becouse by this strategy it increase the productively of services and staff of the


company to be good demanding on expectations and trends of clients.




? Acceptability




It is very important about risk assesment and it is strongly related to expectations of


stakeholders. In this chosen strategy,the financial risk like the liquidity will change by


acquire more knowledge about company competition and the profit will increase by get a


profetional traninning for the staff and this make helpful in aspect of marketing share. This


chosen strategy will effect the capital structure of the company. It will make it raise up


because we have qualified employees who perform the work in a specific time and of high


quality to achieve the satisfaction of all stakeholders.







? Feasibilitiy




It focuses in veriuos resources and logistic and reacthion. For the chosen strategy it request to


have enough emloyees to reach the objective and goals of company and this employees need to


have personal traninning and have enough skill to reach and achieve market share success.


Availability of new thecnlogy and tecniques with relation with supplier make strong and famous


brand that every company know about it. To increase the percentage of production, SSC need a


new production system and new modren machines which are an exellent in the quality and lower


in the cost to acclerate the work and achive the company objectives.




6. Selection of Strategy


After analyze the position of company (SCC) from SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, and


PORTER'S five forces analysis , the group of different strategies looked to select one strategy to


use. Research and Development strategy, is the suitable strategy. During negotiation between


strategies, there are adjustments and changes on the strategies.



The perfect strategy of firm in which allow it to assess and fit between Companies of internal


and external environment need. The basic criteria below should be meeting by alternative


strategy (saempe, 2018):






Response to outer environment.




Involve possible competitive advantages.




Consist with other organization's strategies.




Sufficient flexibility for organization and business.




Organizationally enforceable.






? Test of best strategy



To evaluate the feature of one strategy than other and mention the standard of best strategy, there


are there tests used:



1. Good fit Test:








The strategy which matches the situation of company on aspect on both internal and external


features, as well, its own abilities and targets. Based on company situation, the capital of


company is good and it is possible to pay for strategy as well as for future growth and gaining


more profit. In addition, our firm has a lot of projects till now. However, the competitive


company based on their situation has little project because the economic factors close some


diversion and retire a lot of their staff. It is chance to achieve its targets. The internal R & D will


improve on the internal business, and laboratory. The external depends on contract, collaborative


with group sister of Sarooj Company (Altaher Group).



2. The advantage of competitive Test:



It leads to maintainable the advantage of competitive. The big edge on term of competitive


advantage that a strategy helps build, the more influential and active it is. Developing the


operation of contract and submitting tenders will be enhanced and gaining chance to get more


projects to work.



3. The performance Test:



A good strategy increase performance of firm. Two kinds of performance developments are the


most effective: gains in cost-effectiveness and



gains in the company's future growth business power and feasible position. As R & D strategy


concern on develop the technology which used for business. The improvement on procedures


and services will develop the performance and productive.



In conclusion, R & D strategy is best strategy implemented to the Sarooj construction company.



It is best on aspect to the Test.




7. Implementation of chosen strategy



Implementation and control of business are the two last stages in the strategic management


procedure. Strategy implementation is how strategy is place into action. No issue how


imaginative of strategy formulation , the company will not advantage if it is wrongly


implemented. Additionally, firms that formulate and implement strategies better than


competitors can assume a competitive advantages. (24xls.com, 2018).






? Resources & competence



The resources which the company used that required for the project activities. The


equipment, machinery, labotetriese and workforces. All these owned by company which is


the basic feature of company. Sarooj run their own testing in their Laboratory situated in


Athaiba. They carry out regular common tests for concrete, gradation and compaction.


However, for certain complex tests they outsource to third party laboratories such as


Wimpey, Lonestar, Fugro or Geosol . Sarooj shall provide all survey equipment required for


projects use. In addition, the company have around 360 pieces of equipment. It employee


around 300 Omani to achieve omanisation as per obligation from Manpower Ministry. In


addition, the total member in company around 1500 from different countries. SCC is special


because it has owns and operates a marine fleet here in Oman . It is including many types


of, landing crafts, .tug boats, and barges. About 15% the company increase the plant and


many machinery equipment in 2010. (Sarooj.com, 2018)




Human Resources:




There are 1000 employs people and 500 of people are working on the sites and with the sub-


contractors. Sarooj construction company employs has professional manpower from different


countries. The picture below indicates that the Indian employs have got the biggest


percentage of staff in SSC and Pakistan staff will be the second. (Sarooj.com, 2018)


























Figure (6): percentages of SSC employees





Organization Structure chart for SCC:


The company has divisional structure . This type of structure, each part of an organization is


grouped depending on its purpose. It is consist of individual unit of business . Also, it include its


own function and have direct responsibility and performance. It work very well, it is good for


controlling of work process and less in cost. For R & D strategy, the portion will be add to the


function structure. In addition, the head of development and research will have two members.

? Action plan for strategy :




Action plan assist to make changes turn the vision into reality, and work to achieve the benefits


within company. It recognize the manner will meet the objectives through the detail of action


plan. Also, It should be sure that the action plan to in right way. It consist a large steps of action


or changes may bring to the organization.




First of all, Implementation plan is a group and listing of activities, difficulties expected, cost


that important to reach and achieve the goals and objectives of plans strategic. The plan of


implementation covers many areas to reach the goals such as:



? Human resources action



In this area the company should help employees to carefully understand the strategy. Not only


that but they must comprehend the major reason for this strategy. If the staff of the company


not well understand where the strategy is headed, then they will unable of realizing their


potential in implementation of strategy. All this can be achieved by bringing people with


experience in giving training courses to qualify employees to achieve the strategy to the fullest.


Also, a new department should be included in the company to train and develop staff skills.


Every employee must have a sense of responsibility and leadership to implement and achieve the


company's desired objectives through this strategy. For excellent implement the develop and


research strategy, we should focus on tender department with corporate with quality assurance


section for good planning to get new tender and develop the procedure for the tender. So, for that


At least the company is in need of three employees specialized in the implementation of this


strategy successfully.



? Processes of recruitment for the company



The procedure that company run it to hire new staffs for research and development is going


mostly from outside of company. The process of hiring best candidate either from within or


outside of company or organization for request job. It includes many steps such as: identifying


job require, attracting job seekers, sorting and selecting, hiring and finally, merging a new staff


to the organization's staff. Sarooj company when wants to recruit a new staff in company, it may uses


any kind of recruitment process to fill the vacancy. There are two kinds: internal recruitment and


external recruitment. First of all, external recruitment is the better choice for hiring. The process





isfilling the vacancy from outside the business of company. It is good in term of getting a staff


with better skills, ideas, and experiences but may cause displeasure from the teamwork.


(Fish4jobs Recruiter Zone, 2017)






? Finance



The finance is going well still day. The company work around 57 projects. The Current order


book around Rial 64 million. To implement this chosen strategy, the Sarooj company needs to


provide a good amount of money for development the staff and qualify them with the necessary


skills for achieve the goals. It should pay large amounts for the courses and programs to help


them qualify. It also requires money to provide new, sophisticated and highly efficient programs


and technologies to deliver the service successfully, which in turn seeks to satisfy the


stakeholders. Besides, the company also needs to use machines that serve the advanced


construction aspect of the completion of work.





































At the end, Strategic of management in construction is very essential to ensure the success of the


company and to keep secure from the suddenly surprises. It is a systematic that concerned with


determine and deciding on the strategy and planning of that to put it into effect by different


methods of analysis, alternative strategies, choosing the best strategy of alternative and finally its


implementation. Sarooj Construction Company expects that in the future it will ratify some


surprises that will affect its financial and economic aspects. So it has developed some


alternatives and plans to avoid problems and maintain a stable and sustainable. This is due to the


management strategies that have played a major role in the success of the company and its


development for the better.









Based on different analysis strategies such as: Pestel analysis, SWOT analysis, five forces


analysis, the basic common about company situation are stable and doing well in the face of


economic is going down. However, the modification belong company will help the company to


grow well and getting more contract works.


We recommended to:




Put plan which should be strong and clear to whole authority's member of company.




Working in different area to retention based on customer requirement to achieve the


vision of leading the construction company on Gulf area.




Having qualified engineering technically in estimation and execution.




Improving staff in term of planning and communication skills




Understand the forces facing the company which can affect the profitability of the






Focus on marine work as it is the prime construction company specialized on marine .


In addition, it has a lot of equipment and resources. As well as, Oman looking on develop the


airports and ports.


















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