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The trade war between China and America


There are various trade wars that have existed in the globe; one of the famously known being that between China and America . The trade wars that have dominated over the previous decades have brought more harm than good; for instance, the trade wars have suppressed the ordinary citizens while appraising the top officials in the governments. It is evident that the trade wars between the two countries have spilled even into the military fields where the transportation of military tools and weapons has become impossible. On the other hand, the American government led by President Donald Trump says that the Chinese government has ventured into the United States where it drains the raw materials and other beneficial tools to build up their industries and factories.  Trump says that they have gained nothing in return. 

The largest markets in the United States have been dominated and in other words, the federal government has termed that as a neo-colonialism by the Chinese government. Donald Trump has waged war against the Chinese government by increasing the taxes on the products that the Chinese government takes from America. During his campaigns and Inauguration, Trump promises to deal with the government of China mainly on matters that appertain trade; the promise made during those two periods were seen as just mere and unrealizable promises but they are currently taking the rightful shape as time elapses. 

Benefiting the ordinary people from the trade between China and The United States of America

Trade wars are said to bring severe effects, not only to the individual countries involved but also to other parts of the world. War has never brought peace or any positive effect to the people; it brings economic downfalls and other political unrest to the countries involve. For instance; the trade war between China and America is said to suppress the economy of the involved countries in a much worse manner rather than ensuring there exist a safer and healthy trade that will benefit the two. In contrast with the speech that Trump issued on increasing the wages and taxes on the products that China is looking forward to draining; he should have rather indicated and expressed on what benefits he wanted to draw from the trade engaged in with the Chinese government. On the other hand, China vows to raise the tariffs on the United States products; this will mean that the extra charges incurred from the raised charges will affect the ordinary citizens from both countries . 

Economic recession and inflation might be experiencing to some extent; this will mean that the ordinary citizens will have to get deep into their pockets in order to survive. It is liberally that China and the United States should not concentrate on who is more superior over the other in winning the trade war; rather they should set a platform to which the ordinary citizen has lived a richer life and developing a win-win strategy between the two. Hiking of the tariffs and other charges on the products will only leave the ordinary citizen at a mess and the two countries at economic and political wars. 

Coming at an agreement

The United States federal government and the Chinese government should be in a position of making clear and concise decisions with the help of the decision makers in both States. Protection is always a better way to deal with the trickling menace other than curing the actual menace. Though power is crucial in any country, there is a need to ensure that the same power has not affected the ordinary citizens. In the trade wars between China and the United States, for instance, it is perceived that both countries are sealing and quenching for power and dominating over the others in the long run. Thinking much more on the outcomes of the warfare that is brought by trade between the two countries; the outcomes of the trade wars should be based on a win-win criterion between the two. When the trade wars between China and America continuous, there is a higher likelihood that it might result to political unrest and other associated effects that are brought by warfare including death among the citizens and the visitors. Therefore, a healing and ultimate decision should be established to deal with the same; the healing solution being “thinking before making any decision regarding the trade”.


It is crystal clear that when there are continued trade wars between China and America, other countries are watching the trend of the war and they will eventually venture into the same products that the two countries are conflicting over. The countries in the globe will ensure that they offered products at lower prices to counter the competition and hence dominating the market. China and America are said to share a wide range of products; for instance, electronics, internet, chips, and other crucial product . It is, therefore, a calling that both countries should make an effort in ensuring that they have agreed on how to deal with the issue on the trade wars to avoid other countries from overtaking them economically. The American government and the China government should bond and ensure that they have stood up stronger to counter the emerging competitors such as Korea and Japan. Bonding will be one among many outstanding solutions towards the continued trade wars; this will resolve the conflict and ensure that the countries have remained in peace and that they have shared the economy and other valuable resources equitably. 

Throwing some lights on the warfare between Korea and China, it is a clear and evident example of the effects that are brought about by the conflicts between the two states. The positive effects of the warfare between Korea and China are felt up to date; therefore, it is advisable that when the conflict arises between the states should be dealt with to avoid the long-term effects in the long-run. The Korean government and the Chinese government came into a table and solved the conflicts harmoniously; the trade war was stopped between the two countries and they harmoniously decided to recover the trade . The agreement entered between Korea and China held the interest of the people at first hand other than political powers and superiority. When the conflict was resolved between Korea and China, there is a smooth transaction of goods and services between the two states. China and America should, therefore, follow the same trend and resolve their grievances in order to ensure that there are a smooth transaction and equitable trade-off goods and services in the two states. The agreement will be one of the most effective and reliable means of resolving the trade wars. 


Ways of stopping the trade wars

The act of stopping the trade wars between the two states; for instance, China and America can be done in numerous ways. Stopping the trade wars between the two states will ensure that the states have recovered their trade. Recovering the trade is will be an act of ensuring that there is an equitable trade-off between the two states, recovering their economies, barring recession and inflation, and raising the standards of living of the ordinary citizens in the two states. 

One of the most effective ways of terminating the trade wars between China and America is the facilitation of the dialogue between the two countries. When the two states have come together and tabled out their conflicts, there is a higher likelihood that the trade wars will be resolved harmoniously. There are so many states in the globe that have resolved their grievances through the act of dialogue, at this point; each party expresses their views and opinions on the matters that affect them. When all the issues are tabled, China and America will come into one conclusion and resolve the issue on trade wars; this means that they will recover the trade and foster good relations. 

China and America should sign agreements indicating that they have decided to work as a team in resolving the trade wars in the favor of rescuing their economies and the wellness of their ordinary citizens. The concessions agreed upon will ensure that there are no abnormal trade deficits between China and America. When the trade deficits between China and the United States are higher, there is a higher probability that one of the countries is suppressing the other. Therefore, there is the need to ensuring that the trade deficits are reduced. This can only be done by incorporating the economic analysts from both states to deal with and resolve the issues. At this point, it has been reportedly perceived that the Chinese officials have in most cases visited president Trump in the United States to adopt the most credible and effective way of dealing with the same trade deficits as well as trade wars. 

The Chinese official tabled out the issue on removing the tariffs that president Donald Trump implemented earlier. At this juncture, the negotiations on removing the tariffs will play a crucial role in ensuring that the trade wars between China and America have been ultimately stopped and resolved. China and America are expected to come into a solid and credible agreement that favors both parties in ending the trade wars . The talks, however, might alleviate much trade tensions between the two countries. America perceiving itself as the superior country might not heed to the talks while China as the top-emerging superpower might in the other hand not bother in soothing America. The trade wars might continue over the years. But contrary to the assumptions, the talks might bear fruits and China and America might enter into the agreement and sign on ending the trade wars. 

Nevertheless, the trade wars between China and America might take relatively longer to end. The assumption behind this fact is due to the commitment that president Donald Trump tends to reflect. The commitment behind this is due to the feeling that the United States is the super-power country and that it should be heard and the concessions at hand addressed. The United States has launched and waged war to pressuring China on reforming their economic practices. The reforms include the alleged act of China stealing some of the intellectual properties from the United States premises. Reducing the trade imbalance between the two countries seems to be the pressing issue at hand and should be dealt with accordingly in order to end the continued trade wars. Changing the tariffs that have earlier being implemented by president Donald Trump will mean that there is a possibility to ending the trade wars between the two conflicting countries, but it might seem impossible due to Trump’s aggression towards China. 



In conclusion, trade wars between countries are said to bring more harm than cure. According to the previous experiences from the countries engaged in such trade wars, the outcomes dominate for over many years. The trade wars will bring about failure in the economic activities, trade tensions, economic downfalls, recession, and inflation. For instance, the trade wars between China and America has brought about most of the United States farmers and small-scale business people suffering significantly. The main reason being that China can produce most of the consumer goods at lower prices than any other country, on the other hand, the United States government wants the same consumer goods at relatively lower prices; as a result, the farmers in the United States are left suppressed at a corner. 

The Chinese government also has a role to play in ensuring that the trade war between the two has come to an end. Firstly, it should be in a better position and willing to follow the mandates and instructions issued by the United States federal government. Secondly, it should take keynotes on draining all the resources from the United States and ensure that it has played a key role in ensuring a win-win strategy for both states. The United States should also make sure that it has lessened the tariffs and other charges on the imported goods and services produced by China. When tariffs and other charges are reduced, there will be equitable and productive economy between the two states. For instance, Donald Trump should be less aggressive to the Chinese government and pave the way to ensuring that there are fruitful talks in the long run. 

Solution to the trade wars between China and America should be solved in an official way where the signing of the agreement is done between the two-state accompanied by some witnesses. The expectations of the meeting and dialogues in most cases will be perceived as unfruitful because the two official states remain far at hand. Nevertheless, the dialogues, agreements, concessions, signatories, and meetings are the most effective ways of ending the trade wars between China and the United States of America.

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