The most interesting aspect of this course was to understand the importance of Enterprise resource planning systems

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Most interesting aspect of the course

I feel that that the most interesting aspect of this course was to understand the importance of Enterprise resource planning systems within business organisations. The course has taught me that ERP systems effectively contribute to the profitability and the development of the organisation. In the context of the competitive environment and the emergence of Information technology across the globe, I have identified that it is of high need to know about the different types of Information technological systems that are of high need within the organisations. 

Development of the thinking

Initially, I felt that the course is just like the other entire course. However, as the time passed and the professors enlightened us with the deep knowledge that is involved with the emergence of ERP systems, I felt the eminent need of the Information Systems within an organisation. As the days passed, I learnt how to do research and how to align and link the information achieved with the research topic. 

The part that was most enjoyed with reasons

The most exciting part that I enjoyed was when the professors showed the complete designing phase of ERP software. As influenced by the idea of Bjelland & Haddara (2018), it can be said that designing of the ERP software needs to be done with extreme consciousness as it plays a very important role in managing the resources of the organisation. I have personally enjoyed the way that the whole process of designing is done. The reason that I have enjoyed this part is because, this has let me understand the way to manage different types of organisations be it multinational organisations. I have felt that it is a very complex task but my lecturers and professors have made the topic to be very interactive and easy. I have learnt that the ERP designing consists of many issues such as first of all, it is very expensive. I have learnt that the ERP systems are also required to be maintained in an effective manner. As influenced by the idea of Heijman, Schirmer & Dobrev (2016), it can be said that there is also a requirement of effectively train the employees before let them handle the ERP systems. 

Surprises along the way

There have been many surprises along the way of the complete course. Firstly, the most unexpected entity was the debate, which consisted of collecting the different information and then providing the arguments based on it. This has also proven to be very effective and have efficiently enhanced my argumentative skills. As influenced by the idea of Kim (2016), it can be said that in order to effectively research and identify regarding a certain topic, it is very necessary to have the skills of comparing and contrasting. 

Contribution of this course towards understanding of information systems

Through the means of this course, I have learnt that a very new technological innovation that is designing the business through SAP R3 have proven to be very effective in today’s era. I have learnt that the SAP system effectively built in modern interfaces and graphics. It also has helped in the process of integration of data like the traditional ERP system. I have learnt that ERP systems are very flexible in nature. As influenced by the idea of Prado & Passanezi (2015), it can be said that the ERP systems can be effectively utilised in variety of firms. It can be utilised in health care sectors, IT firms, and Automobile industry or in Hospitality industry. In the viewpoint of Schuster (2018), it can be said that these can be implemented over a lot many other areas where is a requirement of analysis of the resources. 

Learning about the subject and the professional abilities

Through the means of this course, I have effectively and deeply learnt about my subject. This course has made me understand the both the positive and negative aspects of Information technology. As influenced by the idea of Sokolov & Kolosov (2018), it can be said that there are lots of ethical and other such aspects, which are required to be maintained within an organisation or conducting a research. While in the process of conducting the research, I have been able to identify and understand the relationship in between the political, social and ethical issues. I have learnt that there is an extreme importance of abiding by the ethical principles while in the process of conducting a research. I have also learnt that there is a need to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information and abide by the Data Privacy Act 1988. All the above procedures have effectively enhanced my research abilities. It has also increased my management skills, as for a manager, it is of extremes importance to effectively adhere to the ethical principles. 

Reflection on peers

I have has the most friendly peers. My peers have effectively provided me with effective knowledge and guidance through my course. My team and my group have effectively helped me in all possible situations wherein I have possible proven to be weak in comparison. On helping, me with the notes to making me to understand the concepts; they have helped in all possible manners. The only one things that I would like to recommended to my team members is that there is  a requirement of building in adjusting and negotiation skills. While in the process of working in groups, conflicts arise due to dissimilarity of ideas. Hence, in this process, effective communication and negotiation skills can prove to be very effective.

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