The chosen article gives an in-depth insight into the relationship between anger and emotional dissonance

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Article Review

In the article, Harmon-Jones explains the relationship between emotional dissonance or anger and the left frontal brain functionality. Harmon-Jonessubmits that trait anger closely relates to the extended left frontal functionality. People show more anger in insult conditions than in non-insult states. People in insult conditions exhibit greater left frontal brain activity to respond to a particular insult (Harmon-Jones, 2004). Harmon-Jones also connotes that emotional dissonanceis connected to frontal brain activity because of itsnegative responses.However, the article remains silent onhow the left frontal functionality and positivity of anger relates to the adaptation outcomes of anger and the frontal brain activity.

Person’s response

The person's response to the article is relatively correct. The articleprovides an in-depth analysis of the roots of anger and emotional dissonance plus their relations to the asymmetrical brain functionality. From the article, anger can either be classified as a trait ora state. Trait anger is that longstanding, chronic personality characteristic that irritates people even at the slightest provocation (Kelley, Hortensius,& Harmon-Jones, 2013). Conversely, state anger is an event triggered anger (Grimshaw& Carmel, 2014).

Additionally, anger and emotional dissonance are timeless variables. So, by discussing these variables, this remains highly relevant.  People express anger in response to different stressors (Novaco, 2016). Anger may be caused by frustrations, especially the state anger, tension and withdrawal avoidance among other causes (Harmon-Jones & Gable, 2018). It can be experienced in different places such as the workplace. In his article, Harmon-Jones has conducted a stream of secondary research from different views and studies, making his study reliable.

Feedback on the Paper

I think the paper is good. The chosen article gives an in-depth insight into the relationship between anger and emotional dissonance and the left frontal brain activity. After studying the article, one can understand the asymmetric brain activity and how it is affected by some negative factors like anger. Notwithstanding, the person should consider conducting more research on causes and positivity of anger, as well ashow it relates to the left frontal activity.

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