Banana being the oldest fruit is discuss in the paper to have both positive impact and negative impact; it is well known

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Why it is wrong to buy Banana and reasons how is it bad for health and environment
Banana is one of the oldest cultivated plants in many parts of the world. According to its historical overview, banana is believed to have been cultivated as far back as 8000 BCE or even earlier than that. Bananas native fruitful plant to the tropical and the southeast regions of Asia, but it is amongst the widely consumed foods in the world. The bananas are the valuable food sources during the hunger season especially countries that may experience hunger for a longer period, this is because the banana plant produces fruit yearly round(Berman, 2013). Banana is the source of food to those countries which does not import most food, this aspect may lead to banana to critical global food security because of the scarcity.
Despite banana being described to be the rich in body building nutrients, bananas are perceived to have many aspects, which consumers are, encouraged not to buy them. The United States Department of Agriculture stated one banana contains 120 mg of calories(Institute for Career Research, 2005). The banana contains the extra percentage of pounds and elements, buying them and eating them on top of any regular diet may promote unwanted weight gaining. According to the Dr. Jampolis of CNN.com, banana is having three more times the caloric values than other is on -starchy fruits and vegetables, and thus making them contribute to gradual weight gain.It is also wrong for the buyers to buy the banana as their main fruit or vegetable. Bananas are perceived to have relative minimal shelf stability, the green and yellow bananas may stay ready for consumption for a number of days after being bought from the market or from the farmer. Based on this aspect, when banana is prolonged in the refrigerators, they increase their caloric content making them be more sugar may lead to body weight. Compared to other fruit, banana can be refrigerated for only five to six day, unlikeable, which can stay for six weeks. Therefore, consumers are encouraged to follow the economic concepts of banana and other farm product.Buying bananas are wrong and could be prohibited because of its negative issues. Glycemic Index in banana represents the sugar content that ripens banana contains. According to the research, ripe bananas have a high glycemic index of 51%; this is high values compared to other fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, apples, and pears. Keeping bananas uniform and good looking, in order to be accepted by the companies, needs growers to ensure that they implement all measure that makes them be accepted by the processing companies. Bananas are sprayed with a lot of pesticides, the large amounts of pesticides in bananas have a negative impact on the health of the farmers of workers who are employed in the banana farms, the pesticides also affects the villagers surrounded by the banana plantations(Berman, 2013). However, banana is known as the primary cause of many diseases, making it be considered bad for the human health. In the early 1950s, a disease called the Panama was named after the country of origin, the diseases were caused by artificial banana flavors that were generated by the companies during the years.
High consumption of banana may not be good for human health, this is despite it being having vital body nutrients which are important to the body functioning. Banana is known to be the primary cause of hyperkalemia since it contains excess potassium. The Hyperkalemia is described to be the condition that is caused by the large percentage of potassium in the blood content, this condition is identified through symptoms like the increasing heartbeat and nausea, and this two can lead the even to heart attack. Tooth decay is also one of the negative impact of banana to the consumers, being having a high starch percentage, banana causes an extensive and a serious tooth decay, this is if one do not maintain dental hygiene. Banana can further cause more harmful damage to the oral health of an individual, this compared to chocolate or chewing gums. When one consume banana, its particles rest in between the teeth and for about 3 hours they tend to attract more bacteria that causes tooth decay. Nerve Damage is also caused by consumption of bananas. Vitamin B6 is one of the essential nutrients contains by the bananas, the consumption of more than 100 mg of vitamin B6 without prescription may lead to nerve damage.
Many banana plantations, farmers use different, fungicides and insecticides, and they are applied in in more than forty times in a year. The amount of chemical substance used is estimated to be over 44 kilograms in one hectare. The toxic chemical substance may get their way into aquatic environment system, causing them not to be suitable for living organisms, which lives in those prescribed environmental systems. Deforestation also is one of the major impact of banana, the chemical used in banana plantation cause non-existence of natural tree or any other green environment components. Monoculture is explained the practices of growing only one type of crop on a farm. Monoculture leads to existence living organism that eats up the existing planting vegetation, bacteria is the unwanted organism, which is caused by monoculture(Devault et al., 2016). Deforestation, in any case, has brought about the departure of an incredible measure of profitable land, because of the way that once defensive backwoods cover is drained, general soil quality enormously declines. The Bananaproducer are compelled to ceaselessly grow their fields to compensate for the lessened creation per hectare, and the cycle of obliteration starts once more (Institute for Career Research, 2005). Monoculture estates represent another issue as in they keep the plants from creating in susceptibility to numerous overwhelming ailments that happen in nature.
Banana being the oldest fruit is discuss in the paper to have both positive impact and negative impact; it is well known to use nutrient for the body. According to the study, bananas are discussed to have the negative impact on human health as well as the environment. Banana causes effects such as constipation, back pain, nerve damage, tooth decay and promoted gaining of weight that may not be good for human health. In the environmental section, the oldest fruit and vegetable is discussed to influence the environment in different parts. The chemicals use in the farm are perceived to be more toxic affecting soil nutrients and thus affecting the general farming purpose. The toxic chemicals use in spraying banana known to find their way to the aquatic system, killing the living organism that lives in water areas. Monoculture is concluded to encourage the growth of bacteria that may lead to deadly farm diseases. Therefore, the discouraging the buying of bananas is not a negative concept but a positive, this may reduce the negative impacts to the human health and environment.

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