Assignment is all about sorting issues taking place in Middle East with respect to any unethical business.activity

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In the current years, the Middle East has proved to be a broader market for business people according to Bowie, (2017). Several opportunities ranging from small sellers to wholesalers get a broader market for selling their goods, however, since the business environment involves competition, some sellers have diverted to the wrong ways of making profits. From many articles, there are several cases where business people divert the attention of the buyer to win the opportunity to sell the goods to the buyer. In this assignment, it is going to analyze the ethical situation in the Middle East in the business arena and how I would have handled the case at the personal level. The business situation, in this case, is where the advertising practitioners based in the Middle East are using misleading advertisement, unhealthy foods, infringing the copyright and violating the privacy of many people to win the heart of the customers in reference to Crane & Matten, (2016). From research, it is evident that many people fall into the trap of that advertisement and buy goods they do not intend to buy. The situation is a severe unethical business issue because according to business regulation such acts are against the law. Several laws protect the customer in the market. For example, the customer should not suffer overpricing, low quality and quantity. Apart from that, there is an organization that looks into such an issue. However, they may experience various challenges because of different problems. There are many reasons why such misleading advertisement succeeds in the Middle East according to Trevino & Nelson, (2016). The first issue is that many customers are unknowledgeable about several matters in business, they do not know where to start in situations they fall into the trap of the misleading advertisement. Secondly, many unethical people join business every day in the region and the government is not keen to control them.

As a manager of advertising companies, there are steps I would take to stop misleading advertisement because of it is unethical issue. The first step is that I would educate the employees on the importance of maintaining ethical matters in the business. After the education, they can get the sense in the case. Another critical step is to perform a good test for the employers to find that they are capable of ensuring the customers’ interest is at the forefront of their decisions according to Ferrell & Fraedrich, (2015). The last step is to have a reporting  mechanism where customers can report on the unethical issues they have faced in the company. Using the reports, I can efficiently manage the individuals involved in the matter. The leadership requires some skills to prevent such issues from happening in the business. The first sill is honesty, and that would ensure that you do not exploit the customers in favor of the company. There is also integrity that managers should have to prevent such unethical matters in business.

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