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Today, with increased globalization and due to advent of globalization, it is found that majority of the organizations are looking for a technological solution in a given environment. However, it is also important to note that these organizations will require a security platform that will protect the IT assets of the organization (Brown, 2015). Recently, with an increase in the cyber-attacks the role of Cybersecurity technologies has increased in a given environment. Despite the implementation of such solutions, there are organizations that are still facing the same problem in a given environment. It is thereby important to analyze this case situation and determine the ethical dilemma associated with it. Second, it is important to determine the factors that are causing such technological and ethical problems in a given working environment. It is thereby important for the senior management to train the workforce on the principles of ethics and thereby make sure of overcoming these challenges in a given working environment.Further, it is also noticed that the role of technological solutions in a given environment is important as it will not only improve the productivity levels but will also improve the working efficiency of the employees in a given environment.

Discussion of Ethical Dilemma

There are several ethical challenges associated with the cyber technology in the present time. Hence, it is important for the senior management to first determine such issues, thereby detect the factors that are causing it and subsequently deploy solution to overcome it. One of such challenges found is related with the working approach of employees in the organization. It is found that a given employee will be stealing the confidential data of the organization and will be passing over to the competitive companies (Jaycox, 2013). In such cases, it becomes all the more difficult for the IT department of the organization to protect their IT assets. The leakage of such information will create further negative consequences for the organization. There are examples wherein employees have stolen the data and provided to third-party entities for personal gains. They thereby breach the Ethical Code of Conduct in such cases and hence will cost a lot to the organization. It is thereby important for the Human Resources (HR) department to determine the reason for such state of action by the employees; they can thereby take preventive actions to protect vital and confidential information of the organization in such a case scenario.

Using Deontology Theory to Analyze a Positive Outcome

Deontology Ethics is an approach to ethics that focuses on the rightness of actions after evaluating the actions undertaken (Bose, 2012). Hence, whether a given situation is good or bad will depend on whether the actions taken were good or wrong with respect to the entities involved in a given case. Hence, in this case of cyber-technology, an employee has breached the Ethical Code of Conduct and has stolen the information of the organization. Thus, there is a need to train such employees on the Code of Ethics so that they can prevent them from undertaking such actions. Also, it will make sure of overcoming such ethical dilemmas in a given working environment. The organization will thereby be able to strengthen their Cybersecurity and overcome the different cyber-attacks taking place in a given operational environment. Also, the top-level management of the organization needs to undertake measures for preventing such actions of the employees (Nakashima, 2013). It will thereby help in overcoming the ethical dilemma and subsequently protecting the confidential information and other IT assets of the organization in a given case scenario.


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