Assignment states about organizations find it hard to keep employees motivated & engage them completely in their work.

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Problem statement

Organizations find it hard to keep the employees motivated and engage them completely in their work.


Organizations around the world, whatever is the size of it, require humans in order to carry on their regular duties, which will ultimately help them reach their goal (Al & Singh, 2016). These human resources help the cause of an organization and take it to have a profitable stance in the marketplace. However, when the employees are not motivated enough it stands out as a problem for the organization and the management team. Without proper motivation the workers do not engage with their specific work on an advanced level which makes the organization lose its brand value and the production decreases which brings about a decrease in their profit percentage (Purcell, 2014). 

Five Whys Root Cause Analysis

1. There is no encouragement for creativity.

Q. Why is that?

2. Positive culture is not promoted.

Q. Why is that?

3. Employees are not recognized according to their work.

Q. Why is that?

4. There are no collaborations in the workplace.

Q. Why is that?

5. The employees are not communicated with at any point.

Q. Why is that?

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