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Analysis of Health of Australian Indigenous community


Australia is a county with habitats from different origins. Among all, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are about 3% of the total population. These come under the Indigenous people of Australia and their health outcomes are much less than non-Indigenous people of Australia ("Department of Health | Indigenous Health", 2019) A major gap of around 10-12 years is seen in the life expectancy of both the groups and it is noted to be deteriorating for Indigenous group every year. The deterioration in health of the community is due to social marginalization, violence, increasing mortality rate, lack of medical supply, abusive mentality etc. These issues are posted online and offline via Australian media agencies. The Australian Health ("Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Health Topics - Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet", 2019) issues of people belonging to the Indigenous community are distributed in two major areas: (Stoneham, Goodman & Daube, 2014). Media is having a huge impact on people’s lives nowadays. The stories, webinars, headlines, cover stories, social media etc, has a great impact on the social well-being of the families lliving in Australia under the Indigenous community. On a daily basis, hundreds of stories about the indigenous community are referred by common men in Australia. They are constantly observed and judged critically with anything they do. Their lifestyle, eating habits, working tactics, educational approach etc. differ from common men and hence they are noticed with a biased vision. The media plays a vital role in bringing reformations to the present scenario of the community and help in enhancing their lifestyle.

Publication sources where direct links and resources are used to collect data. These are available the o public sector on a daily basis to spread awareness on the subject of health and a sound lifestyle. 

News story where facts and figures are provided based on the present scenario of the community. It is available through several online and offline portals written in a storyline format to give engaging outcomes on the reader’s end.

Task 1 

Through several media links, data sampling is carried out for conducting research work on the health care of Indigenous people. The list of articles from which a huge amount of data is collected are:

The media watch daily: collects data from the Western region of the country covering 2.5 million of the population out of which 90,000 are indigenous. The West Australian: it uses a storytelling format while writing and criticizing about the indigenous community. The newspaper tries to collect information on a qualitative basis and write facts about the health conditions of people from that community. The Australian: mainly shows negative aspects of the society through news links, headers, columns etc. They state figured in a diagrammatic manner showing comparisons between healthy of Indigenous and non-indigenous community. ("The Australian | Latest Australian News Headlines and World News", 2019). The Sunday Times and many more.


These papers and online broadcasting portals are responsible to collect information about the indigenous community of Australia from their reliable sources. Data collected from more than 6000 sources offline an online was segmented in a discrete manner and analysis was done.

A coding system was introduced in examining the collected data. The system was divided into three parts: Negative aspect, Positive aspect and Neutral aspect. 

All three aspects were approached and qualitative research was conducted to analyse the health issues faced by the Indigenous community. ("Indigenous Australians Overview - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare", 2019)


Task 2

From several problems that the community is facing, three topics are studied under the present research work and three subtopics are included in each. 


Cancerous disease: an increment was noticed in people suffering from cancer and health was comprised of this particular community on a daily basis. The food they consumed was found to be unhygienic that caused this negative aspect of people's health.

Type 2 diabetes: Several campaigns are taken up by the government to uplift the basic health care of the community giving a positive solution to this disease by spreading awareness. ("Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Health Topics - Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet", 2019)

Chronic diseases: it is showing neutral and stagnant behaviour in the analysis of collected data. 

Mental Health 

Child abuse: the monetary condition of this community is under necessary level and hence even underprivileged children are forced to work to bring bread and butter for their families. Hence it shows a negative impact.

Education uplifting: this helps in bringing positive Reformation in the society and lessen mental illness of the habitats.

Preventive health: several measures are taken to bring awareness about mental and physical health for a better lifestyle. This is going on a neutral pace with society. 


Excessive use of tobacco: this is the most crucial sector of the study where the increment in the usage of tobacco is seen among people of this community leading towards chronic and fatal diseases showing a negative impact on their health.

Use of drugs: the prohibition against the use of drugs has started bringing positive reforms in society and has helped in saving the lives of many drugs addicts. 

Less physical activity: it is cited under the neutral zone of this system and their positive aspect will turn out to be beneficial if approached in an appropriate manner. 


Task 3 

The negative portrayal of health conditions given in articles is represented in a way that is rigorously opposing the challenges faced by the community. Child abuse, sexual exploitation, addiction of drugs and cigarettes, unhealthy food intake, child labour, cultural violence etc. is defined in a graphical representation showing percentage analysis in different aspects from the data collected from several articles are distributed in different sectors as per the predefined framework. 

The negative aspect included abusive behaviour, racism faced by the community, inequality, unhealthy food habitats, smoking and drinking problems etc. The negative aspect was calculated to be around 74% of the total data collected 

The positive aspect included success ratios, cultural integrity, educational reforms etc. Itwas around 15% of the total population and the neutral aspect included in between results giving neither sudden downfall nor abrupt success and it was around 11%.("Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Health Topics - Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet", 2019)

Generally, the indigenous community is portrayed to be illiterate, drunk heads, violence spreading perpetrators, economically dependent community etc. The negative portrayal of people have made them more stubborn and a mental state of shamefulness is experienced by the people of this community through the media write-ups and newspapers and online streaming articles or videos. The same media thrives to bring awareness among the indigenous communities of Australia to bring rformations in their living standards and live a healthy sound life. To bring out the stereotypical meant the ability of people in Australia, the media is trying to bridge the gap between both indigenous and non-indigenous community and bring positive reforms throughout the nation.


 Attitude towards upgrading the living standards must be positive. Media should be taken seriously in a positive manner and not get aroused on false accusations against media with the stereotype mentality. Interactive discussions must be held. (2019). Child abuse of any form must be avoided and educational opportunities must be given to underprivileged children. Food habits must change and hygienic surroundings must be encouraged. Ethical considerations must be taken while dealing with critical information shared by the protege under observation. Educational reforms must be encouraged. (2019)



On an individual basis, fruitful results are not obtained and the quality of life is deteriorating every day.

The article is centric towards justifying the role of media rather than expected changes that can be done in the present scenario to bring health revolution in the Australian community. The inductive approach was taken for the research study which event expected to create biased opinion he favour of media. The main objective was lost during the course of research work


The research shows that the indigenous community of Australia is interpreting Australian media in a negative way. The stories or headlines given out by media were found to be 74% which showed a negative impact on people from this community. The misinterpretation of people towards influential media has led to the violation of several laws of the government. It is concluded that the media is trying to share stories for bringing awareness in the community and bring improvements to the present lifestyle of the Indigenous community of Australia. One should try to bridge the gap between these communal differences and works towards the uplifting of the society through media. To bring awareness in the community a positive approach is emphasized and a health revolution is expected from the indigenous community of Australia with the help of media.

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