Assignment is about the strategies developed by IBM to attract their customers towards services & products

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IMB Global Services is a professional branch of IBM which is made up of industry experts, business, and technology that use advanced technology to help their customers. The firm designs, runs, and builds businesses and it operates in two divisions which include IBM Global Technology and IBM Global Business Services. Further, the company provides professional services such as system integration, application management, and strategy and management consulting (‘’IBM Services | IBM,’’ 2018). Therefore, the assignment focuses on the analysis of the services that are offered by the company.

The company uses product differentiation to make its products and services unique to its consumers. Differentiation will make consumers price insensitive and they will prefer the firm’s products over those of its competitors. Further, the company focuses on delivering quality data services at affordable costs (‘’Products for IBM Global Services,’’ 2018). The aim is to improve customer experience and increase their economies of scale through offering them at low prices to increase the number of their consumers.

The company assesses the benefits of the projects that they want to undertake. The firm will send a list of professionals to conduct a feasibility study in the area where they intend to explore. Also, the company formulates a plan with clearly defined objectives and time frame before their execution. Further, the firm makes key decisions after considering both qualitative and quantitative factors (Grant, 2016). Additionally, the proposed projects are implemented through training its users on how the new technology is applied and laying down enough resources to finance the project to completion. Finally, the project will be evaluated whether they meet the set objectives and any deviations corrected. Moreover, they acquire more information about the project to make any necessary improvements.

However, there are certain areas that are covered by company but are not linked to the content of the class readings. The areas include the major focus of the company which is to offer quality services at lower prices (Analytics, I. (2018). The class reading majors on employees’ effectiveness in production which helps in designing the commodities that meet consumer tastes and preference. However, the company will even outsource its services to meet its objective. Also, the class work is based on the principle each employee must be focused on maintaining high standards of work. However, the company focuses on the output of every employee.

To sum up, IBM Global services has been effective in the manner in which it strategizes its activities to ensure their consumers receive the best quality of products and services. The firm has also used the internet effectively by designing a website where people can easily access its products. Therefore, IBM Global services have adopted a better strategy that will enable it to continue operating in the near future.


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