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Social sprout is basically a SaaS (software as a service) type of solution which will work for enabling communication between the business organization and the prospective customer of the same. More specifically it will work to enable contact between the business organizations and its customers, prospects and the enthusiasts. The key objectives of the software are to enable engagement, publishing as well to analytics (Jarvinen, 2015). The tool enables the management of the social communication as well it will also work for enabling better relationship between the target audience and the organization. It will enable the social marketing plans effectively. It is introduced to change the traditional boundaries of the marketing and is proven successful in doing so. The software has well defined dashboards like Messages, Tasks, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery and Reports which will provide comprehensive detailing of the social communication proceeding and this will work for comprehensive understanding the relationship and the perspectives of the target stakeholders, which in turn can be of great use in managing the marketing plans and strategic planning functions. The software is founding in the year 2010 with initial funding of about $1 million. Later with enhanced features Sprout 2.0 is launched in the year 2011(Social sprout). Series B funding raised $18 million and has reached about 100 employees by 2014. Further Bambu is launched by Sprout social in the year 2015. Series C funding raised $42 million and enabled the movement of the same into the current headquarters in 2016. Bot Builder is launched in the year 2017 and later by 2018 the global employee strength of the organization moved to about 500+. Sprout social is rated high for its professionalism, working place quality etc in recent years by several survey organizations.



Sprout social is a social media tool for social engagement and social communication management (Kasper, 2011). The tool helps company to manage their communication and interactions with the target audience (Customers, prospects and enthusiasts). The tool will have all the well structured information of analytics reports etc. top brands like AMD, McDonalds, Nokia, pepsi and UPS are using this tool. The interfacing will be enabled with popular platforms like Twitter, face book and LinkedIn etc. As high as 6 million interactions can be managed per day using the sprout social tool. The tools will enable measure, monitor and engage with the social media partners (Ampofo, 2011).


Sprout social tool is a social media tool that will work for the engagement of the customers and other stakeholders in the social media platforms (Aquino, 2012). More specifically they are several social media engagement operations that will be done with ease by sprout social software.

The following are the features of the sprout social tool that do function the following social media engagement operations,

Monitoring and engaging(Evans,2010):

Social media tools will work for streamlining and will work effectively to scale social monitoring as well will work for the engagement with the use of an unified social inbox.

 Smart inbox

The tool has a centralized mail inbox that will work for the collection of the messages (mails) from all the other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. All these mails will be centralized at one location and in one inbox.


History of conversation(Fensel et al.,2012)

All sort of conversation of the important communication across all the networks can be recorded on the media tool and can be retrieved well whenever required using the sprout social tool auto information retrieval options.

  Comment moderation

There is provision in the tool for auto interaction with the stakeholders on the social media tool using sprout social tool. Organization can able to post the messages and can reply directly to the customer queries on different social media platforms directly from the tool.

   Mobile push messages

The software is mobile technology enabled and it is possible to activate the profile on the go on any type of mobile and user can give push messages as and when required. This will mitigates the limits of the traditional software and the versatility of the software is enhanced as well.

  Brand keywords

The software can be customized to use the keywords from its brand and these features and the keywords can be employed for the sake of auto replying the content and the messages of the customers as well.

 Contact views

Shared customer records and conversation history can be accessed at any time when trying to do conversation with the customer and this will work as ready reference to the communication and the interactions performed with the customer.

 Message completion

System will enable auto completion of the message and these messages can be completed with ease when the software is employed there in. Smart inbox tool is employed to stay focused on the content.

  Collision detection

When other team member is working for responding to a customer comment or the view point, the same can be indicated on the software and the collision can be rectified in real time.

  Facebook Review moderation

Smart inbox will provide auto display of the face book ratings as well as the written comments; These will enhance the clarity of the response of the customer and will facilitate better engagement with the customer.

  Facebook and Instagram Ads comment Moderation

It is possible to track activity on your paid posts by monitoring and engaging with comments on your face book and instagram ads in the smart inbox tools. Hence the performance of the overall app can be enhanced in its value.

  Message Tasking

Any of the social messages can be converted into actionable task and helpful context, assign and route it to a teammate for efficient follow-up will be enabled in the app.

  Message Tagging

The inbox is expected to be organized and need to report on activity by creating and applying custom tags to inbound social messages.

 Task completion reporting

The usage of the tasks and completion rates across your team and the amongst the individual team members is expected to be reported in detail and this can be accomplished with the application.

  Suggested Twitter replies

The tools can be made powered by machine learning algorithms and it can be allowed to make replies and can be allowed to make recommendations and consistent answers to the commonly asked questions.

  Twitter customer satisfaction survey

The outcomes of the CSAT, NPS data can be obtained through simple automated Twitter DM surveys.

Customer influencer list

A list of the twitter profiles can be easily identified using the custom indicators in the smart inbox tool.

 Automated conversational workflow

The tool can work on to set up chatbots for conversational experience in twitter DMs and Face book messenger using an intuitive Bot Builder.

 The tool is also useful for planning and publishing as well:

It is possible for view and manage social posts across multiple profiles, networks and campaign tags in all in one location.

  Advanced post scheduler

It is possible for posting with precision from an intuitive compose box with options for manual scheduling, automated queuing and draft creation as well.

  Sprout queue

Fill publishing gaps with a fully configurable queue system for automated scheduling.

 Message drafting

It is possible to build and save drafts on your calendar for collaborative post creation or simply as a reminder as well using this tool.

 Multi profile publishing

It is possible to schedule posting by prior settings using multiple profiles and networks from a single compose box on this tool.

Multimedia publishing

It is possible to schedule, draft, queue and publish video and multi photo posts from Twitter, face book and instagrams.

Further it can also work for cross network targeting, advanced publishing permissions enabling, Asset library, Customized URL tracking, Query builder, Listner dashboards and insights also can be enabled. Further content suggestions, pausing all outgoing messages, Bulk scheduling can also be performed using the tools.

  Report and Analyze

Group profiel and post level reproting, cross-network group reporting can be obtained from this tool, Further a recordof the send messsages can be obtained. Other reports possible to include are twitter profiles reprot, facebook pages reprot, linked in pages report.  A comprehensive informaton about the tracking, engagement duration, demographics, top postings and several other related aspects can be obtained from these tools.

Interestingly the reports can be sent to other stakeholders beyond the sprout network using email and other applications. Also the twitter trends reports can be obtained by drawing in contextual insights. Team activity reports can be prepared by finding the analytics and insights into their engagement with the tool. Task performance reports like how to analyze the usage of the tasks and completion rates across your team and among the individual team members can be prepared on this tool. Engagement reporting can be obtained by analyzing the response rates and times to benchmark engagement goals and improve the social media as well. Further it is possible to pinpoint trends in tagged messages to track the feedback, campaign success and sentiments. Custom Report branding is all about preparation of own logo to sprout’s presentation ready pdf reports for a branded look and feet as well.  Twitter ready reports will formulate the benchmarks for customer satisfaction by gathering simple surveys on Twitters. Reports for scheduled deliveries can be obtained. Also it is possible to make report builders, full archive export services and advanced analytics from the software interactions. Reports from bambu as advocacy report, pinterest reports etc can be obtained with ease from the tool.

Can work for listening the query, listening insights, listener dashboards etc can be enabled with ease using the tool. Further advanced learning like social intelligence collection from multiple channels can be obtained using this tool.


Sprout social tools will work for a range of diverse operations of the social media management. Social media management applications can be enabled to provide a range of insights to the user on variety of social media engagement practices. It can work on to interact in real time, will work for providing he feedback to the customers, will work for better interactions and record the conversations as well. Also the tool will work for making a range of analytics on the data and interactions on the site. A comprehensive data collection and integration will work for better social networking and interaction. This has potential to contribute for better social media connectivity and will enable better social media mileage as well.

Sprout social tool can be classified in higher end of the range of the social media engagement monitoring tools available at present. More specifically the tools can be employed for the sake of understanding the social media analytics in more detailed manner. Easy to use, flexibility in adapting to range of platforms. Customized content making options, scheduling the responses. Connectivity beyond the social media are some of the immediate features that distinctly working to classify the tool as superior functional application when compared with several other social media tools available in the market. Also it is easy in terms of usage, the analytics that can be obtained are much easier to communicate and this can enable better application for diverse range of utilities. As a whole it is very popular and customizable tools for diverse social media monitoring and management requirements for any type of customer conscious companies. Information about the customer, prospects, and enthusiasts all can be obtained with ease in this application and hence it can be considered as the best in class type of software.


  Well organized dashboard for quick access to variety of functions of the software application.  A well defined dashboard elements like Messages, Tasks, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery, and Reports is quite useful for easy access of the content and hence can be used for variety of social media requirements with ease.Smart inbox and connectivity with diver’s social media accounts and connectivity beyond the social media are very significant features of the tool.Discovery is very prominent feature of the tool that will enable the collection of the list of the people with whom interactions are made as well will also enable to list the details of the people with whom discussions are made. It is a quick comprehension of the interactive information with ease on this tool.Analytics will enable the quick glance of the insights with ease and hence will contribute to the decision making by the brand and customer relationship managers.Diverse reports can be obtained from the tool with ease. Advantage is contained in the fact that there are no additional charges for making the reports using this software tool.


 The tool can be applied only for limited number of social media networks. However the dashboard of the sprout social do not have the compose feature as is available on several other social media management tools in the market. LinkedIn feed integration is not available at present with this tool. However messages posting and the profiles enabling can be done using the linked in Interactive tool with the Sprout software. Though the charge is not very expensive, there are still several other tools available even in the lower price range than sprout social. For example Hootsuite software is priced at $10 at present.However the small size business owners may not prefer the software from cost effecivity point of view.Though it is possible to do scheduling of the messages on this tool, they are not as efficient as in other forms of the social media tools from competitors. Competitor tools do have multiple options in some of the said positive features of sprout social software. Some of the SME and SMM tools are available for free on the internet and hence they constrains the outreach of sprout social to low income and lesser economy business enterprises.


Competitive sprout social tools are contained there in several applications, Buffer,  Cision, Sprout social, Social oomph, Tweek Deck,  Sprinkle, Social pilot,  Send social media, Sales force marketing(Cloud social)


Sprout social has founded just eight years ago and has undergone transitions and updating in several of its features. The most significant factor of the tool is its susceptibility and capacities to integrate numerous social media tool characteristics under one umbrella. The operations of the tools are quite effective and they do work for monitoring the performance of the tool very effectively. It is also very much evidently understood that the tool is quite versatile in messaging(engaging) with the customers from diverse social media background in real time. The interactions can be scheduled using the options. Further the tool can collaborate with the linked in and other popular social media tools and can send messages to the customers beyond the actual domain of the social media tool. It is also possible that the sprout social media tool is available in multiple options like enterprise, premium etc this will cater the specific needs of the business operations. However still there is a common observation that the tool does not have some of the features as they are available in other competitor models. Also it is possible that the tool price at present is not accessible to all type of users. They are several other competitors’ tools at lower price than this. Some of them are free as well. Hence if the tool further boosts its value for money can stands in the market more positively

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