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Fine restaurant is the restaurant in focus at present for the study of the current hospitality services. The key theme of discussion is to suggest with appropriate recommendations to improve the current state of hospitality services in the organization. The discussion provided in the following part of the report presents with description of the industry and also there is discussion on the categories of employees working in the organization. The reasons for employee turnover, recommendations for averting the same are presented. Further there are recommendations provided for improving the job satisfaction in the following write-up presentation.

Hospitality industry profile:

Hospitality industry is very vast and there are several internal divisions in the hospitality industry in terms of the sectors of operations like lodging and boarding, travel and tourism, time sharing, entertainment, food and beverage etc. The current organization selected for study is Fine restaurant and it fall in the category of the Food and beverage sector of the hospitality industry.  Food and beverage industry sector does have all the necessary features of providing course meals, drinks and a plethora of other food services. They normally will have a seat for tables and waiters will take the food orders. Fine restaurant do have services like fine dining, casual dining and take away sections as well.  Typical focus areas of operations include food management, where food production and related aspects are provided emphasis on. Food presentation, which includes appearance and aesthetics in food outlook and serving to the customers, Beverages functions deal with the collection and presentation of the variety of beverages to the customers. Also there is restaurant management function in the organization which works for better customer experience, better stakeholder satisfaction, day to day cleanliness and quality management in the premises as well. The main categories of the employees in the organization include top managers who do take up the key decisions of strategic significance, works on to enable the critical transformations, works to monitor the functional alignment of the operations with the vision and mission of the organization. Middle managers work on to supervise day to day functions of the restaurant and they do take up the directives from the top management and works an instrumental role in materializing the same. Front line staff will work on provide better customer experience and they do report to the middle managers or top management based on their functional roles and hierarchy positions. Lower level staff includes waiters, cleaners, housekeeping staff etc. However there is significance for each and every employee in the organization. There is need for each of them in making customers satisfied and working out to improve the revenues to the organization.

Why turnover is so high in this organization?

The key reasons for the turnover in this organization,  is the fact that the functional demands are too high. Employees need to work as per the expectations of the customers as well they need to work in accordance with the organizational performance requirements. The comparative returns for employees in the organization are limited by the scope and profitability of the organization.  Though there are good entry prospects into this industry, subsequent scope for career progression is limited.  The demand of the skills, stress involved, performance pressures are some of the immediate bottlenecks letting the employees turn-over from the jobs.  Further the restaurant employees particularly the low level employees do not have the good social recognition and returns as in other organizations(Jang,2018).

The three key reasons for the employee turnover are as follows,

? Limited growth prospects

? Tough expectations and job demands

? Returns and job recognition are poor.


Job satisfaction improvement methods

Though there exists limitation in the growth prospects, it is always possible to design strategically internal promotions and motivational rewards to appreciate the committed and dedicated staff. Performance of employees is vital factor for organizational success and it is always required to encourage employees who are committed for the organization and performing well. Also, there is need to upgrade the rewards and remuneration in this industry, unless employees are provided better returns as per the industry benchmarked standards, performance cannot be better(Coleman,2018). Hence it is required to render best possible rewards and incentives to keep employees tied to the organization. Further continuous training and skills improvement (Ryu and Lee, 2017) is needed as strategic plan to keep the employees updated of the industry requirements (Jules et al, 2017).

Quality management plan:

There is need for strategic initiatives to take up quality enforcement in the organization. At the outset, there is need for the organizational management to take up committed for up keeping the quality of the organization. The quality metrics need to be identified. The key focus areas as applicable to the current organization are the quality of the food and beverages, quality of the premises, quality of the customer service and quality in after service and response. Further standards in overall organizational management works on to improve the existing quality standards of the organization (Cao & Kim, 2015).

Quality plan in the organization:

? Assess the current standards in the organization – in each of the operational domains selected.

? Device benchmarking of the quality standards.

? Establish methods and procedures to attain the standards set.

? Establish quality metrics.

? Approve the methods and protocols and implement the strategies(example: performance based rewarding etc)

? Monitor the progression and update the procedures from time to time

? Take feedback from stakeholders like customer continuously to keep up the system operations.


Fine restaurant do fall in the food and beverage sector of the hospitality industry and the services in offer will include food services to the customers. As like in any other food and beverage hospitality industry, there is high turnover in the current organization and there is need for immediate measures to keep the spirits of the employees high. The discussion provided in the report presented with a strategic plan to motivate the employees and to keep their job satisfaction to the maximum level. There is exhaustive presentation of the possible recommendations to improve the job satisfaction of the customers presented.

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