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Relationships are, considered the most important elements that are required in the school-age youth. When teenagers start displaying their transition and identities into relationships and adulthood. Assisting the young generation to succeed and manage their relationship assist the teens to become healthy and thrive thus getting adapted to the self-sufficient adults. Both students and teachers must be culturally responsive (Nilson, 2016). Students require elders to be supportive to them or to their thoughts. The education also tends to improve the awareness skills of the students and their communication behavior. Today’s young generation requires more information regarding good and healthy relationships. The youngster also requires facilitators, which they can connect, and belief. 


The students must be able to vision out the meaning of a healthy relationship. The meaning of education is to make people understand the value of bonding and relationship. There is a close relationship existing between nationality race and ethnicity. It helps to bind nation when culturally accepted (Henson, 2015). When the children of today are taught the right way to understand and distinguish things well, then only they can stand a better future for the nation. The percentage of Caucasian is 7% whereas the percentage of Latino is 8%. Both the statistical presence in the New Harbour High School are low than compared to the national studying in the institution. As the numbers are lower, the culture requires more amalgamation and understanding to stay progressive in the nation with its own people (Gruenewald, 2014). The importance of both the culture must be made understood to the other students. This will increase the importance of the culture in the classroom. Be it salsa or Zumba dance, is coming from the Latinos. This can be, taught to the other students also laying the importance of the art form and its health significance. Formal recognition of every culture and its ethos must be provided with ample visibility. Culture should never be a controversial element.

Today, in the world, both men and women are shining for their deeds profession, skillsets, behaviors and contribution. Their contribution has a direct linkage with the culture. The ethnicity shows the true picture of an ancient nation and its golden heritage. Nations have different stories to say and various things to represent. Without proper amalgamation with them, the young generation will miss the live opportunity of creating new friends sitting on the other side. In most of the ethnic groups, the percentage of men are higher than compared to the women. Potentiality of different culture should be identified and trained accordingly to raise them as a good human being of the nation (Weitenet al, 2014).

The data collected regarding the ethnicity of the various cultural groups represent a quantitative presence in the New Harbour High School. It represents the diversity that is present in the institution and it is diversity that strengthens a nation or a country (Banks, 2015). People speak a different language but tend to like the taste the cuisine of the different nation. Diversity brings people together and here lies the beauty of relationship or a healthy bond. Public advertisements campaigns on skills required for marital health and stability and the value of the marriage must be provided. Education related to the relationship budgeting and skills and value of the marriage must be taught. Pre-marital education must be taught to the students. Ways of communicating with each so that no arguments rise are taught (Smith, 2016). This will be useful both for professional as well as for personal lives. Explaining the students, the importance of different kinds of relationship must be elaborated with examples.

The behaviour between a friend, manager and other things must be taught. The difference between the conducts with different individuals must be made aware of (McFarland and Wehbe-Alamah, 2014). Programs in educating regarding the decrease of the divorce must be that to the students of various culture. Positive aspects of the relationship and the consequence of the bad behavior should be displayed in front of them.


Educational institutions are the best platform to make the young generation aware of many things. Education is not only related to books and journals but also on the practical side of life. The journals or boos have been penned down after evaluating things practically. Today, nations are culturally progressive, be it in the workplace or in world economic forum. The nation needs to move together, no race, caste or culture should be left behind. Leaving people behind means the nations is not utilizing the resources of its nation. Culture should be celebrated like the demographic dividend.

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