The purpose of this assignment is to identify the issues faced by the children regarding obesity in a given environment

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Today, with increased consumption of the fast food items, it is observed that children are suffering from the problems of Obesity. As a result, they are impacted with other chronic conditions and are not able to get recovered from the current situation. As a result, the children are found to be suffering from substancedisorders such as depression, anxiety, drug use disorder, and even parental separation in severe cases (Wu et al., 2018). 

It is thereby the responsibility of the medical authorities and the government to develop intervention measures that will prevent obesity among the children in a given environment. The role of the physicians will be equally important as they need to guide the parents and provide them with specific measures through which they will be able to lower the obesity levels in their children in a given environment (Wu et al., 2018).

This report will focus on the aspects of challenges faced by the children with the help of a PICOT question that will allow the medical staff and nursing staff to take appropriate measures in this direction.

Purpose of the Project and Project Objectives

The purpose of this report is to identify the issues faced by the children regarding obesity in a given environment. As per the research reports that are carried out in this direction, it is found that the children are suffering from type-2 diabetes, liver disease, cancer risk, reproductive disorders, hypertension, and even mood disorders (Ziebarth, 2014). 

It is thereby necessary to determine the major risk factors due to which these children are found to be suffering from diabetes in a given environment. In addition, researchers have further noticed that there are changes observed in the emotional behaviors of these children. They even become the victims of bullying and stigmatization in a given school environment. 

Thus, rather than facing the challenges of overweight, the medical experts and otherphysicians need to devise a solution for them. They also need to provide with other guidelines so that they can focus on their eating schedules and other eating habits(Ziebarth, 2014); they also need to perform physical exercises on a daily basis that will later allow them to overcome the problem of obesity.

PICOT Question

PICOT question refers to - population that is affected with a given medical issue, intervention techniques that can be applied, comparison of the different options suggested, outcome of the intervention approach applied, and total time duration taken for the given approach. Thus, the PICOT question that will be formed in this case scenario will be: 

Population - Obese children of the age 6-12 years old 

Intervention - Providing parental education and also making children avoid consumption of fast food items 

Comparison - Comparing both the options of providing education to the parents with another option of preventing the consumption of fast food items in a given environment 

Outcome - Whether the weight of the child is affected or not? 

Time - a period of one to three months. 

Thus, the role of the medical professionals will increase as they need to guide parents as well in this situation; they need to make sure that along with proper medications, they need to provide other supplementary measures that will heal these children in a given environment.

Identification of Change Agents and Benefits from this Proposal

The major change agents that will be functioning in this case of Obesity include - the nursingstaff and the parents. The role of the nursing staff is to first guide the parents regarding obesity and explain them with the negative consequences associated with it. Second, they also need to guide the children on preventing the consumption of fast food items in their daily diet(Ziebarth, 2014). 

It will thereby prevent the issues of Obesity and instead make them healthy in a given environment. It will be the responsibility of the parents to provide them with healthy and nutritious food meals during a given day. They need to continue with this given intervention technique for long time and thereby ensure solving the challenges of Obesity (Hewlett& Winn, 2014). 

As per nursing-evidence practices, there are reports that provideinformation on risk factors and have also devised other strategies to solve the problems of Obesity found in the children. However, for the purpose of this report, the proposal will focus on deploying these two interventionstrategies and later will measure them with the help of performance evaluationmechanisms. The physicians and other concerned medical personnel need to determine the gaps, if any, and accordingly make recommendations to improve the future outcomes. 

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